On Sunday 2 December 2012 Carol Anley led a group of walkers on one of her Cambridge walks for the first Sunday of Advent. Problems on the underground led to walkers dashing to trains and a couple catching later trains, our photographer, Sheila included.  Once she caught up with the ramblers her camera went into action until it sadly went flat.  Below are the shots that came out, with captions kindly provided by Sheila.

There was a pleasant walk before lunch in Grantchester

Carol allowed time to admire the Parish Church

Walkers gather for the Peace Prayer of St Francis

Leafless tree against a glorious December sky

Afternoon stroll along the Grantchester which is not signposted but was

found with the assistance of a passing walker

The River Cam

Glare of the low afternoon sun

A pause to admire the wildlife

Glancing back as the walk continues

Still reasonable daylight as Cambridge comes into view (Is thast Santa

at the back?!!)

Heading off towards Kings College and the ever popular Cambridge

tea shops (Santa still tagging along!!)

The striking outline of Kings College


I was sorry to miss this walk but I believe the ramblers enjoyed a wonderful

lunch in the Red Dragon and group prayer in the Parish Church. After tea in

Cambridge they attended what was decsribed as the most uplifting small

Carol concert  and also paused at the Orchard, famous leisure place, poems

by Rupert Brooke, etc.



Robert Slater also had his camera in action and snappeed the ramblers in the

above and the following two photographs.