Lee Valley Walk 8 August 2010


This was a walk led by Roger and Virginia Yelland. Photos kindly provide by Sheila Bravin.


Early morning gathering at Epping Station



Very sioon out on the road and if you look carefully you can see some ramblers unable to resist the blackberries



A ramble leader in his own right supports Roger and Virginia's

Lee Valey Ramble



Our photographer caught on camera herself



An authoritative direction given by joint leader Roger




A pleasant view across lake





Consultation near one of the entrances to the Lee Valley Park



And a further consultation involving the Club Secretary and the joint leader






Another lake view, this one with ducks



Looks like the beginning or the end of the Peace Prayer of St Francis





Back on the bank of the Lee




Looks like the Crown, Broxbourne where lunch is scheduled to be taken




The afternoon walk continues on a more shaded stretch of the bank of the Lee



I didn't get a caption but I think this may be Waltham Abbey





And this is definitely a chapel within Waltham Abbey



And finally the train back to London