On 7 August 2011 Roger and Virginia Yelland led one of their Epping walks.  Unfortunately I was not on the walk so cannot vouch for the order of the photographs below or provide any captions or descriptions.  When I originally put these photographs up on the old website I could not vouch for the order but I have since checked back on the e mail Sheila sent me when sending me the photographs and hope that the copies below are closer to the order in which they were taken on the walk.  Unfortunately I was not our myself that day so cannot provide captions or descriptions.




The photographer allowed herself to be the

object of this photograph of herself with

forest memorabilia added to her hat



A much talked about feature of the walk was the number

of fruits of the forest that were found.  Here are a few

blackberries not all quite ready for picking.



Open countryside part of the walk


Some paths are hidden to all but the expert leader



Recent events reported in the news added a touch of

fear at the sight of this warning sign. Fotyunately this

bull was in the opposite corner of the field.



Back to the woods



Suspicious clouds



Even more ominous clouds



Sunny in the morning



Still dry at this stage



The tag for this photograph said "Delightful cottage but

is the decor consistent with the date over the door?



Getting our bearings towards the wooden church



Road walking kept to the minimum



Chestnut tree promising autumn plunder



Acres of agricultural land



The Church of St Andrew Greenstead-Juxta-Ongar

proved an atttractive stopping point



Crusaders Grave 1200 AD



Admiring the interior of the Church




And Robert took a couple of photographs in larger format.




It looks as if weather conditions deteriorated after the visit to the Church and the walk was finished in dull wet conditions



More woods and the sun breaking through




At least one rambler was prepared!!