On May Day Bank Holiday Monday, 6 May 2013, Robert Slater led a much enjoyed walk taking in the Mayday celebrations in the village of Ickwell. Sheila Bravin kindly supplied the following photographic memories of the day.

The group set out for Sandy from Kings Cross

Occupying a full carriage all to themselves

Robert joined the train at Hitchin to lead the day's walk

Arriving at Sandy and important decisions to be made about lunch

Early on they pass an unbelievably pretty waterside residence

Views from the bridge

The river meanders

The Riddy and all its glory



As always Robert's attracted a great attendance. Here the 25 walkers pose for Robert's camera while some enjoy studying the guide notice

Captivated by the scene the ramblers make their way in the lazy sunshine

Signposts confirm the route

Each at their own pace

Time to reflect on nature's beauty (Beeston Fields that is)

Lost in contemplation of the wide open panorama

Leafy pathways guide the way

Spring buds hide pheasants in field

Large animals best given a wide berth

Nature's abundance

A lively foal watches the ramblers' progress

Numerous ancient buildings with thatched roofs near the lunch stop

More local information for visitors

The porch of the Church where the Peace Prayer of St Francis is recited

Glorious gee gaws, with bells of course

Awaiting lunch the ramblers receive a local greeting



A jovial atmosphere as starters arrive



Whilst ouside in the BarBQ area the sunshine enhances the joviality



As the departure to the village green is awaited the leader allows himself to

appear in a shot


After lunch the May Day parade proceeds to Ickwell Common

Tradition is honoured with grand following

Two walkers chat in the sunshine

While others pose for a photograph

At the green last year's May Queen takes to her throne

Dancing around the Maypole and judging commences

Local vendors in costume

A fine dwelling on the edge of the common

Was the home of a clockmaker who died in 17 13 and is buried in Westminster Abbey

Grouping for the afternoon jaunt to Biggleswade

Taking the sheep walk

May blossom adorning the rout

The walkers enjoy....just walking

Never get lost in this most rambler friendly of counties

Abundant crops adorn the fields

The path passes a small airstrip

It was a large happy group that joined Robert on this popular May Day walk



A final shot from Robert's camera but carry on down for more of Sheila's

Swans help themselves to the seedlings

The group rambles up and onwards

Majestic weeping willow

This is a garden pond believe it or not

Robert leads his group along beautiful paths

The end of the ramble and members decide on tea or an early train homewards