On Saturday 14 July 2001 we gathered for what had been described in the programme as "a monster summer Bar B Que". The excellent venue was the grounds of the Salesian College in Battersea, the alma mater of John Burbage who made the booking and did most of the work of bringing the Bar B Que about.  Unfortunately the weather was not very promising early in the day and perhaps for that reason the turnout was disappointing - a feature of all attempts to organise a summer social event over the years that I have been in the club. However for those of us who attended it was a memorable and happy occasion and the following photographs illustrate some of the atmosphere.


The first two photographs give something of a feel for the surroundings in which the Bar BQue took place




We all brought food but the faithful few laid it out for eating. 




And it presented a sight of which the could be justly proud.



Then with hot food cold food and drink brought together it was time to socialise, catch up on the news of those we don't see much on rambles and generally savour the summer garden atmosphere.