Good Friday 2 April 2010 and Tony Finnegan set out to lead a group of ramblers to a new venue for the Good Friday Passion Service - the Carmelite Church at Gerrards Cross.  We had more than one photographer on hand and their memories are below:


First a view of the ramblers who attended for the whole day - two photographs

very similar except for the different photographer in each.  A few more members

joined us later to make 14 in  all.



Tony has a well known dislike of road walking but a little of it is hard to avoid

and our intrepid photographer recorded one stretch in the morning.


We approached Hedgerley where we had made special enquiries to ensure

that the White Horse served food from 11 30 to leave us good time to complete

the walk in time for the 3 pm service.  Alas however the two staff who had assured

us of this did not know their job and we had to wait until 12 to order our food.


Although not visible in the photograph the attraction in taking this one was

the "host of golden daffodils" on the hillside which alas were not visible to the

camera lens.


And at last we arrive at the village and ready for lunch (non meat of course).



Duly fed and watered we boot up again for the afternoon stage.



And off we go, daffodils showing themselves this time!!



As we neared Gerrards Cross again the leader's rucksack proved very interesting

to horses!!




And so back to where we had started at Gerrards Cross.  I did not get round to putting these photographs up on the website until August 2011.  By that time Easter 2011 had come and gone without any Good Friday walk.  So it may well be that this tradition which I introduced in 1996 and which we had had every year since, including 2001 when foot and mouth disease drove us to making a difficult road walk to the Cowdrey Arms at Worth, may now have had its day.  In the intervening years various leaders took their turn including Helen Hunt, Paul Connolly, Tony Norton and Catherine Scott. Catherine had the distinction of having the largest attendance on a walk in living memory.