Welcome to the website of the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club. 


Sadly there is no ramble this weekend 21 - 22 March 2020 (see below for more details of why) but in the absence of a physical walk you may like to take a trip down memory lane and view some photographs taken on past rambles - just click on the Members Photos Tab at the top or down the right hand side of your screen. 22 March falls on a Sunday only every 5 years and on the last occasion it fell, in 2015, Maurice Hickman Led a ramble taking in a visit to the Woodland Trust forest where we had planted six trees in memory of our late departed member Genet Berhe who was taken from us by cancer in 2001 at the tender age of 38. You can see some photographs taken on Maurice's ramble by clicking HERE. As long as the Corona Virus crisis deprives us of the opportunity to ramble together I shall try to resurrect memories from the past here on the much visited website of the St Francis Of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club.


The following announcement was made on Friday 20 March 2020:


Unfortunately the club's activities are currently suspended due to the Corona Virus crisis which had put a temporary stop to all social and communal activity. This is only the second time in its 90 year history that the club's activities were suspended, the first being due to industrial action on trains in the 1960s.


On Friday 20 March 2020 our Ramble List Compiler issued the following statement with a heavy heart:


Dear members,
After serious reflection and with great reluctance the committee has decided that the current 
programme of rambles and events is suspended with immediate effect.
It was not an easy decision to arrive at but given the current circumstances we hope and trust 
all the members will appreciate we have had no option but to do this.

In our 90 year history the club was able to remain active throughout the second world war and 
the foot and mouth crisis of 2001 but what we are experiencing is an unprecedented event 
that has overtaken everyone.
We will keep everyone informed of any developments as they arise.
In the meantime, let us all pray this pandemic will be over sooner rather than later.
Kind regards
Paul Connolly
Ramble List Compiler

On behalf of the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club committee.


During the time that there are no rambles I will be devoting at least some of my time to tracing photographs of rambles which have not so far seen the light of day on the website and I hope that some of the members past and present might also examine their old photographs and let me have copies which I will be delighted to put on the website. If you only have paper copies I would be happy to have them on loan and would quickly scan them and return the hard copies but of course if you have electronic copies and an e mail facility I would be equally delighted to get them by e mail. My E Mail address is tony@tfinnegan.me.uk and my postal address is: Tony Finnegan, 30 Avarn Road, London SW17 9HA.