The walk on Sunday 10 September 2017 was advertised in the Autumn programme as being led by John Seally and Tony Finnegan but credit for this walk must go predominently to John as he devised it from scratch on the basis of his knowledge of the Horley area where he and his wife Ben now live. I had my camera with me on the day but as we had  two photographers more experienced than me on the walk I left it to Antoinette and Virginia to do the clicking and the photographs shown below are the result.

Before seeing us off at Horley Station Ben took a few photographs of our happy group of 14 ramblers. The group was not quite ready for the first two (above) but was a little more composed for the ones below.

As can be seen from the above photographs the morning walk took us through farm land where there were handsome herds of cows and flocks of sheep wuith the occasional horses. The Horley area is distinguished for its lack of foxes as the local farmers know how to protect their livestock!!

We had a good reasonably priced lunch break in the Plough and Furrow,where John had taken the precaution of reserving a table where twelve of the fourteen ramblers who had done the morning walk enjoyed a convivial hour and a quarter.

Duly fed and watered we gathered to deppart for the afternoon walk but unfortunately were not very attentive to our photographer as she took a group photograph.

A manmade pond near Smalllfield contained large fish which were not easy to photography as the water was quite muddy

John tells me that at times the lily pond has several floral masterpieces but for our visit we had to be content with just one.

Tea was handsomely served by John and Ben at "The Cravens" which, from the entry on the programme, might have been presumed to be a pub!! Note the street name signs in the background - memories of when John and Ben lived closer in in the London Area. Conway Gardens is a street in Mitcham just round the corner from where I lived for a few years in the 1980s.

After tea we walked the short short distance through the woods to Horley. Along the way we saw the extraordinary sight of two vans abandoned on the bank of a stream with house fences built behind them. Light conditions did not enable the photograph to be very clear.