Approved by His Eminence, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster
Affiliated to the Ramblers Association. Registered Charity No. 306089




1. The Club shall be called the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club.
2. Full membership of the Club shall be open to Catholics only and those who accept the Catholic       ethos of the Club. (as amended - 2017)

3. The Club shall seek approval by the Cardinal Archbishop.
4. The object of the Club shall be to promote social intercourse amongst Catholics chiefly by means of rambling.


1 The Headquarters of the Club shall be St Mary Moorfields, Eldon St EC2M 7LS and the Rector for the time being of that Church shall he entitled to the Presidency of the Club.
2 The Club shall be governed by an Honorary Committee which shall control the funds.
a) At each Annual General Meeting a Committee shall be elected consisting of a Secretary, Treasurer and six other members, so elected that there shall be four ladies, and four gentlemen. All committee members shall be full members (as amended - 1983)
b) No member who has served on the Committee for two or more years consecutively may be nominated for a further term before the Annual General Meeting, and then only if insufficient
candidates are standing to fulfil Rule 2(a) (as amended - 1974).
c) If any member of the Committee shall resign the Committee shall have the power to fill
the vacancy.
d) The Committee may appoint sub-committees and the sub-committees in addition to their own number shall have as ex-officio member a member appointed by and from the Committee of the club. The subcommittee shall have the power of co-option as the committee shall determine and the sub-committee shall have the right to appoint their own officers.
e) The Committee as elected by the Annual General Meeting shall elect their own Chairman. The Chairman shall vacate the Chair during the presence of the President of the Club at any Meeting.
3 Deleted (1966).
4 The President, on the recommendation of the Committee. shall have the power to terminate or suspend the membership of any members if he deems is necessary.
5 The Club year shall commence on the 4th of October. but the financial year shall commence on the1st September preceding (as amended - 1968).
6 Subscriptions the Club shall be fixed at the Annual General Meet, as amended - 1983). Married members shall pay one joint subscription. Subscriptions shall fall due on 4th October and if unpaid by December 31st, membership shall be deemed to have lapsed. The subscription paid by new members who join after 31st July of one year will carry their membership through until the end of the following year. Life membership shall be available at twenty times the current year's subscription which will not be refundable. In the case of married couples, they will be eligible for life membership on payment of a single life membership subscription
6A For members resident outside the UK postal area annual membership shall be the ordinary membership subscription plus £2.
7 Application for membership shall be made on payment of the current year’s subscription and shall be considered by the Committee who shall have the power to accept or reject, subject to the approval of the President where necessary.
7A (Inserted 2005) In the event that the Club should cease operation due to lack of membership, then any remaining funds shall be donated to the Ramblers Association.
8 Deleted (1988).
9 The Annual Mass shall be said on the Sunday within the octave of the feast of St Francis (4th October) or on the previous Sunday.
10 Mass shall be said annually for deceased members of the Club.
11 a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the nearest convenient date after the 4th October. Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened at the request of the Committee or 20 ordinary members.
b) At least three weeks notice of a General Meeting (other than an Annual General Meeting) shall be given to every member. At least 5 weeks notice of an Annual General Meeting shall be given to each member (as amended 1983).
c) The Chairman of a General Meeting. who shall be entitled to a casting vote shall be the President, failing whom a member elected by the meeting.
d) Twenty members shall form a quorum, but a general meeting may be held with 16 members if no amendment to the constitution is proposed.
e) Only ordinary members may propose or second nominations and motions or be eligible for office.
f) All motions shall reach the Secretary not less than 5 weeks before the date fixed for a general meeting. All nominations for Secretary, Treasurer and other members of the Committee should reach the Secretary not later than 14 days before the date fixed for an Annual General Meeting.(As amended 1983).
g) Candidates for the Committee shall signify their consent in writing and agree to take part in all the activities of the Club to the best of their ability.
h) Voting shall be of hands or ballot, as circumstances require.
I) A motion which proposes to add to the rules or strike out any of the rules shall contain a statement to that effect.
j) Copies of the Agenda and the Accounts shall be in the hands of members at least two weeks before the Annual General Meeting. (As amended 1983).
K) Auditors shall be appointed at each Annual General Meeting.

The Club shall be affiliated to the Ramblers Association (Southern Area) and shall renew yearly subscriptions thereto.