Originally planned as a double walk - a longish one from Balcombe to Worth Abbey to be led by Tony Finnegan and a shorter one from Three Bridges to be led by Tony Norton - our plans were sabotaged by the outbreak of foot and Mouth disease and the two Tony's teamed up to do a short walk by road from Three Bridges with lunch at the Cowdray Arms.  I made sure to have my camera ready to record some of the proceedings of the day.


To the surprise of some of our ramblers all footpaths in the area were closed because of the epedemic and we were forced to do the entire walk on fairly busy roads.





The attraction in taking this photograph were the daffodils but the road junction is also significant for ramblers because it is immediately before the Cowdray Arms and portends the arrival of lunch time and a welcome break from hazardous road walking.



Following the Benedictine Good Friday sevice we had the traditional photocall for the surprisingly good turnout for this popular walk.



Before resming the walk joan entertained us with her imitation of the famousJohn Cleese walk!!!



We had one final photo call on a mound at the road junction near the Abbey