On 13 November 2011 Paul Connolly intended

to lead us on one of his walks into Essex, the

origional plan being to begin from Manor Park

and walk to Epping with lunch stop in Chingford. 

The lunch plan turned out OK but enginneering

works required a change of plan for both the

starting point and the finishing point - works on

the railway meant no trains to Manor Park and

works on the Underground meant no Central Line

from Epping.  So Paul's al;ternative plan was to

begin from Leytonstone Central Line station and

finish at Loughton.  Happily Sheila Bravin was on

hand with her i phone camera and you can scroll

down to see the results.


Paul strides out on what had proved a difficult route

to plan



The November sun sillouettes the photographer's




No sign of autumn colours here yet



Peaceful countryside so close to central London



Do you know if these are safe to pick and eat



Helpful map of Wlatham Forest




Jackets are dispensed with in the warm November




On top of the world we transverse to scenic bliss


Not all the walkers had made it though - I had

somehow got separated from the group and did

not meet them again until the lunch stop.


The question was "where is Tony"


A moment to dwell on the beauty of nature


Some ramblers like to hug a tree!!



An occasional stop to take count.



Paul kindly backtracked to try to find me




And there was a group photo opportunity



Note the comfortable casual warmth in November



A forest detail captured by Pauline



Pauline also snapped the group in the forest




The group approaches a lake in Epping Forest



A closer view of the lake which I believe was once a favourite venue for student

nurses at Whips Cross hospital to do their reading in the open air



And then back in the "open" forest




A touching monument to a gypsy preacher



The group awaits the leader and instructions



Looks like a group yoga exercise!!



An earlier view of a forest luxury home



A pair of binoculars being used to scan for me

while I was struggling through swampy ground to

get to the road.



And then the whole group went to search



Our photographer captures a forest lake

A professional camera shot



Capturing the autumn light





Time to pause and contemplate peace



A reminder that winter was also approaching



Stunning views



Epping Golf Course



The winter sunshine



The lost sheep was located and meeting point

near Queen's Bridge



Chingford Royal Inn




And the Royal taken from the other side with Pauline's 200 mm zoom camera



We had an excellent lunch at the Station Arms in Chingford. No photographs of the pub itself but Pauline recorded the lunch!!



Soaked and exhausted from my morning's experience I left the walk after the lunch stop.  I later discovered that that the walk did not continue in the afternoon and it appears on the programme again for 5 February 2012.