On Sunday 19 June 2016 Helen Hunt made a return to the leaders after a gap of nearly seven years during which she acquired two new hips but is now fully mobile again Thank God. Antoinette Adkins provided a lovely set of photographs taken on the and these are shown below, interspersed with some taken by the leader herself.

The early part of the walk took us through the Bookham area where there are many enthusiastic horse riding enthusiasts who are generally friendly towards walkers and we got a pleasant greeting from this chap.

In addition to equestrian pursuits the area also hosts a clay pidgeon shooting club and as we stood for this shot it felt as if we were under fire with the gunshots going off aa round. At the front of the group is another former club secretary secretary making a return to walking after a break.

Further evidence of the equestrian enthusiasm of the area.

Despite the statuesque appearance this is a real horse!!!

Surrey is not making as much headway as other counties in replacing stiles with gates so this was one of several stiles we encountered on this walk

Having cleared the stile the group stood for a photocall.

As we approached the pub we came by some attractivewild poppies by the roadside

On arrival at the pub we found the Bar B Que service in the garden providing cheaper fare than inside the pub. Despite the high demand of Fathers' Day we did not have to queue too long to place our orders.

The Black Swan has been a pleasant lunch stop for many years but their pricing policy is tending to reduce its attractiveness to ramblers.

The spavious garden accommodation enabled us to have tables together to eat our lunch.

Following the leader's 20 minute restart warning it was time to gather belongings and prepare to walk.

The footpath through The Forest near Horsley, having been blocked by the landowner for several years was recently made available again by the local council and a few benches provided for the benefit of ramblers who welcome a five minute rest break.

The final  walk through The Forest took us to a point surprisingly close to Effingham Junction Station and the end of a delightful day's walk.

A curiosity at Effingham Junction is this "insect hotel". There is no indication of how much per night it costs the insects to stay!!!