On Easter Monday 28 March 2016 John Sealy, a frequent walking member of the club for some 15 years, led a walk along the Wandle River from Waddon to Wandsworth. John Yelland, a frequent leader himself, joined the walk and provided 27 photographs which he took on the day. I am pleased to insert them below and I have also tried to  intersperse some photographs taken by Sheila and Antoinette as close as possible to ones taken by Roger around the same time. Around I5 gallant members turned up after the night of Storm Katie expecting to get soaked and blown to smitherines. But John had
researched a lovely route and expressed such great interest and enthusiasm that he richly deserved the support he got from members, committeee members and other walk leaders. His knowledge of the route, its landmarks and history were admired by all. As it turned out there was sunshine most of the day and no rain until the end of the walk when the ramblers were already heading for the bus/trains home.

A beautiful setting for an academy school

Leader, John, shared with the ramblers his extensive knowledge of the history of the area.

Walk continues after a brief stop to enjoy the view over the River Wandle

A good shot showing the well maintained river Wandle

Amazing sunshine gave the lie to expectations of wind and rain to follow Storm Katie

The river widens into a lake behind the Grange Pub/Restaurant

Sheila catches an astute camera man in the sunshine after Storm Katie has passed.

Pensive thoughts of ramblers in the vicinity of the former estate of the Raleigh family

Time allowed to study the map of Morden Hall Park, part of this wonderful walking route.

Conversation by the Lych Gate of St Mary the Virgin Church in Beddington.

An interesting skyline overlooks the walkers.

Stunning scenery as the river winds through Beddington Park

Above is a site of an ancient monastery, now an academy

Studying the map of the Morden Hall Park part of this wonderful walking route.

One brave walker takes on the Zip!!

Hanging on in there!!

And a successful finale

A bit of natural beauty so near the urban area of Merton

Arriving at the ever popular pub lunch stop at 1 29.

An interesting area full of shops and cafes overlooking the river Wandle

A restored working water mill and museum

Abbey Mills, formerly occupied by William Morris' first printing works and later by Libertys of London

Shortly after 3 pm the post lunch part of the walk begins

A brief stop for a scenic view of the river

And then onwards to the end of an amazing day's walk.