Working our way back through the years we arrive at 2007.  Sheila's photographic career was just taking off at this time so in 2007 we had fewer photographs from more cameras than in later years.   I have set out on other pages a composite view of the year as a whole with the photographs I received taken on various rambles between January and August. I have also created separate pages of photographs taken on separate walks as follows:


My own New Year's Eve Walk on 31 December 2006.


Robert Slater's Cambridge Walk on 7 January 2007.but will create a separate page for photographs on Maurice Hickman's break in Wells by the Sea.


Joe O'Reilly's Balcombe Walk on 14 January 2007.


And here on this page I am including photographs taken on a walk led by the late Phil Evans on 9 April 2007 - the 40th anniversary of his first walk wih the club.


First is a photograph of Phil at the Pink and Lilly where we had our lunch stop, followed by two photographs of the group that joined him on the 40th anniversary walk.



A great character and leader, sadly missed now that he has gone to his reward








In the week after Easter 2007 Maurice Hickman led a rambling holiday in Wells Next the Sea.  Click here for some photographic memories of the week


 Later I will create separate pages for the following walks:


Angela Shardlow's walk on 28 May 2007


Maurice Hickman's Tiger Inn Walk in July 2007


Paul Connolly's Biggleswade Walk on 5 August 2007.


Robert Slater's Sawbridgeworth Walk on 14v October 2007 and


Christmas Dinner at the Spaghetti House on 8 December 2007.