On Sunday 26 August 2012 Joe O'Reilly led a walk, brand new to the club, beginning and ending at Gordon Hill station, one of the Enfield stations opened as recently as 2006.



The dreaded engineering works meant that we had to leave the trail at Alexandra Palace to get a bus to the beginning of the walk. As usual the ramblers crossed the road to the bus at different places but these were correctly taking the safe option at the pelican lights.



Happy to be boarding the bus which was quite a luxurious one.



Having checked we were all in the driver takes his seat.



Outside the station at Gordon, which only opened in 2006, Joe rounds up his ramblers (we numbered 16 which is good by recent attendance standards). 



After a scare three quarters of a mile along a busy main road we then ascended this quiet farm road up to Cattlegate Farm.




The group was well spread out at tis stage so I had to shoot forward and backward to get a reasonable proportion of them in shot,




Then just outside the farm office (formerly the farm shop our leader had a rare attack of compassion and allowed a few minutes to let everybody catch up and get their breath back




Here too Sheila made a return to photography.  Although she had taken some photographs on two rambles in August this was the first time I personally had seen her camera in action since February.





Rest and photoshoot over we headed down hill towards Soper's viaduct in glorious sunshine which showed the Hrtyfordshire farm land off to its best advantage.



We don't know who built the viaduct or why it is called "Soper's" but it seems to be in the best Brunel tradition.




A steep roadside walk up the the welcoming Cuffley Plough for lunch.






Fed and watered we said our good byes to the friendly staff and complimented the excellent chef at the Plough.  Sheila snapped some of the ramblers on the steps of the Plough before departure.



Back down on the other side of the viaduct it looked as if our leader was in trouble but it was just a loose bootlace that needed tieing!! Not that the ramblers in the distance ahead were worried one way or the other.



The St Francis prayer is reverently recited in open country.



According to the walk notes the view above gives a good view of the viaduct but it seems to be camera shy from this angle.



With Soper's viaduct now finally behind we we walk down a smooth descent to cross Cuffley Brook.



Another stop to collect our thoughts.



The afternoon walk involved a bit of road walking but fortunately no busy main roads such as we encountered in the morning.





Something more than the camera seems to be attracting the gaze of these two eamblers.



Another pause for thought.



Nettles in flower - much loved by butterflies.



Sheila never fails to get a bit of natural beauty in her collection.



A pair of swing gates which have now mercifully replaced a former double stile.



Good panoramic view of the City of London.



A slightly coser view of the City from the footbridge over the M25 almost on the Hertfordshire/London border.  The tallest pinnacle in the middle is the Shard.



Having resisted the temptation to enter the famous King and Tinker Tavern we enter Whitewebbs Park - justifiably described in the walk notes as "this most beautiful of parks".






Then after a final cup of coffee (or in my case pint of Guinness) in the Rose and Crown we made the final walk across Hiilly Fields Park to Gordon Hill Station where we waited for the bus to take us back to Alexandra Palace and thence to London and home.  The bus ride was an adventure in itself as the driver was not quite sure of where he was going and twice had to reverse out of roads not built for that kind of vehicle.