On 29 February 2004 I led a 17 mile walk around Hitchin with lunch at the wonderful Green Man pub in great Offaly.  The original intention was that

we would have a shorter option but due to a misunderstanding that never

got into the programme.  Accordingly 11 brave ramblers undertook the full 17

mile walk and I think the pictures show that they all enjoyed it.  Scroll down here to view the photographs at full size.


Early in the morning we were walking briskly through the open Hertfordshire countryside



We were directed by a rambler who later was to become THE major photographer contributer of photographs for this website



In due course I led the ramblers into Great Offaly



And the delights of the Green Man pub



Where stylish food was served in a convivial atmosphere, and you don't even have to book







A few photographs in the surrounds of the pub against the background of the open Hertfordshire countryside




And then back on the track to return towards Hitchin







We had a stop for breath and some more photographs near the top of Deacon Hill, the highest point in Hertfordshire (still only 772 ft!!)