Sheila Bravin had her camera to hand for Paul Brunning's Otford "Figure of 6 Walk" on 25 October 2009and her photographs are below



Having begun the walk at 10 15 it wasn't long before we found some hilly ground





And being late October Sheila found some fallen leaves



Two photographs of the same subjects at different distances from the camera




Our photographer posed with the fattening Christmas geese in the background



And another of the geese with less human presence!!






In due course the pub loomed, although not all of us chose to eat there



No doubts about where we were!!





Autumn sunshine cast our shadows as we walked through the village



Soon we were back in the countryside and ascending Shoreham Hill



Along the plateau at the top



Looking down on Shoreham Village (three views)





And a wider view of Kent countryside from Shoreham Hill



I was caught on camera for the umpteenth time today, this time cautiously ascending a stile



We had a mid afternoon rest in conditions more like July than late October




Some road walking is always unavoidable



But this stretch at least led to a farm offering an interesting selection of farm products


Tea was sheduled at the Shoreham RAF Museum



And then we returned to the rustic woodland paths of Kent







We descended towards Otford as light began to fade



But Sheila managed a bright shot before sunset



And one not-so-bright



And finally the sun sets on another ramble in the best Paul Brunning tradition