The annual Christmas Carol concert at Robinson College Cambridge was announced in our Winter programme as follows:


Saturday 7th December


Robert Slater wishes to invite members to the customary Cambridge Christmas Concert to be held in Robinson College at 11.30am. At 11 am, prior to the concert, mince pies and hot drinks will be served to ticket holders. Tickets are £8 per adult and £5 concessions and can be purchased via or contacting the college on 01223 339 100 by 28th November at the very latest.

Trains from King Cross 0912 or 0942 arriving Cambridge 1002 or 1030 respectively. Bus from station 1012 or 1032 or half an hour on foot. After the concert lunch at Bella Italia opposite St John's.

Robert will meet the concertgoers at Robinson College.


Seven club members attended and afterwards we chose a variety of ways to spend the rest of the day and I have received the following photographs taken along the way.


The first two are of an unuasually shaped Christmas tree which greeted us outside Cambridge station, the one on the left taken on arrival and the one on the right taken just before we boarded the train back to London.

As you can imagine we had to wait a bit to click as so many people were having their photographs taken in the archway.

In past year's I have not been able to get a shot of the College Christmas Tree as it was difficult to get it without other fixtures in the Chapel intruding but this year with a slightly changed position which made a photograph possible. It's not the greatest of Christmas trees but I think a bit less dishevilled looking that the one in Trafalgar Square!!

After the concert a few of us had lunch at the Cambridge Bella Italia and afterwards took a walk by the river Cam. Across the river there were some impressive houses including the one seen on the left above. A kind passer by took photographs of us with the house in the background and this is on the right above

Later, on a visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum Tricia in the Itallian found this representation of our patron St Francis of Assisi displaying the Stigmata with which he was afflicted.

Also in the Italian Quarter were some impressive paintings including the two shown above