Sunday 21 October 2012 saw Robert Slater leading one of his popular walks from Hitchin with the lunch stop in Hexton.  Sheila kindly provided no less than 147 memories of the day, most with captions which are shown under each photograph.  Robert himself also took a few photographs and these can be recognised by being in a larger format. 






A helpful signpost guides the ramblers through Hitchin





Well kept paths



Winter borders on sign





And out into the countryside





The walkers make their way through fields.




Long horned cattle look a little curious




The path winds on.





Safe crossing




No stragglers









Well signposted





Glimpses of nature everywhere






 The deserted bench



Waterfall in majestic foliage




Last night's rain



An excellent guide



Modern gates all the way - Hertfordshire County Council are among the best for implementing the policy of easy access to the countryside




O'Reilly by name - 31st cousins I think!!!



A pole of signs



The straight and narrow?!!!



A group discussion of the way



No Getting Lost




Fields cleared and ploughed





Some of us believe that a ramble is not a ramble without mud.  This photograph is reminiscent of another walk that I led in this area on 24 February 2004.



Two walkers, not to mention the photographer, enjoy the panorama.



Season's glory



Autumn colours



The berries still ripening






Algae filled water at Pirton village





Approaching an isolated Church




Walkers need to watch their step - as one walk leader used to say "wher'ere thou goest"!!






Pause for prayer by Church



Motte Bailey (the ancient site itself, not the pub nearby of the same name!!)




Not the lunch stop yet



Stunning buildings and a Maypole on the green



Ancient village sign



Leaving Pirton



Busy roads to cross



A footpath leads past palatial home



Note cyclist



Masgnificent Autumn





No time to stop and stare - lunch beckons




Capturing the beauty










Care in crossing busy roads




But not all paths lead to the lunch stop




Reaching a summit the ramblers can catch their breath




No bells but wary walkers spot the approaching cyclist





A flock of birds appeared nervous by their presence



The flight of the kites as they glide in search of prey



Climb ahead



It will be hilly - but the highest point in Hertfordshire is only 772 feet







On careful examination the red kites can be seen above the trees




Laces need adjusting






Nature at its best



There was an option to go down and up or around





Ideally placed bench




Hoping the lunch stop is here





A glance to the left reveals a stunning scene



Another busy road to cross



Walkers assisted with well marked ways





Narrow paths and autumn and a good attendance of committee members



Lunch at last and a Sunday roast



I'm told the food was excellent





Refreshments and rest





We have arrived!!






More pudding







Time to walk off the calories



Pristine villagages abound




Each at their own pace



A small statement among the greener trees





The sheep wonder as the ramblers climb




Comfortable tea rooms in the afternoon



The village hallopposite



A worthwhile adage



And an array of treasures and treats



And a wonderfull display



A tempting promise of tea but alas the ramblers couldn't wait



Warily across a field of cattle



But walkers continue on route


I think I may be lost!!


Fallen leaves as twilight turns to darkness

Darkness grows as the last ramble before the clocks go back draws to a close.