4 December 2011 and Maurice Hickman kicks

off the winter programme with a walk from

Redhill and tea stop at the ever popular

"Fanny's Farm Shop".  Sheila Bravin took

the photographs below with her iphone

camera and kindly provided captions which

make the photographs more meaningful to

those of us who did not make it out on the day.

The ramblers set out from Redhill station with

Maurice and quickly got into rustic surroundings



Then very soon in winter woodland and some

bootlaces need adjusting




The Christmas holly was in evidence above as

were the fallen leaves below



Winter berries against a brighter sky



Some trees were showing bare winter branches



A carpet of leaves underfoot as the ramblers press on



Acknowledging the generosity of those who

contributed to the creation of the reserve



All wrapped up against the morning chill





A flock of birds form an interesting flying pattern in the sky



A little more rain and this would be the footpath!!




The lucky residents surrounded by countryside



Winter's beauty - but what is it?



A view of the waters used for fishing and sailing

- by licence



The rambler's friend - nettles. The sting is good

for arthritis so we are told



An interesting view of changing seasons



Woolly hats! and the horses' coats are thick for

winter too



This is not one of our ramblers but it was a perfect day for a jog



A local campaign to save the marshland



Good muddy ramble and a left turn indicated



The ramblers consider climbing the first stile of the walk



There is an art to manoeuvring oneself over a stile!!



And so to the trees - winter woodland



The lake is to the left and apparently an orchard cultivated to

the right



A view of a yacht on the lake



Even on this dull day the scenery is no less grand



More wintry scenes



Some road walking necessary



Crossing the park where teams compete at football (all controlled

by the FA)



A few keen parents supporting their team



Not too far to lunch now as the leader announces arrival at Merstham



Lunch was taken at the Feathers, not the original choice but

quicker service brought the ramblers back.



The Railway Arms had been the target lunch stop but with an

hour to wait for service....



Lunch over and the remblers meet up with the ancient way again



More shoelace adjustmants



St Katherine's Church Merstham



Another place to return to explore

And so uphill through a field of winter cabbage

The motorway never far away on this walk



Winter cabage dominates the panorama


A mystical object on the path


The fearless photographer stoops to investigate


A rest at the hilltop and time to say the Peace prayer  of St Francis


Time to ponder



Maurice patiently allows his group some respite


A child's lost toy clings to a branch



Fanny's Farm Shop, Markedge Lane, Upper Gatton


Maurice leads his group towards the shop


A great sense of humour is displayed by Fanny


Some witchery afoot behind the ramblers' backs



But of course the moon is only half today!!



Ready for Santa's Visit

Santa has nipped out


More of Fanny's fascinating garden


A tree house


Cyclists do visit and some have never left it seems


How not to end up in the flower pot this Christmas


Fanny explains the rudimentary nature of the lodge


Ramblers peruse the farm produce


A pianist completes the pleasant ambiance



Jam, marmalade, honey and all kinds of chutney abound


And then for the main purpose of the visit - the ramblers

indulge in refreshments


Lovely English tea and mince pies





Another rambler is slowly drawn to the tea area



The tables are busy with tea and cakes



Heavy rain on the golf course on the way back to Redhill


Donkey taking shelter from the rain under the shelter of a tree


The sun finally sets on another great Maurice ramble.