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With thanks to Father A. Russell S.T.L., Parish Priest, the Club now has a
new base for committee meetings and list production at:


The Church of the Holy Apostles
Winchester Street                      

                      Piml ico                                                            

LONDON SW1      


The Church Hall is in Cumberland Street, running parallel behind the Church.






4 March - 28 May 1990


SUNDAY 4 MARCH                                          Leader: Eugene Donnelly

Meet: WATERLOO at 10.40 for the 10.57 train to KEW BRIDGE (Arrives: 11.17)

Lunch: Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Tea: Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park
Distance: 10 miles (Irish)                                    Fare: 12.6fr Travelcard

SUNDAY 11 MARCH                                         Leader: Philip Evans


Meet: MARYLEBONE at 10 am for the 10.17 train to PRINCES RISBOROUGH
                                                                                                (Arrives: 11.18)

Lunch: Three Horse Shoes, Bennet End            Tea: Sorry
Distance: 14 miles                                                Fare: £5.90 CDR                             


SUNDAY 18 MARCH                                          Leader: Bridie Barry

'Meet: BAKER STREET at 10.05 for the 10.20 train to AMERSHAM

                                                                                                  (Arrives: 11 am)

Lunch: Penn Street                                              Tea: Amersham if possible

Distance: 10 miles                                                Fare: 13.50 CDR



SUNDAY 25 MARCH                                            Leader: Ron Scott




Meet: CHARING CROSS at 08.45 for the 9 am train to WADHURST

                                                                                            (Arrives: 10.08)

Lunch and Tea: St Benedict's Priory


Distance: 3 miles - walking to and from the Priory.            Fare: 16.90 CDR


Please let Ron Scott know if you are coming.



SUNDAY 1 APRIL                                                   Leader: Maurice Hickman


Meet: WATERLOO at 09.25 for the 09.50 train to DORKING
                                                                 Change at EPSOM  (Arrives: 10.50)


Lunch: Royal Oak, Stonebridge                               Tea: Dorking

Distance: 12 miles                                                     Fare: 14.10 CDR



SUNDAY 8 APRIL                                                    Leader: Oswald Barrett


Meet: OXFORD CIRCUS at 10.30 for the 10.50 train to LOUGHTON

                                                                                     (Arrives: 11.30)
Lunch: The Owl, Lippetts Hill                                   Tea: Chingford - hopefully


Distance: 8 miles                                                      Fare: £2.60 Travelcard



EASTER MONDAY 16 APRIL                                  Leader: Ron Scott


Meet: BLACKFRIARS at 10.30 for the 10.45 train to EYNESFORD

                                                                                  (Arrives: 11.32)
Lunch: West Kingston                                               Tea: Sorry


Distance: 10 miles                                                     Fare: £3.40 CDR


SUNDAY 22 APRIL                   Leaders: Barbara Deubzer and Tony Finnegan


Meet: VICTORIA at 10 am for the 10.22 train to EAST GRINSTEAD

                                                                                  (Arrives: 11.18)

Lunch: The Anchor Inn, Hartfield                              Tea: No chance

Distance: 14 miles                                      Fare: £5.40 CDR  



SUNDAY 29 APRIL                                                Leader: Maurice Hickman


Meet: VICTORIA at 09.30 for the 09.47 train to BERWICK via LEWES

                                                                                                                        (Arrives: 11.34)

Lunch: The Cricketers I Arms, Berwick Village - food available


Tea: Middle Farm


Distance: 14 miles                                                   Fare: £9.90 CDR



BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 7 MAY                         Leader: Philip Evans


Meet: WATERLOO at 10 am for the 10.20 train to PETERSFIELD

                                                                                                      (Arrives: 11.34)

Lunch: Elsted Inn, Elsted                                     Tea: Petersfield - if possible


Distance: 15 miles                                                Fare: £8.90 CDR



SUNDAY 13 MAY                Leaders: Catherine Mac Manus and Peter Lobo


Meet: WATERLOO at 09.15 for the 09.30 train to WINCHESTER

                                                                                        (Arrives: 10.38)
Lunch: The Bridge Hotel, Shawford                     Tea: Winchester


Distance: 10 miles                                                 Fare: £7.33 Travelcard


St Peter's Church: Shrine of Our Lady of Winton             Mass at 7 pm.



 SUNDAY 20 MAY                      Leaders: Pat Donachie and Tony Finnegan


Meet: VICTORIA at 09.30 for the 09.49 train to BOXHILL     (Arrives: 10.37)

Lunch: Ranmore Arms                                             Tea: Boxhill


Distance: 11 miles                                                    Fare: £4.00 CDR



BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 28 MAY                         Leader: Hilda Mitchell


Meet: WATERLOO at 10 am for the 10.20 train to LEATHERHEAD

                                                                                               (Arrives: 10.55)

Lunch: Stepping Stone. Cafes close by.                   Tea: What tea?


Distance: 10 miles                                                     Fare: £3.50 COR


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Dear Ramblers


Many thanks for sending me all the details of your rambles.


We have decided that the leader will appoint a duty member on the day.

Please send me details of your SUMMER rambles by Friday 11 May

and of your AUTUMN rambles by Monday 2 July.


(I shall be on holiday in August).


Now, with Lent approaching, perhaps we can all do a ramble as a penance?

Thank you for sponsoring me in the London Marathon and for your good



R A M B L E   LEA D E R S  -  D ETA I L S  0 F  R A M B L E S

DATE:                    LEADER:                                 MEET:                            


FOR:                      TRAIN TO:                               ARRIVES:                     


LUNCH:                 TEA:                  DISTANCE:           FARE:                   


Leaders, please complete and send to Eugene Donnelly.

Thank you.