Membership subscriptions for 1992-93 fall due in October but can be paid anytime

                      now. Send a cheque for £3, payable to St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers

                      Club, to Peter Lobo. New members joining now just pay a single subscription

                      which lasts up to October 1993.


Marie Landick. Pauline Lyons. Tom Ransom. John Furlong & Daphne Solly have already joined for next year and we welcome them to the Club.


31 new members joined in 1991-92 bringing the total paid up membership to 209 including 27 married couples. Unfortunately 17 members failed to renew their membership.


There are now 43 Life Members including 14 married couples. One of the new Life Members this year suggested a Life Membership Certificate. We have now produced these and if you are a life member you should receive your certificate with this letter.

The A.G.M.                                                                           

                   w ill t a k e place on Saturday. October 10th at Holy Apostles Hall, Pimlico, where we had our very successful Christmas Party last year. Anyone who is not sure of the way can contact Olivia Delargy or Tony Finnegan (Tel: 081 767 5293) for directions and/or map. Mass will be celebrated there at 6 p.m. for the intentions of the Ramblers. The meeting will follow and it will be accompanied by cheese & wine/softdrinks etc. You will see from the CONSTITUTION enclosed that the Committee has to be elected at this meeting and the Secretary's position is definitely going to be vacated on this occasion. You are urged to use the slip enclosed to put forward nominations for the Committee, remembering that you need to get the consent of the nominee before doing so. Please write or phone Ann Richardson if you are coming,so that we can estimate for the refreshments, (by Wed.Oct.7th)




To the Vice President, Paul Brunning

I propose: ……………………………………..for membership of the Committee


Seconded by………………………….. (name of person who is supporting your nomination


Signed                                                   Your name and address in block capitals:

              .......................................            ......................................


The Committee positions are: Treasurer, Secretary, Ramble List Compiler, Membership & Publicity Secretary, Social Secretary and Catering Representative. As I am bowing out at the A.G.M. I must take this opportunity of putting into print what a supportive and harmonious Committee I have had to work with and to thank them all personally for the sacrifice of their time & energy and their tolerance of those of us who are not always appreciative and positively supportive of their efforts. Thanks to Richard Chill & others who have helped with this mailing - we value your help enormously.

OTHER EVENTS: Saturday, November 7th at 6 pm the Annual Mass for the deceased members of the Club will be offered in Westminster Cathedral . Please come if at all possible. Paul Brunning will be locating a suitable place for us all to for a meal together after the Mass and we are going to have our monthly meal out together in future on the first Saturday of each month, meeting outside the Cathedral after this 6 o'clock Hass. Henceforth the Friday evening meals will cease. So for this session the dates will be: Sep. 5th, Oct. 3rd, Nov. 7th, & presumably Dec. 5th.

Peter Lobo and Tony Finnegan are arranging a Study Evening to help us to learn how to LEAD RAMBLES as new Leaders are desperately needed.

A Video from the Ramblers Association will be shown & Phil Evans will give
some further guidance. The venue is PETER L0BO's, please phone beforehand to confirm this; his address is on page opposite. The date is: Saturday, November 28th and there will be light refreshments.


The Christmas Ramble is being planned - further news of that next time. All are reminded that they should bring TORCHES once the evenings get darker.

Further notices foollowing the ramble list.




September 6th, 1992                                        Leader : Maurice Hickman

Meet: Waterloo at 9.10 for 9.25 train to Guildford, arrive 10.01.

Lunch: William IV - Little London - Albury Heath (Pub serves food).
Tea: Tea Pot, Market Street, Guildford.

Distance: 14 miles returning from Guildford.

Fare: £6.10 CDR Guildford

NBEvening Mass available at 6.30 at St. Joseph's



September 13th, 1992                                       Leader: Philip Evans


Meet: Paddington at 8.45 for 9.00 train to Newbury, change at Reading, 

train arrives at Newbury at 10.30.

Lunch: Furze Bush, Ball Hill, good selection of food at reasonable

prices. Only pub food to be eaten on Pub premises.

Tea: Newbury.

Distance: 14 miles, returning from Newbury.
Fare: £9.60 CDR Newbury.



September 19th, 1992  (SAY GOODBYE TO SUMMER) Leaders: (Anne Alcock 

                                                                                               (Bridie Barry

Meet: Victoria at 8.45 for 9.07 train to Arundel, arrive 10.28. 

Visit Castle and Cathedral, wander around and have lunch.

Leave Arundel at 3 p.m. for 5 mile towpath walk to Littlehampton,
returning from Littlehampton.

Fare: CDR £11.90 .



September 20th, 1992                                                        Leader: Tony Finnegan


Meet: Victoria at 10.05 for 10.20 train to Dormans, arrive 11.12.
Lunch: Dunnings Mill, East Grinstead, Pub serves food.

Tea: Standen.

Distance: 9 miles, returning from East Grinstead.
Fare: £6.30 CDR.



September 27th, 1992                                               Leader: Paul Brunning


Meet: Charing Cross at 9.50 for 10.10 train to Sevenoaks, arrive 10.44.
Lunch: The Cock, London Road, Hildenborough.

Tea: Tonbridge.

Distance: 10 miles, returning from Tonbridge.
rare: £6.00 CDR Tonbridge .




October 4th 1992                                                        Leader: Peter Lobo


Meet: Victoria at 9.00 for 9.20 train to Oxted, arrive 10.01.
Lunch: Grasshopper, Westerham, Pub serves food.

Tea: You never know your luck - but you can guess.

Distance: 13 miles, returning from Oxted.

Fare: £4.70 CDR Oxted .





October 11th, 1992                                                    Leader: Olivia DeLargy


Meet: Euston at 9.45 for 10.05 train to Tring, arrive 10.47.
Lunch: Ivinghoe.

Tea: Cream Type, Aldbury.

Distance: 8 miles, returning from Tring.
Fare: £6.40 COR Tring.



October 18th, 1992                                                     Leader: Rena Borg



Meet: Baker Street at 10.05 for 10.20 to Great Missenden change at

Amersham, arrive Great Missenden 11.15.

Lunch: Hampden Arms, Gread Hampden, Pub serves food.
Tea: What??

Distance: 12 miles, returning from Great Missenden.
Fare: £5.70 CDR Great Missenden.


NB. If you get to Baker Street early, you can walk to Marylebone Station and buy your ticket there and use the Network Card, the ticket is valid from Baker Street. This also applies to the walk on 8th November.



 October 25th, 1992    (CLOCKS GO BACK ONE HOUR) Leader: Diana Fox


Meet: Waterloo at 9.00 for 9.17 train to Egham, arrive 10.03.
Lunch: The Sun, Englefied Green.

Tea: The foxes'.

Distance: 10 miles returning from Staines.
Fare: £4.30 CDR Egham.




November 1st, 1992                                                  Leader: Philip Evans


Meet: Kings Cross at 9.35 for 9.50 train to Welwyn Garden City,

change at Finsbury Park, arrive 10.48.

Lunch: Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence.
Tea: End of Ramble if you're lucky.

Distance: 11 miles, returning from Welwyn Garden City.
Fare: £5.30 CDR Welwyn Garden City.




November 8th, 1992                                                 Leader: Rena Borg


Meet: Baker Street at 10.05 for 10.20 train to Rickmansworth, arrive 10.48.

Lunch: Fisheries, Harefield Lock, Pub serves food, rather expensive.
Tea: Whistle for it!

Distance. 10 miles, returning from Rickmansvorth.

Fare. £3.70 Rickmansvorth, Travelcard holders should state they
are going to Rickmansworth.



November 15th, 1992                                               Leader: Dorothy Hickman


Meet: Victoria at 9.45 for 10.04 train to Dorking, arrive 11.09.
Lunch: The Cricketers, Westcott.

Tea: Dorking.

Distance: 11 miles, returning from Dorking.
Fare: £4.70 CDR Dorking.



November 22nd, 1992                                             Leader: Maurice Hickman


Meet: Victoria at 10.10 for 10.32 train to Redhill, arrive 11.09.
Lunch: Nutley Hall, Reigate.

Tea: Redhill.

Distance: 10 miles.

Fare: £4.30 CDR Redhill.



November 29th, 1992                                              Leader: Kay Armstrong


Meet: Liverpool Street at 9.25 for 9.39 train to Cheshunt,

arrive 10.05.

Lunch: Fish & Eels, Dobbs Weir.
Tea: You've had it.

Distance: 11 miles, returning from Cheshunt.
Fare: £3.70 CDR Cheshunt.



FURTHER EVENTS: Note the 'Goodbye to Summer' extra event scheduled for Saturday, Sep. 19th; thanks to Bridle and Anne.

POETRY READING at Joe O'Reilly's place: Saturday, 24th October. Joe will welcome anyone who brings along a favourite (or otherwise!) poem to read or he will offer you one to read if you prefer that. Aim for a 7.30 pm start.
Cheese & Wine will be provided. Please let him know by Tuesday, 20th

if you are coming. Mass is available at St.Dominic's Priory, Southampton
Rd. at 6 pm. Bus 24. To get to Joe's - Grey/green bus 24 to Hansfield
Road (Request Stop), walk up to traffic lights, turn right, then 4th on
left for Rona Road. House is on riRht. Bus 24 can be picked up at

Camden Town, Victoria, Charing Cross etc.            (Thanks, Joe.)


Please offer to lead a Ramble and offer in good time, by filling in thein the form on the back page Pressure is put on the those trying to get the list to you in good time because there are never enough offers and Phil has to go please come forward and help.



Other Committee Members: Maureen Mulryan, Helen O'Brien, 


:: XMAS P ARTY is scheduled for January 9th 93
Make a note now for your diary & it will be even more successful than last year!



My apologies for any mistakes or imperfections in this mailing. It is always
produced under pressure, mainly because the ramble list is compiled at the
eleventh hour. It would make a vast difference to the well-being of
committee members if ramble leaders would come forward early on and pass the required information to Philip at least one month before the expiry of th
current list. See over-leaf for the appropriate form... 



Have you led a ramble yet? Please don't always leave it to the seasoned leaders. New ramble leaders are always welcome - if you know a route which could be used fill up the details below and
send them to:


                          Philip Evans





Date:                                                            Leader:




Meet: at                               for                            train to
                                        (Arriving at                am)





Distance:              Miles;     returning from





 See the current version of the constitution HERE