On Sunday 18 November 2012 Tony Norton led a circular walk from Saunderton via Knaphill. Sheila Bravin kindly provided the following photographs of the day's rambling, in most cases with captions, which I have reproduced beneath the relevant photographs:



The train journey from Marylebone took the ramblers to the station at Saunderton.



Led by Tony the group head out in November sunshine



Temporarily blinded by the strong sun



Leaving Saunderton




The first country lane of the day


Open countryside in view

Beautiful cottages in glorious Chiltern setting

Friendly cyclists share the road

Regular walking keeps you fit at any age

The ramblers admire the Chiltern scenery

Eyes shaded in the cool November air and winter sun.


Uphil through the woods on a carpet of late autumn leaves

Some may describe walking as a form of meditation

So walkers often appear deep in their own thoughts

This photogeaph could make a great wall display

Just wonderful - fresh air, sunshine and nature at its best

Windyhaugh House

The Church opposite Windyhaugh

St Lawrence

Towards the mausoleum which was seen from the train on the way to Saunderton

Time to pause and admire the flintstone construction

Within the mausoleum

A red kite always attracts the attention of ramblers

Still on terra firma - for now at any rate!!

Forest glades, late autumn, sun rays strong and penetrating

Another stunning display of nature

The walkers are making their way down into the valley

Careful listening to warn of approaching cars

The junction to High Wycombe

Footpaths cross but not for Tony's group - lunch in High Wycombe calls!!

Smoke rises from chimney typifying traditional winter nwarming

A steep hill down portending an upward climb later

Sign on a meeting house near High Street

Entrance to High Street, high Wycombe

Views back on the path

Meeting Hall table top sale invites

Not the chosen pub!!

Lunch at George and Dragon

to tempt one back!!

Courtyard of the George and Dragon

Sunday lunch - roast beef , with all the trimmings

Nothing like a nice beer to wash down a fish lunch!!

Note the roaring fire in the background, snug

Lamb and beef, with massive Yorkshire pudding

The Plough pub has a roof garden

And there was also the Swan

Some places of interest in the locality

Well kept cottages in tiny lane

Another view of mausoleum from footpath on way back to Saunderton

Capturing the autumn

Cars do drive up here during the day

Steep climbs

Wonderful view of land and sky at top

Caring for the straggling photographer

Off path due to mud and puddles covering entire path

Tree roots can be tricky

Found the correct path after a small detour

November sun makes a long shadow

Autumn and winter splendour

Working farm

The end of the walk and the beginning of the journey home - all thanks to Tony for a splendid day's walking