On 8 October 2005 the club celebrated the 75th anniversary of its foundation with a dinner in St Mary Moorfields followed by a party in the hall. The dinner was suggested by Fr Peter during the holiday in Assisi earlier and he kindly arranged it at an absolute bargain price of just £5.50. The photographs below were taken by Helen Hunt and myself. Unfortunately neither the Church nor the hall are very well lit so the photographs are on the dark side, despite being slightly brightened using Microsoft Picture Manager software.



The AGM which took place earlier in the day was followed by Mass at which the late Bishop James O'Brien represented the then patron of the club Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor.  Fr Peter's immediate predecessor as president, Fr David Barnes also concelebrated.









After Mass, in the hall, the secretary of the day, Bill O'Neill, gave a presentation of the history of the club since its birth in 1930.



Club President, Fr Peter, had done the honours in introducing Bill's presentation.



Our former president, Fr David honoured us with his presence.



Another photograph featuring Fr Philip, Bishop James and, on the left, Fr Philip's Dad, Geoff.




Fr David begins to make a move to go home.



Fr Peter's caterers who had served a magnificent dinner at a knock down price.





The long standing treasurer, Gillian, organised a raffle and John draws the next prize winner.



As we had the AGM, Dinner and party on the same day there was a good mixture of past and present members in attendance.









Another lucky raffle prize winner is drawn by Anne.



Terry and I peruse some club photographs that were circulating at the party.



And later still we took our places at tables in the traditional way we do at club parties. Sadly the two people on the left in this photograph, Mike Hoffman and Margaret Moran are no longer with us. R.I.P.



On the left here is Fr Philip Miller, son of Geoff and Marion who are very long standing members of the club. The other priest is of course Bishop James.