On Sunday 24 August 2014 Roger and Virginia led one of their ever popular walk in the Epping area. The following photographic memories of the day, together with captions have been kindly made available to us by Sheila Bravin.



The programme extract gives helpful  details of the plan for the day.



The walk leader welcomes Alfie to his first ramble



The ramblers look forward to their nine mile walk



 Lawrence of Arabia owned this land



Autumn sunshine as the ramblers cross a field



Meandering along a well trodden path



The photographer will now have to run to catch up!!




A glance to the side reveals nature's abundant beauty



The leader ensures all ramblers are assembled for forest walk



Pause for conte,plation



Ground dry and smooth underfoot



Looking back




An extremely pleasant spot for the peace prayer of St Francis



The prayer helpfully printed on the club membership card



A closer view of the prayer



A falen tree requires rambler to throw leg over



Different styles for the same obstacle



The leader carefully ensiures no injuries



Alfie makes sure his foster mum keeps up too



Alfie bounds to the front of the line



Tranquil scenes to calm the inner mind



Across roads and time to snack on natures bounty



Tasty autumn berries



Only the soft juicy ones will do!!



A little cluster to please the palate



Another path with an arch of foliage



On the lookout for more berries



Alfie kept from the roadway





Nine hole golf course with amazing views



Not sure of this holding technique





Meandering paths intersect with helpful signposts



Relaxing small talk ensues along the way



Alfie never far from the front



Yet another path to show the way



A welcome stop at the pub designated for lunch


A rickety bridge over a dry stream



A moment for all to catch up, sit down and absorb nature's serenity



Gradually setting off again



No rush!!



Forest trees infused with autumn sunlight



The leader allows time to enjoy the views and chats with walkers new to the group



Perfect display of water lillies



The leader has great knowledge of so many forest paths



Some roads have to be crossed along the way