Monday 12 October 2009 was the first day on which people in London had the

 opportunity to venerate the relic of St Therese following its arrival in Church Street

Kensington on Sunday evening. We celebrated the event with an 8 mile walk

through South West London led by Ron Scott and I took the following

photographs as we went along:


I'm afraid I mistimed arrival at Church Street and we arrived to find the relic had

already been taken on its way to Westminster

So we took a couple of photographs of the empty Church and proceeded on the


Before long we walked by the Diana Fountain, a memorial to the late Diana

Princess of Wales.

We paused a while in front of Kensington Palace where Diana had lived and later become the home of her son William

In Hyde Park we got some pictures of the geese by the Serpentine Lake

Some visiting tourists were not shy of appearing in our photographs

And our walk continued deep in Hyde Park.

On leaving Hyde Park at the Marble Arch end we paused at the Tyburn Stone, marking the spot where many people on both sides of the Reformation split in the Church gave up their lives for their faith

There was some time between our lunch at the Willow Walk Wetherspoons and the arrival of the relics and as they approached the evening was closing in but I got this nice photograph of the Cathedral resplendant in the light of the floodlights

The eventual arrival of the relic brought to an end a pleasant day's walking