Thursday 15 October 2009 saw the departure of the relic of St Therese, finishing its sojourn in the South East and departing from Westminster Cathedral.  I took only a few photographs, all outside the cathedral at the end of our 10 mile walk.



As the final farewell service took place inside the Cathedral we waited outside for the procession of the relic from the Cathedral. The Mass was relayed on a giant screen and we saw and heard one of the club's long standing members Mary Maxwell do a reading.


In front of us above are shown the many priests and prelates in the gathering.



As the time for departure approached the number of prelates grew.



Eventually the revered casket which we had seen several times during the week emerged borne on valiant shoulders as before.



A shower of rose petals descended from the Cathedral balcony.




A large array of roses lay in front of the vehicle in which the relic would finally make its departure from Westminster.


And so ended a week of reverent veneration of the relic of St Therese in the South East. The club had done its bit to mark the occasion with what was, for me at any rate, a most memorable series of walks.