2001 was a traumatic year for organising rambles as most of the countryside was declared out of bounds because of a Foot and Mouth Disease disease which devestated farm stocks around the country.  Our ramble list compiler, Paul Connolly, worked gallantly to ensure that there was still a ramble every week.  We were restricted to routes close to towns and cities and along waterways and our leaders put their best foot forward to enable Paul to publish an excellent walking programme throughout the crisis.


The first Sunday walk of which we have a photographic record was Frank Bigg's walk around the Civil War sites around Colchester and below are the photographs I took on the day.


The leader met us at Colchester station and set out on the walk around historic Colchester, accompanied by a friend of Frank's who is a keen local historian.





Our route was not entirely urban and at times Frank was able to stop and enlighten us on the events around the time of the civil war.



But we did cover quite a bit of urban walkway and saw some nice tudor style houses.




Being in town there was a choice of venues for lunch and Frank identified a nice pub with streetside tables outside.



Then back to the streets



And under a railway arch to the centre



At the centre we heard more about Clochester's part in the civil war.



And visited one of the more modern Churches



A real highlight of the day were the extensive ruins of St Botolph's, the first Augustinian monestary in England which we viewed and photographed from all angles.








Then we got some views of Colchester Castle, alas from outside only.




And walked through beautifully maintained gardens back to the station, a splendid day which the rigours of FMD restrictions did not spoil for us.