This page is organised as follows:  First we show all legs of Maurice Hickman's serial walk to Compostella together.  Then we have photographs taken on club walks and other events arranged in chronological order with most recent events first. I have arranged these in annual blocks working backwards from the current year and, furthest down the page, some photographs from earlier periods in the history of the Club. Understandably the selection gets thinner the further back we go into the pre digital era. Just click on any particular walk or event to bring up the photographs.  We now have all the photographs currently shown on the old site copied on to this one.  But there are more on this site than there were on the old one as I found a lot more as I copied them across.  Incidentally I have now stopped updating


Click on the first link below to see the photographic record of the pilgrimage to Compostella which is being undertaken in annual stages beginning in 2008, and completed in 2013. Then you can browse through over 10,600 photographs, including many taken on 40 rambles in 2015 (up to 20 December, when photographs of Paul Connolly's Boreham Wood Ramble bring the total number of 2015 walks represented to the round 40). I already have photographs from 28 walks in 2016 and there are links to these photographs below.


 Compostella Pilgrimage 2008 to 201

Walks and other Club events in the year 2017


Angela Shardlow's Chichester Walk on Sunday 30 July 2017


Maurice Hickman's Eastbourne Walk on Sunday 16 July 2017


Robert Slater's Bletdhley Walk on Saturday 3 June 2017


Roger and Virginia Yelland's Broxbourne Walk on Spring Bank Holiday 29 May 2017


Maurice Hickman's Bishopstone Walk on Saturday 13 May 2017


Robert Slater's Welwyn Garden City Walk on Sunday 30 April 2017


JohnSealy's Wandle Walk on 23 April 2017


Kevin McNamara's Croxley Walk on Saturday 8 April 2017


Good Friday Walk on 14 April led by Helen Hunt and Tony Finnegan


Robert Slater's Hitchin Walk on 12 March 2017


Roger Yelland's and Ann Brooks' London Walk on Sunday 12 February 2017


John Burbage's West Ruislip Walk 05 02 17


Maurice Hickman's Ifield Walk on Sunday 29 January 2017


Richmond Walk Led by Antoinette Adkins and Lizzie Cripps on Sunday 22 January 2017


Henriette Van Zaelan's Finsbury Park walk on Sunday 15 January 2017


The first walk of the new year - Paul Brunning's lovely walk from Chelsfield on Tuesday 2 January 2017


Walks and other Club events in the year 2016


Maurice Hickman's Holmwood walk on 27 December 2016 (the 46th walk of which we have photographs on the website this year.


Robert Slater's Pre Christmas Walk from Stevenage to Hitchin on Sunday 11 December 2016


Paul Brunning's Otford Walk on Sunday 4 December 2016


John Burbage's Walk from Erith to Sidcup on 20 November 2016 (fully walked out by John but led by Lizzie Cripps and Tony Finnegan due to John's impending hospital spell)


Paul Connolly's Purfleet Walk on 13 November 2016Paul Connolly


Maria Vas' First Ramble as Leader Starting from Chorleywood  6 November 2016


Roger and Virginia Yelland's Epping Forest Walk on Sunday 30 October 2016


Helen Hunt's Aylesford Walk 16 10 16


Paul Brunning's Otford Walk on Sunday 2 October 2016


Robert Slater's Harlington Ramble on Sunday 25 September 2016


Annual Reunion of Past and Present Club Members on Saturday 24 September 2016


Angela Shardlow's Chichester Walk on Sunday 18 September 2016


Maurice Hickman's Dorking (?Bramble) Ramble on Sunday 11 September 2016


Maurice Hickman's Redhil/Gatton Park Ramble on Sunday 4 September 2016


A&B Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimage Arrival in Canterbury on 26 August 2016


Roger and Virginia Yellend's Cheshunt Walk on Sunday 21 August 2016


John Burbage's Tadworth walk on Suunday 14 August 2016


Paul Connolly's Ingatestone Walk on Sunday 7 August 2016


Henrietta Van Zaelan's Sevenoaks Walk on 31 July 2016 taking in a visit to Ightam Moat


Robert Slater's Stevenage Walk on Sunday 24 July 2016


David Crundall's Windsor Walk on Sunday 17 July 2016


Paul Connolly's Walk from Sandy to Arlsey on Sunday 10 July 2016


 Paul Brunning's Eynsford walk on Sunday 3 July 2016


Hertford North Walk on Sunday 26 June 2016


Helen Hunt's Effingham Junction Walk on Sunday 19 June 2016


Tom Gilmartins Tadworth Ramble on Sunday 12 June 2016


Michael Collins walk on Saturday 11 June 2016


Paul Brunning's Chelsfield Walk on Sunday 5 June 2016


Paul Connolly's Great Missenden Walk on Sunday 29 May 2016


Roger and Virginia Yelland's Epping Walk on Sunday 22 May 2016


Robert Slater's Bletchley Walk on Sunday 15 May 2016


Angela Shardlow's Chichester Walk on 8 May 2016


Robert Slater's Welwyn Garden City Walk on 1 May 2016


Paul Brunning's Otford Walk on Sunday 17 April 2016


Phil Evans Memorial Ramble Led by John Burbage on 10 April 2016


Paul Connolly's Brentwood Walk on Sunday 3 April 2016


John Sealy's Easter Monday Wandle Walk on 28 March 2016


Maurice Hickman's Good Friday Walk on 25 March 2016


John Burbage's Tadworth Walk on 20 03 16


Paul Brunning's Sevenoaks Walk on Sunday 6 March 2016


Paul Connolly's (Rearranged) Highgate Walk on Sunday 28 February 2016


Henrietta Van Zaelan's Croxley Walk on Sunday 21 February 2016


John Burbage's Boxhill Walk on Sunday 14 February 2016


Angela Shardlow's Bosham Walk on Sunday 7 February 2016


Paul Brunning's Sevenoaks Walk on Sunday 31 January 2016


Maurice Hickman's Horsham Walk on Sunday 17 January 2016


John Burbage's New Malden Walk on 10 January 2016


Paul Brunning's Eynsford walk - the first of the year from Eynsford on 3 January 2016.


 Walks and other Club events in the year 2015


Paul Connolly's Boreham Wood Ramble 20 December 2015


Robert Slater's Walk from Stevenage to Hitchin on 13 December 2015


Martin Harrisson's Cockfosters Walk on 06 December 15


Maurice Hickman's Redhill Ramble on 29 November 15


John Burbage's Woldingham Walk on 22 November 2015


Roger and Virginia Yelland's Loughton walk on 8 November 2015


Paul Connolly's Purfleet Walk on 1 November 2015


David Crundall's Kelvedon Walk on 25 10 15 (added to the Autumn Programme after it had been distributed)


Paul Brunning's Sevenoaks/Underriver Walk on 04 10 15


Maurice Hickman's Dorking Walk on 27 09 15


Robert Slater's St Margaret's Walk on 20 09 15


Paul Connolly's Ingatestone Walk on 13 09 15


Paul Connolly's Cholsey Walk 0n 16 08 15


Angela Shardlow's Chichester Walk on 09 08 15


Paul Brunning's Chelsfield Ramble on 02 08 15


John Burbage's Effingham Walk on 26 07 15


Maurice Hickman's Eastbourne Walk on 19 07 15


Henriette Van Zaelan's Crouch Hill Walk on 12 07 15


John Burbage's East Grinstead Walk 0n 05 07 15


Maurice Hickman's Redhill/Mogador/Fanny's Farm Shop ramble on 28 06 15


Robert Slater's Baldock Walk on 21 06 15


Paul Connolly's Pitsea Walk on 14 06 15


Martin Harrisson's Turkey Street Walk on 07 06 15


David Crundall's Kelvedon Walk on Sunday 31 May 2015


Paul Connolly's Banbury Walk on 24 05 15 


Robert Slater's Luton Walk on 17 05 15


Angela Shardlow's Chichester Walk on 10 05 15


Robert Slater's May Day Bank Holiday Walk from Sandy 04 05 15


Philip Groves' Tring Walk 26 04 15


Paul Brunning's Otford Walk 19 04 15


John Burbage's Liphook Walk on 12 04 15


Robert Slater's Walk from Hitchin to Preston on Easter Monday 6 April 2015


Good Friday Walk to Worth Abbey 3 April 2015


Jan Hildebrand's Shiplake Walk 29 March 2015


Maurice Hickman's Walk From Robertsbridge on 22 March 2015, incorporating a visit to the Woodland Trust wood where six trees were planted in memory of our former club member Genet Berhre


John Burbage's walk of 15 March 2015 taking in parts of the Thames Path and Lesnes Abbey


Paul Connolly's Harold Wood Walk 0n 8 March 2015


Paul Brunning's Sevenoaks Walk 1 March 2015


Maurice Hickman's Redhill via Merstham Walk on 22 February 2015


Maurice Hickman's Three Bridges Walk on Sunday 4 January 2015


Walks and other Club events in the current year (2014)


John Burbage's Boxhill Walk on 28 December 2014


Paul Connolly's Highgate Walk on 21 December 2014


Martin Harrisson's Cockfosters Walk on 14 December 2014


Robert Slayer's Cambridge Walk on 6 December 2014


Paul Brunning's walk from Sevenoaks on Sunday 7 December 2014.


Paul Connolly's Purfleet Ramble on 30 November 2014


John Burbage's Capital Ring Walk on 9 November 2014


Maurice Hickman's Edenbridge Walk 02 November 2014


Paul Connolly's Walk from Brentwood to Billericay on 26 October 2014


Robert Slater's Hertford North Walk on 19 October 2014


Philip Groves' West Hornden and Basildon Walk 12 October 2014


The club's annual reunion held on 27 September 2014 


Joe O'Reilly's Henley Walk on Sunday 14 September 2014


Angela Shardlow's Chichester Walk on Sunday 7 September 2014


Robert Slater's walk from Hitchin to Hexton on Sunday 31st August 2014


Roger and Virginia Yelland's Epping Walk on Sunday 24 08 14


John Burbage's Ashurst and Ashdown Forest Walk 27 July 2014


Robert Slater's Walk from Flitwick on Sunday 6 July 2014


Francis O'Sullivan's Oxford Walk on Sunday 29 June 2014


Joint Walk With Mid Herts Catholic Ramblers Led by John Dean from Welham Green on Saturday 21 June 2014


Roger and Virginia Yelland's Walk in the Olympic Park and the Lee River Walks on 15 June 2014


Maurice Hickman's Walk from Coulsdon South on 8 June 2014


John Dean's Hatfield Walk on 25 May 2014


Robert Slater's RSPB Walk on 18 May 2014


Philip Groves' Polegate walk on 11 May 2014


Maurice Hickman's Marlow walk on 4 May 2014


Paul Connolly's Farnham Walk on 27 April 2014


John Burbage's Good Friday Walk to Worth Abbey on 18 April 2014


Robert Slater's Welwyn Garden City Ramble on 13 April 2014


Paul Connolly's Great Missenden Walk on 30 March 2014 (arranged after the printed programme had been circulated)


John Burbage's Buxted Walk on 23 March 2014 (a bumper crop of over 100 photographs taken on this ramble)


Maurice Hickman's Plumpton walk on 16 March


 Henrietta Van Zaelan's London Walk on 9 March


Maurice Hickman's Cambridge Walk on 23 February 2014


Paul Connolly's Harold Wood Walk on 2 February 2014


Maurice Hickman's Walkout on 26 January of his walk shown on the programme for 23 February


Walks and other Club events in the year (2013)


The Road to Compostella Leg 1 in 2008 to the final leg in 2013


John Burbage's Beckenham Walk on 24 November 2013


Joe O'Reilly's Gordon Hill walk on Sunday 13 October 2013


Joe O'Reilly's Henley walk on Sunday 29 September 2013


Francis O'Sullivan's day leading the A&B walking pilgrimage from Ely (not quite as intended as far as the ramblers were concerned!!


 Maurice Hickman's Walk from Pulborough to Arundel via Amberley on 30 June 2013


 Robert Slater's  Walk From St Margarets to Ware on 16 June 2013


 Thames Path Walk from Windsor to Staines led by Bridie Barry and Maureen Cahalane on 12 May 2013


 Robert Slater's May Day Bank Holiday Walk on 6 May 2013


 Henrietta Van Zaelan's Walk from Knebworth to Stevenage on Sunday 5 May 2013


 Paul Connolly's Walk from Great Missenden to Stoke Mandeville on 28 April 2013


 Maurice Hickman's Dorking Ramble on 21 April 2013


Robert Slater's walk from Arlesey to Hitchin on 14th April 2013


Dorothy Hickman's Walk from Redhill on 1st April 2013 Incorporating a visit to Gatton Park 


Paul Connolly's Walk from Ingatestone on 24 March 2013


 Joe O'Reilly's Gordon Hill Ramble on St Patrick's Day 17 March 2013


Maurice Hickman's walk from Woldingham on 10 March 2013




The January Party Held on Saturday 19 January 2013


Walks and other Club events in the year 2012


Maurice Hickman's Redhill Walk, the last of the year on 30 December 2012


Paul Connolly's Highgate to Stratford Walk on 23 December 2012


Christmas dinner at the Polish Club, Hammersmith on 15 December 2012


Martin Harrisson's Cockfosters Walk on 9 December 2012


Carol Anley's Cambridge Walk on 2 December 2012


Tony Norton's Saunderton Walk on 18 November 2012


Robert Slater's Hitchin walk on 21 October 2012


Roger and Virginia Yelland's Walk from Loughton tonTheydon Bois on 14 October 2012


Paul Brunning's Sevenoaks walk on 7 October 2012


Club Reunion Held at St Mary Moorfields on Saturday 29 September 2012


Robert Slater's bramble ramble from Baldock on 2 September 2012


Joe O'Reilly's Gordon Hill Ramble on 26 August 2012


John Burbage's Walk From Box Hill to Epson on 12 August 2012


Maurice Hickman's Eastbourne Walk on 5 August 2012


Paul Connolly's Harold Wood Ramble on 5 February 2012


Some photographs taken on Robert Slater's walks in the first half of 2012


Carol Anley's Picnic Ramble from Leighton Buzzard on 17th June 2012


Walks and other Club events in 2011


 Maurice hickman's Redhill Walk on 4 December 2011 with tea stop at Fanny's farm shop


Roger and Virginia Yelland's Walk from Cheshunt on 27 November 2011


Paul Connolly's walk from Leytonstone to Loughton on 13 November 2011


Witold's 50th Birthday Walk on 6 November 2011


John Burbage's Milford to Haslemere Walk on 30 October 2011


Paul Connolly's Princesborough Walk on 16 October 2011


Robert Slater's Baldock to Royston on 9 October 2011


Holiday in Kerry in September 2011


John Burbage's Leatherhead walk on 21 August 2011.


Paul Brunning's walk from Chilham to Canterbury on 14 August 2011.


Roger and Virginia Yelland's Epping walk on 7 August 2011.


Carol Anley's Hitchin to Letchworth walk on 31 July 2011


Maurice Hickman's Eastbourne Walk10 July 2011.


Robert Slater's walk from Bletchley to Leighton Buzzard 03 July 2011


Paul Connolly's walk from Sandy to Arlesey on 26 June 2011


Tony Finnegan's Carpet of Flowers Walk on 2 June 2010


Roger and Virginia Yelland's walk in a part of Epping Forest not previously visited 29 May 2011


Carol Anley's Hitchin to Preston walk on 15 May 2011


Robert Slater's walk on May Day Bank Holiday, 2 May 2011


Maurice Hickman's ramble from Dormans on 6 February 2011



Walks and other Club events in the year 2010


Philip Groves' walk from Berkhamstead on 5 December 2010


Christmas Events in 2010, including the club Christmas Dinner at Lowiczanka on 11 December 2010 and the Carol ramble around Hitchin the following day. Both of these events were arranged and led by Robert Slater and much appreciated by members of the club and their guests.


Tony Norton's walk from Wendover on 14 November 2010


Robert Slater's Battle walk on 10 October 2010


80th Anniversary Celebration 9 October 2010


Henrietta Van Zaelen's walk from Alton through Jane Austen country on 26 September 2010


Carol Anley's walk from Sawbridgeworth on 19 September 2010


Tony Finnegan's Bramble Ramble from Gerrards Cross on 12 September 2010


Paul Brunning's walk from Sevenoaks on 5 September 2010


Tony Finnegan's walk from Chalfont and Latimer station on Sunday 22 August 2010.


Roger and Virginia'a Lee Valley Walk on Sunday 8 August 2010


John Burbage's walk in the New Forest on 27 June 2010


Paul Brunning's walk from Sevenoaks on 18 July 2010


Tony Finnegan's Walk for the Carpet of Flowers Festival at Arundel Cathedral on 2 June 2010


Lake District holiday in May 2010


Robert Slater's Bluebell walk also celebrating Carol's birthday on 3 May 2010.


Easter 2010 - Good Friday Walk


Tony Finnegan's Good Friday Walk to the Carmelite Church at Gerrards Cross on 2 April 2010


The January Party held on 16 January 2010


Walks and other Club events in the year 2009


A week of walks marking the visit of the relic of St Therese of Lisieux in October 2009


 Paul Brunning's Otford walk on 25 October 2009


Robert Slater's Knebworth walk on the following Sunday 1 November 2009.


Roger and Virginia's Loughton Walk on 21 June 2009


Day of recollection held on 23 May 2009


Carol Anley's Hitchin walk on 5 April 2009.


Helen Hunt's walk to Passion Play at Worth Abbey on Holy Saturday 11 April 2009.



Walks and other Club events in the year 2008


New Year Party 18 January 2008 


Pilgrimage to Lourdes in March 2008


Cornwall holiday in May 2008 

Maureen Cahalane's Oxford walk on 30 March 2008 by Sheila Bravin.


A few pictures taken on two other walks in 2008. 


Walks and other Club events in the year 2007



The Year at a Glance


Maurice Hickman's break in Wells Next the Sea in Easter Week 2007


Rambles between January and October 2007



Terry Dobson's Hayes Walk on 11 October 2007


Walks and other Club events in the year 2006


Terry Dobson's Walk from Merstham to Purley on 19 November 2006


Miscellaneous Photographs taken in 2006


Photographs taken at the tea so generously provided by Marie and Alf Tisi at their home at the end of the ramble on 23 July 2006.



Annual day of recollection held at Benedictine Monastery, Cockfosters on 26 March 2006.


Phil Evans' Walk from Twyford to Maidenhead on 22 January 2006

Walks and other Club events in the year 2005



The Good Friday Walks to Aylesford Priory on 25 March 2005


Photographs taken during the Club's historic 75th anniversary pilgrimage to Assisi in 2005



75th Anniversary Mass and social function held on 8 October 2005.


Walks and other Club events in the year 2004


 Photographs taken at the club party on 10 January 2004.


Photographs taken on Philip Groves' ramble from Lewes to Berwick on 18 January 2004


Photographs taken on Tony Finnegan'sHitchin ramble in February 2004. 


Photographs taken on Maurice Hickman's Horsham ramble on 21 March 2004


Photographs taken on Peter Macdonald's Windsor walk on 23 May 2004


Photographs taken on Philip Evans' Kennington Ramble 12 September 2004


Photographs taken on Paul Brunning's Chelsfield walk on 31 October 2004


 Walks and other Club events in the year 2003



Maurice Hickman's walking holiday in Scarborough at Easter 2003. The account is written by Maxine O'Reilly and the photographs taken by Tony Finnegan.


Tony Finnegan's Walk to Leonardslee Gardens on 27 April 2003


Tony Finnegan's Birthday Walk from Dorking to Friday Street on 15 June 2003


Photographs taken by Kevin Kerins between 2001 and 2003.



Walks and other Club events in the year 2002


Maurice Hickman's Eastbourne Walk on 14 July 2002



A typical photograph of the late lamented club member Frank Crowley


Paul and Antoinette Connolly's Wedding on 4 May 2002


Summer Bar B Que at Salesian College, Battersea



Walks and other Club events in the year 2001



Good Friday Walk on 13 April 2001 Led by Tony Finnegan and Tony Norton


Frank Bigg's Colchester Walk on 7 May 2001 


Bridie Barry and Maureen Cahalane's Walk In Regents Park and Primrose Hill on 24 June 2001


Tony Finnegan's Wandle Walk on 8 July 2001


Monster Club Bar B Que held on 14 July 2001


Silver Jubilee of Club President Fr David Barnes



Walks and other Club events in the year 2000



70th Anniversary Celebrations at Aylesford Priory 16 to 18 June 2000 


Tony Finnegan's Walk from Horsley to Guildford on 8 October 2000



Walks and other Club events in the year 1999



Christmas Ramble Function at Kings Head, Colliers Wood on 19 December 1999


Christmas Dinner at Brahms Restaurant, Lupus Street on 18 December 1999


Post Christmas/New Year Party at the Phoenix, Palace Street on 16 January 1999 


A few mystery photographs thought to also date from 1999 or thereabouts


Father Peter Grant becomes a Monsignor



Walks and other Club events in the year 1998



Only one event in pictures this year I'm afraid - Paul Connolly's Tring Walk on 31 August 1998



Walks and other Club events in the year 1997 and previous years in the club's history



Frank Keating's Yorkshire Walking Weekend 22 - 24 August 1997


Summer Parties at St Saviour's, Pimlico 20 July 1996 and 26 July 1997 


Photographs of the ramblers holiday in Killarney 25th May to 2nd June 1994


Photographs of the club's diamond jubilee celebration on 29 September 1990


Photographs taken on the late Phil Evans' walk from Amberley to Sutton on 24 July 1988


Easter Weekend in Lewes in 1958


Photographs of the Club's 25th anniversary celebration on 5 February 1955


Some Photographs of club holidays in the 1950s and 60s


A couple of photographs taken, I think, on a Redhill ramble in the late 1980s, one of the fabled square dances at Bunhill Row and photographs of a party held to mark the emigration to the Isle of Wight of Mary and the late Meg Walsh.