On holy Saturday, 11 April 2009, Helen Hunt, then Vice President of the Club, led a

walk from Three Bridges Station to Worth Abbey to see the open air Passion Play

performed by the Worth Players.  Photographs taken on the day appear below.


Gathering at Three Bridges Station for the walk to Worth Abbey.


Modern art on the way to Worth along the Worth Way



New ramblers who joined us for the day and some "old" ramblers!!


Taking a rest along the way



Pause for prayer



A close up of the Peace Prayer of St Francis which is recited on monst rambles



Not far to go to the Abbey now



But first a stop off at the Cowdray Arms for (non meat) lunch



Getting ready to leave the Cowdray



But some linger a bit longer



Expectation as the start of the Passion Play approaches



The accusations outside the Church





The court scenes which were played out inside the Church




The scene of the condemnation, scourging and the beginning

of the carrying of the cross




The road to Calvary policed by a horse soldier



The Crucifixion



The crowd looked on