On Sunday 27 November 2011 Roger and Virginia

Yelland led a happy band of ramblers on a walk in

the Lea Valley.  Sheila Bravin let me have 86 photographs

she took on the walk, complete with captions for most of

them.  Scroll down to view them.


Roger and Virginia met the ramblers at Liverpool Station

to escort them to the beginning of the walk.



By train and Bus but the ramblers persevered to Cheshunt



A cold rain descended on the stalwart group but on they went


A playground for very well trained dogs



English autumnal woodland path



 And a blustery autumn wind


A hazy sunshine brightens the path



Excellent facilities for man's best friend



Wrapped up for the rain



Stunning scenery



Twitching!! Wildlife watching station



The sky brightens to show the lake at its best



Be prepared ramblers brought binoculars



Stunning scenery abounds



Forest path



Enjoying the November ramble



Blazing sunshine for November



The photographer with iphone camera



Autumn greenery



Heading towards the lunch stop at a good pace



Rays of sun lighten up the morning



Everyone enjoying their own pace and space



Signs of winter too



Windfall apples of all stages of ripeness



Irresistable!! - stewed apple tonight



Pointing the way to lunch at Broxbourne



Deep in pleasant thoughts (2 shots before next caption)




Autumn colours



Lockkeeper's house



The River Lee (the name changes from Lee to Lea intermittently along its 27 mile course)



Every turning presents fresh interest



Apparently the gravel pits were flooded to create this nature reserve



Shadows of our photographer



The forest path meanders on



Jackets open as the day and walk warm up



Winter persists in coming through



The seasons are as mixed as the foliage



A wonderful ramble continues



No getting lost!!!



Fishing by licence (2 shots before next caption)


















And six more captionless photographs








The scenery ever changing (12 shots before next caption)














Hippies!! (Five shots before next caption)







The welcome lunch stop looms into view (Two shots)




And Roger being unaccustomed to letting grass grow under his feet, got the ramblersto the lunch stop ten minutes before opening time!! (three shots)




A reminder of the Friday Abstinance reintroduced in the Catholic Church in

England and Wales in September 2011


View from the pub garden





Superdelicious food!!



Carrot and Nut Roast for our photographer



The  iphone camera was then rested for the afternoon part of the walk. some further photographs were taken with roger's camera and If I manage to get copies I will put them up here.