Although the content of this page includes everything that was in the published programme for Summer 2004 the layout is different as the three column pages that were used for pages 1 and 2 in 2004 would be more difficult to read on screen than the single column format used here.

The club is approved by Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster,
Affiliated to the Ramblers Association Re istered Charit No. 306089

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Dear Ramblers,


We have had another busy quarter
with lots of good rambles and
events. I am pleased to report that I
have not heard of any broken
ankles, wrist or falls. However I did
hear of a ramble leader who whilst
on a walkout was bitten on his
backside by an aggressive dog.
Thankfully our ramble leader was
not badly bitten.

I cannot sing the praises of our ramble leaders enough as they do a great job. There is a lot of time and preparation that goes into preparing for a walk. This quarter I thought that I would have a go at doing a walkout. It was then that I encountered some of the obstacles which I have so often heard of. At one point on my walkout I had to wade barefooted in water to get to a footbridge in order to cross an  overflowing stream. I  also   encountered pathways  that disappeared in woodland and found footpaths on the map which no longer exist. All in all it was quite a challenging experience.


Past Events

Maureen Furlong recently went on a break with some of our members and I received the following write up from her:


Hostel break in Exeter


Early in the New Year a small group of us enjoyed a very pleasant five-day break in Exeter organised by Angela Shardlow. We explored the beautiful cathedral city and made several trips to surrounding areas. 

At Exmouth, although misty we inhaled fresh sea air; two members walked along the front to Orcombe Pont and climbed up to the Geoneedle. On one of the days Maxim 0 'Reilly lead a scenic coastal walk from Dawlish to Teignmouth where we found a splendid cafe for lunch. 

We spent our last full day visiting the historic town of Topshan where the
riverside Strand contained lovely examples of seventeenth century 

Merchant Houses. Many thanks to Angela for all the organisation and everyone who contributed to making this a memorable away break and a great start to 2004.

English Convent Brugge

Prayerful Christmas wishes and New Year
Greetings were received from Sister Mary
Alime and Sisters of the English Convent.


Video Day

The video afternoon on 14 February was a day enjoyed by many. There
were 17 of us that gathered to watch Brother Sun Sister Moon. It was not only an enjoyable video but also one that gave us plenty to talk


The Good Friday Walk, which homed in on Worth Abbey for the Service in the afternoon, was well attended. There where 27 of us on the short walk and 7 on the long walk. When we completed the walk at Three Bridges there was a number of us who decided to have a meal and drink before being
homeward bound.

For a number of years our Club members have attended Worth Abbey on Good Friday and some of us would like to try a different place next year. Any suggestions for an alternative place would be gratefully received.


Day of Recollection 7 March 2004
This day of prayer and refledion was well attended and gave us a lot to think about. In the morning Fr. Peter Newby talked about a piece of scripture. After lunch we attended Mass which included bidding prayers.


In the afternoon Fr Peter then talked about conscience and how important it is to be guided by the scriptures. After the meeting many of the group then went to Wetherpoons for food and drink where there were further discussions on the day.


Easter Break in Whitby 10 to 17 April 2004.

Maurice Hickman had 11 in his group and had a great week in the splendour of the Yorkshire countryside with frequent stops at different pubs to sample the different ales. Click HERE to see an account of the weekend with some photographs.


Holiday in Northumberland 13 to 24 May 2004

As I write Dorothy Hickman is on her way to Berwick on Tweed for a holiday break. I have no news at present on the number of club members going for the break but I'm sure it will be a lovely break with one night in Lindisfarne and four nights in Seahouses.


Future Events

Summer Picnic 3.00pm 19 June 2004

Please make a note in your diaries for this event which will be held on the Bandstand in Queens Park W10. (4 mins. walk from Queens Park Station, 4 mins walk from Brondesbury Park Station.) There will be strawberries and cream followed by a meal and a dance in the near by Corrib Rest, Salusbury
Rd NW6. ( 3 mins walk) As we will have the use of the Bandstand we should not have to worry about the weather, as we will be well sheltered. There is a lot to see in the Park, as it is an attractive one in that it has colourful flower gardens and a lovely animal sanctuary. Please come on your own or bring
friends, family and you will be welcome.

You don't necessarily have to come for the meal and dance although you will be missing a happy gathering. The meal will cost roughly £7 and for those interested in the meal it would be good to have an idea of numbers before hand.
Please call me (Bill O'Neill)  if you are coming for the meal.


60th Birthday Celebration

Tony Finnegan is celebrating his 60 Birthday at St Boniface Parish Club in Tooting on Saturday 26 June. There will be a buffet 8 pm and the music for the normal Saturday Dance will begin shortly after 9. Club members are invited.
Please let Tony know by 12 June if you are coming so he will know how many to cater for. 


The Chester Pilgrimage 14 - 24 August 2004.

This is an annual ecumenical pilgrimage, which is often completed by some of our members. I think it is great especially for those looking for an 

enjoyable spiritual experience coupled with a walking holiday at a cost of £120. Further information is available from


Club's 75th Anniversary

To mark the event there is a holiday to Assisi /Pa/azzo/a 4 to 11 June2005. The interests for this holiday is still growing (20 at last count) and there is still an opportunity for you to book provided your deposit is received
by 15 June. Please contact Barbara Bridle 


Park Place Pastoral Centre, Fareham August Bank holiday weekend 2005. The cost of this weekend is not yet available but Anne Dunne can take bookings.
Please contact Anne Dunne for


Celebratory Mass 6.0pm 8 Oct 2005

Bishop Bernard Longley has agreed to say Mass for us at St Mary Moorfields. This date is close to the anniversary of St Francis and also the date of our AGM. It also seems fitting that the club should celebrate its
patron saint's anniversary in this way.


Additional walks

If you feel that the main walk on Sunday is too long then please phone Hania or Witold for a short walk. 

If you fancy an occasional midweek walk then please contact Dorothy Hickman


Corner of Special Interests.

The video showing is Casablanca which is a much-requested one. I will be showing this video in my home on 4 September at 2.30pm. There will be a buffet and I would also welcome your contributing some food and drink to share.
Please call me beforehand so that I know how many to expect. Bill

New Members.

David and Gayle Gill, Northolt, Middlesex.

Mary Lydon, NW6,
David Richardson, SE25

Life Members:Chris McNicholas
and Tom Ransom.



Please remember the following in your prayers:

Jessie Culba died on 21 April and will be sadly missed. Jessie first
joined the dub in 1972 and married Peter in 1973. She and Peter became
Life Members in 1982


My sincere thanks to all those who have expressed kind words and have had Masses said for my dear mother (Mai) who died on Mothers Day. Some of you will remember her when on a visit from Vegas she attended a Club
BBQ in 1999. 


Items for the next Newsletter should reach me 9th August 2004.
God Bless and Happy Rambling




Club Committee Members 200312004


Fr Peter Newby
Parish Priest,

St Mary Moorfields,4-5 Eldon StreetLondon 
EC2M 7LS Ema


Vice President:

Helen Hunt



Bill O'Neill



Gillian McLauchlan,


Ramble List Compiler: Tony Norton.


Membership Secretaries:

Tony Finnegan, 30 Avarn RoadTooting
LondonSW17 9HATel0208 767 5293

Margaret Moran


Social Secretary



Committee Members



Catherine Scott, 


For those of you who enjoy a story, the following is one, which I hope you find inspirational.


Lisa Beamer on Good Morning America - If you remember, she's the wife of
Todd Beamer who said, "Let's Roll!" and helped take down the plane that
was heading for Washington, D.C.


She said it's the little things that she misses most about Todd, such as
hearing the garage door open as he came home, and her children running to
meet him. She's now the Mom of a beautiful little girl, Mary.


Lisa recalled this story:


I had a very special teacher in high school many years ago whose husband
died suddenly of a heart attack. About a week after his death, she shared
some of her insight with a classroom of students. As the late afternoon
sunlight came streaming in through the classroom windows and the class
was nearly over, she moved a few things aside on the edge of her desk and
sat down there.


With a gentle look of reflection on her face, she paused and said, "Class is
over. I would like to share with all of you, a thought that is unrelated to class,
but which I feel is very important.


"Each of us is put here on earth to learn, share, love, appreciate and give of
ourselves. None of us knows when this fantastic experience will end. It can
be taken away at any moment.

Perhaps this is the Powers way of telling us that we must make the most out
of every single day." Her eyes beginning to water, she went on, "So I would
like you all to make me a promise.


From now on, on your way to school, or on your way home, find something
beautiful to notice. It doesn't have to be something you see, it could be a
scent, perhaps of freshly baked bread wafting out of someone's house, or it
could be the sound of the breeze slightly rustling the leaves in the trees, or
the way the morning light catches one autumn leaf as it falls gently to the


"Please look for these things, and cherish them.

For, although it may sound trite to some, these things are the 'stuff' of life.
The little things we are put here on earth to enjoy. The things we often

take for granted. We must make it important to notice them, for at anytime it
can all be taken away."


The class was completely quiet. We all picked up our books and filed out of
the room silently. That afternoon, I noticed more things on my way home
from school than I had that whole semester.


Every once in a while, I think of that teacher and remember what an
impression she made on all of us, and I try to appreciate all of those things
that sometimes we all overlook.


Take notice of something special you see on your lunch hour today. Go
barefoot, or walk on the beach at sunset. Stop off on the way home tonight
to get a double dip ice cream cone. For as we get older, is not the things we did that we often regret, but the things we didn't do.


Remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but
by the moments that take our breath away.





Ramble List


A big thanks to you all for coming up with the walks so willingly. Please let me have details for the next programme by 24 July

Tony (Norton)


JUNE 2004


SATURDAY 5TH JUNE                         Leader Maurice Hickman

MEET            :  Victoria at 08  40 for 09 02 train to Pulborough (arr1015)

                      :  Then catch 1056 bus no 1 to Midhurst arr 11 24

LUNCH         :  Unicorn Heyshott

TEA               : Midhurst

DISTANCE   :  12 miles returning from Midhurst some hill walking involved

FARE            :  £9.75 cdr Pulborough with network card plus bus fare to



SUNDAY 6th JUNE                               Leader Martin Harrison

MEET          :  Liverpool Street 10 15 for 10 32 train to Enfield Lock arr 10 56

LUNCH        :  The Fallow Buck Enfield

TEA              :  Trent Country Park

DISTANCE   :  9.5 Miles

FARE            :£5.40 All zone travelcard 1-6


SUNDAY 13th JUNE                              Leader Paul Brunning

MEET            :  Charing Cross 0930 for 0950 train to Sevenoaks for 1023


LUNCH         :  The Cock, Ide Hill

TEA              :   Sevenoaks

DISTANCE   :  11 Miles returning from Sevenoaks

FARE            :  £5.90 cdr Sevenoaks


SUNDAY 20th JUNE (os map 187)         Leader Tony Finnegan

MEET            :  Victoria 0900 for 0934 train to Ifield (arr 10.39)

LUNCH          :The Six Bells Newidigate, does food, seats in churchyard

                        opposite to eat your own

TEA                :Rusper Village 3 miles from end of walk where there is a

                        BBQ every  Sunday in June from 5 PM

DISTANCE   :  16 Miles, fairly strenuous in the afternoon returning from Ifield

FARE            :  £6.95 cdr Ifield with network southeast card


SUNDAY 27th JUNE (os map 154)           Leader Robert Slater

MEET              :  King's Cross 0850 for 0915 train to Cambridge(arr 10.10)

LUNCH           :  The Green Man or the Orchard Restaurant/Tea room


TEA                :  Cambridge after evensong at 3.30 at King's college chapel

                          or before Sung Mass at our Lady and the Holy Martyrs at

                          6.15. Punting or jazz

                          in the park if you wish

DISTANCE    :  8 miles returning from Cambridge. Evensong at King's

                          College chapel. Walk at leisurely pace. Under the fruit trees

                          so much enjoyed by Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf along

                          with honey for tea.

FARE             :  £10.90 Cambridge including network card.

                         Robert will meet us at Cambridge.


JULY 2004

SUNDAY 4th JULY (map165)                    Leader Eugene Donnelly

MEET              :  Euston 0915 for 0941 train to Berkhampsted (arr 10.24)

LUNCH           :  The Greyhound Inn Alderly (teI-01442-851223)

TEA                :  Aldbury

DISTANCE    :  15 miles,hilly with one steep path

FARE             :  £6.65 cdr Tring with network card


SATURDAY 10th  JULY                             Leader Maurice Hickman

MEET          :  Victoria at 10.00 for 10 23 train to Oxted arr11 00) to connect with

                       11 04 train to Uckfield(arr11.49)

LUNCH        :  White Hart Buxted(Station Road)

TEA              :  Uckfield

DISTANCE   :  10 Miles returning from Uckfield

FARE            :  £7.80 cdr Uckfield with Network card


SUNDAY 11th JULY                                    Leader Maureen Cahalane

MEET            :  Buckingham Palace Rd (nr Grosvenor Gds) opp Victoria

                         Station time 0900

                      :  0900 for 0910 Oxford Tube bus to Gloucester Green Oxford                           arr11.10

LUNCH          :  lsis on the river

TEA               :  

DISTANCE    :  8 Miles. Walk starts 12 noon from St Aldgates nr bus stop to

                       : Littlemore .

FARE             : £5.50 (Concessions) to £11 return


SUNDAY 18th  JULY (map explorer 121)    Leader Maurice Hickman

MEET              :  East Croydon 0845 for 0905 train to Eridge

LUNCH           :  Cooper's Arms Sl John's Cranborough

TEA                 :  possibly at Groombridge

DISTANCE      :  14 Miles returning from Ashurst

FARE               :  Book cdr Eridge £5.20 with network card discount.


SUNDAY 25th JULY (map explorer ·150)    Leader Tony Norton

MEET              :  Victoria 0845 for 0904 train to Herne Bay

LUNCH           :  The King Ethelbert at Reculver

TEA                 :  Perhaps

DISTANCE   :  13 Miles at a moderate pace to Margate Bay

FARE            :  £ 13.75 with cdr network card buy a return ticket to Margate



SUNDAY 1st AUGUST (map Explorer 121)  Leader Maurice Hickman

MEET            :  Victoria at 0845 for 0904 train to Amberley

LUNCH          : The George Eartham

TEA                :  Amberley

DISTANCE    :  15 Miles

FARE             :  £10.55 with network card returning from Amberley




SUNDAY 8th AUGUST                                  Leader Paul Brunning

MEET            :  Charing Cross 0935 for 0953 to Hayes Kent arr 10.29

LUNCH         :  Queens head Downe Village

DISTANCE   :  13 Miles

TEA              :

FARE            :£5.90 with network card return to Hayes


SUNDAY 15th AUGUST map os 198/9 Long walk! Leader Phillip Groves

MEET             :  London Bridge 0815 for 0840 train to Brighton arr 0952

LUNCH          :  The Abergavenny Arms Rodmell

TEA               :  Jewington

DISTANCE    :  21 Miles hilly returning from Eastbourne

FARE             :  £8.20 cdr Brighton with network card plus £3.20 single fare

                         from  Eastbourne to Lewis (all fares incude network discount


Short Alternative Walk for Assumption Sunday Leader Witold Sokolowski

Try to bring a flower to decorate Our Lady's shrine at Ladywell

MEET : Waterloo 0945 for 1015 train to Guildford

LUNCH Parrot Inn (has become expensive)

TEA              :  By the River. Possibility of Mass in Godalming at 6 pm Then

                        good old Wetherspoon and/or Inn by the lake


FARE            :  £7.15 cdr Godalming with network card; back from

                         Godalming train 41 past the hour


SUNDAY 22nd AUGUST             Long walk Leaders Marta & John Haworth 


MEET             :  Charing Cross 0845 for 0910 train to Frant arr 1009

                        :  train also calls at Waterloo East and London Bridge

LUNCH          :  George and Dragon, Lamberhurst

TEA                :  Hope so

DISTANCE   :  19 Miles returning from Wadhurst. Afternoon route includes

                           Scotney castle Estate and Bewl Water.

FARE             :  £8.20 cdr Charing Cross to Wadhurst


Short alternative Walk (os map 176 LondonA-Z) Leaders Helen Hunt & Mary Kirby


MEET             :  Earlsfield Station for 1030 start (frequent trains from


LUNCH          :  Merton Abbey Mills, William Morris Pub. A longer than usual

                         lunch stop will allow time to browse around the famous

                         Merton abbey craft market, where there are many alternative

                         sources of food and places to eat your own. You may also

                         join or leave the ramble at this point (Underground station

                         Colliers Wood on the Northern Line).

TEA                :  McDonalds at Waddon station.

DISTANCE     :  9 Miles returning from Waddon.

FARE             : One day travelcard up to £5.50. The walk begins in Zone 2

                         and ends in Zone 4.

                          Helen and Mary will meet the ramblers at Earlsfield.


SUNDAY 29th AUGUST (map landranger 165)    Leader Phillip Evans

MEET             :  Euston 0845 for 0909 train to Leighton Buzzard arr 10.45

LUNCH :       :  White Swan Whitechurch

DISTANCE   :  17 Miles returning from Leighton Buzard

FARE             :  £8.50 cdr with network card




Please ensure you bring your Network cards or Gold cards so that you can get the 1/3rd off full fares for yourself and up to three guests travelling with you. You can also get 5Op off all zone travel cards even if purchased at underground stations.


Unless otherwise indicated the fare shown is the fare from the London terminus to our destination. Most people can get a reduction by using a travel card for part of the journey.


Don''t forget-Sunday train service-s can be sttecten by engineering works. Informatioothese cabe obtained by calling 08457 484950 or see National Rail Websitat