In October 2009 there was a historical event when the Relic of St Therese the Little Flower were taken to various destinations in the South East of England. We marked the occasion in  the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club by having some walks to different destinations visited by the relic. The walks were not very well attended, perhaps because most of them were on weekdays, but I found them a very moving and devotional experience.

Below are links to pages containing pgotographs taken on each of the walks as follows:


A walk to the Oxford Oratory led by Maureen Cahalane on Wednesday 7 October 2009


A walk to Aylesford for the service of Welcome and Joy with the arrival of the relic and blessing of roses led by Tony Finnegan on Friday 9 October 2009


A special ramble on Sunday 11 October 2009 for Mass at Aylesford Priory and blessing of roses led by Helen Hunt


A walk to Westminster Cathedral on Monday 12 October 2009 to celebrate the first day in London of the Relic of the Little Flower led by Ron Scott


On Thursday 15 October a walk, again to Westminster Cathedral, for the final farewell to the relic led by Tony Finnegan