I received this wonderful photograph of the group which spent Easter 1958 in Lewes.  The late Pat Shanahan give me a list naming every person there and you can view it below but you may need to zoom in to about 150% to be able to read the detail. I recognise several of the names but unfortunately several are no longer members and we do not know if they are still alive. However you can see number 12 (Mary Hickman who thank God is still very much with us) and directly in front of her number 25 (the late Madeleine Lane). Dorothy Hickman, (number 28 and also happily still with us), is just in front of the gentleman on the extreme right in the back row.

I have recently acquired software that enables me to make colour copies of black and white  photographs and below is a colour copy of the Lewes group.

Below is a slightly enlarged copy of the photograph followed by Pat's key to help identify individual ramblers.