On 6 November 2011 Witold led a walk along

the Wandle to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Happily our most prolific photographer, Sheila

Bravin, was able to record some memories of the day.


An early pause to pose for a photograph

Approaching the stables at Morden Hall



Morden Hall Coach House


Morden Hall is maintained by the National Trust

and here we see some old mill stones which are

found at various points along the Wandle

But the Ramblers continue their walk along the

banks of the Wandle, now flowing freely after

years of restoration work.  A lottery grant agreed

in 2011 will bring further improvements


Further along there is a well restored working

water wheel

No excuse for getting lost here!!

The ramblers spotted converging

...on a shop of course

Still in Morden Hall Park is The Snuff Mill.  This dates from

1870's when the founder Gilliat Hatfeild bought Morden Hall in

1872 from the Garth Family who had been Lords of the Manor

since Tudor Times. Gilliat Hatfield left Morden Hall Park to the

National Trust in 1941


No snuff in evidence but there were books on sale for 10p


Morden Hall itself, once commandeered as a

military hospital in war times, has now happily

reopened as a restaurant after several years

in the doldrums

A mild November with autumn colours





An ornamental water feature near Beddington



And Dusk descends as one rambler reaches

the end of the walk