On Wednesday 7 October Maureen Cahalane led the first walk to venerate the relic of St Therese. The destination of the walk was the Oxford Oratory but first we had a pleasant canal side walk to Iffley and back to Oxford



I the Church in Iffley we saw this striking stained Glass window



There was also this rose window but the light setting on my

camera failed to do it justice


Finally in Iffley Church we got this view of the sanctuary



On leaving Iffley to walk back to Oxford we had some rain

so umbrellas were unfurled



We were delighted to have with us on the walk Maureen

Mulryan seen here on the left. Maureen joined us all the

way from Longford in Ireland. In her time in London she

she contributed to the club by doing two years on the




O'Neill's pubs are thought by some to be phoney Irish establishments but this one

at least displayed the recipe for Irish stew.



And also a traditional Guinness advertisement



Before the arrival of the relics there was a procession of dignatories including the Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham seen here blessing us.



The sanctuary had a tea light in every alcove, all of which had to be lit and placed

in position by hand.


My photograph of the relic arriving was in a collection which I loaned to a journalist

named Clive Baulch who did an article about the club in a glossy Catholic

magazine. The collection was never returned despite reminders.