If you have visited the site before you may find some things have changed and I will use this page to alert you to recent developments. 


My most recent development is with the programme archive which continues to be popular with visitors.  When I introduced this page In November 2012 I found that my technical knowledge was not up to creating a normal web page for each programme of which I did not have an electronic copy. For older programmes I therefore created PDF copies and put a link to the PDF on the archive page. However I have now devised a means of creating web pages for these programmes and am gradually introducing them in addition to the PDF copies. This has the advantage that our hit counter will tell me how often each programme is accessed whereas it does not count visits to PDFs. I am glad to say that the archive of past programmes has proved a popular development, with 5,316 visits having been made to the page to end of April 2016.  It is a slow process finding and then reproducing old programmes. So far I have got back as far as the Spring programme issued in February 1992 In time I hope to get all the way back to 1938 and perhaps even have extracts from programmes earlier than that but as I am creating web pages to match existing PDF programmes progress with this will be even slower than before.


Another relatively recent idea for innovation is to provide a link in the website copy of the programme to photographs taken on any walk for which I have received photographs. I made a start on this by putting the link in at the appropriate part of the Summer 2016 programme to photographs taken on Paul Brunning's Chelsfield walk on 5 June and Tom Gilmartin's Tadworth walk on 12 June. I have continued doing this so that there are links to photographs taken on many rambles in the autumn and winter programmes released in 2016 and on some rambles on the Spring Programme up to the time of writing - 22 March 2017. In time I might even get to do it on past programmes as well but time can be an enemy when we have other priorities to attend to. I will be checking on the hit counter to see how many people view the photographs and if it is popular I will continue the experiment.


I recently had a disastrous realisation that alll the links on the "Programme Archive" had become corrupted and no matter which programme you chose you got the Spring 1999 programme. I have now managed to correct this and with a little help from my ISP have taken action to prevent a recurrence. Strangely no one ever contacted me to alert me to this fault even though the page is visited every month by quite a few visitors. To them I offer sincere apologies.


The Spring 2017 programme is the latest one available and you can see details by clicking on "current programme" tab or the "Spring Programme" at the top or down the right hand side of your screen.


On the members' photos page continues to be very popular and is the most visited apart from the home page. We are indebted to Antoinette Adkins for the vast majority of recent photos but any member is welcome to send me photographs taken on club rambles or other events included on the programme and I will be delighted to put them up for the enjoyment of other visitors to the website


I am pleased to say that every new page is visited more than once in the first few days after it is added to the site.


 We have now had the counter of visits to the website for nearly five years. The hit counter you can see on your screen reports over 12,500 visitors but this is a slightly suspect figure as the counter remembers individual visitors in the course of one month but not from month to month. A more meaningful statistic is the number of visits to individual pages and this amounts to a significant well over 120,000 and rising up to April 2016. In April 2016 409 individual visitors paid 7,832 visits to individual pages and these are middle of the road figures as the number of visitors in any one month can be anywhere between 200 and 800.  You will see from these comments that I am a bit behind in analysing the trend of visits but will update these figures from time to time as time allows.



Changes to the website:


Programme Archive


Members photos: We continue to update the members photos page and this is the most visited part of the website apart from the home page, with 6,472 hits up to the end of November 2014.  To make this page a success we would still ask members to PLEASE take your cameras with you when you walk and let us have copies of any photographs you take.  If you cannot e mail the electronic file you can always post the phtographs to me and I will scan them and return your hard copies to you.  As you may know my name is Tony Finnegan and my address is 30 Avarn Road, Tooting, London SW17 9HA.