On Good Friday 25 March 2005 we had the traditional choice of a long or short walk to a Good Friday Service but this year we broke new ground with the walks leading to Aylesford Priory. They appeared in the Spring Programme as follows:


Good Friday 25th March 2005 - a choice of a long hilly walk or a short level walk as we go to Aylesford Priory for the Good Friday Service


Long Walk (os map 188)                                                Leader Tony Finnegan

MEET : Victoria 0800 for 0818 train to Maidstone East (Arr 0913) .

LUNCH : The Fleur de Lys, Burham (GR 732619) Does food, grassy bank nearby to eat your own

TEA : No

DISTANCE : 15 Miles returning from Maidstone East (11 miles, mostly quite hilly, before the Good Friday service at Aylesford where we will join those taking the short walk)

FARE : £8.45 cdr Maidstone East with Network Southeast discount


Short walk : (os map 188)                                                               Leader Helen Hunt

MEET : Victoria 0950 for 1018 train to Maidstone East(Arr 1113)

LUNCH : The Malta Inn, nr Aylesford (GR 751582) does food Eat your own somewhere else

DISTANCE : 8 very easy miles, mainly walking along the river bank Returning from Maidstone East ( 4 miles before the Good Friday Service at Aylesford where we will join those taking the long walk)

FARE : £ 8.45 cdr Maidstone East with Network Southeast Card discount

Cameras were not as much in evidence on rambles in 2005 as they are in 2016 and no photographs at all were taken while we were walking on this day. However when we got to Aylesford the leader of the short walk took the photographs below.