This was not a club walk but was organised by the Catholic Singles Organisation. Club members were invited to join it and in the event 5 of the 14 people on the walk were from our club and one of them provided the foolowing photographs of places in London associated with Michael Collins. Collins led the Irish delegation who negotiated with the Lloyd George Government in 1921 to produce the treary that divided Ireland into Northern and Southern Ireland and led to the Irish Civil War in 1922.

Michael Collins worked in the Post Office Savings Bank while he lived in London. Another infamous employee in the same building was Reginald Christie who was hanged for some of the murders in 10 Rillington Place. The building is now owned by The Victoria and Albert Museum.

This was the house occupied by Sir John Lavery who did a famous painting of Michael Collins lying in state after his death in an ambush at a place called Beal ns Blath in his native county Cork. When he was advised not to make the trip he said "they won't shoot me in my own county.