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congenial company.

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3 MARCH - 27 MAY 1991

SUNDAY 3 MARCH 1991                         Leader: Maurice Hickman
Meet  : VICTORIA at 09~45 ror the 10:02 train to REDHILL (A: 10:35)
Lunch: The PLouigh, Le1gh
Tea     : Redh111
Miles   : 12
Fare     : £4.40
SUNDAY 310 MARCH 1991                      Leader: Tony Ryan
Meet  : CHARING CROSS at 10:15 for the 10:30 train to SEVENOAKS
                                                                                                 (A: 11:02)
Lunch: The Cock,. Ide Hill
Miles   : 11
Fare     : £4.40

SUNDAY 17 MARCH 1991                        Leader: Maureen Cahalane

Meet : ARCHWAY STATION at 10:45 for the 11 :00 start of                  ramble.
Lunch : Jack Straw's Castle. Hampstead Heath
Miles   : 8
Fare     : returning from Baker Street,: £2.90 Travel Card (TC)

SUNDAY 24 MARCH 1991                         Leader: Oswald Barrett
Meet   : OXFORD CIRCUS at 10:40 for the 10:53 train to LOUGHTON
                                                                                               (A: 11: 30)
Lunch : The Owl, Lippetts Hill
Tea      : Chingford
Miles    : 8
Fare     : £2.90 (TC)

EASTER MONDAY 1 APRIL 1991              Leader: Mary Hickman
Meet   : VICTORIA at 10:45 for the 11:02 train to REDHILL (A: 11:35)
Lunch : Hilliam IV. Bletchingley
Miles: 11
Tea     : Redhill (St:, Hamburga' s )
Fare    : £4.40
SUNDAY 7 APRIL  1991                              Leader: Richard Chill
Meet   : VICTORIA at 10:00 fo'r the 10:17 train to MERSTHAM                                                                                      (A: 10:48)
Lunch    : The Yew Tree. Reigate
Tea         : Boxhill
Miles       : 8
Fare        : £2.60 (TC)

SUNDAY 1 4 APRIL 1991                             Leader: Catherine Mac Manus 
Meet  : VICTORIA at 09:35 tor the 09:49 train to. DORKIHG (A: 10:41)
Lunch: The Hand in Hand. Boxhlll Rooad  
Tea     : Ashtead
Miles   : 10
Fare: £4.10 Returning trom ASHTEAD

SUNDAY 21 APRIL 1991                                Leader: Dorothy Hickman
Meet  : VICTORIA at 10:45 for the 11:02 train to REDHILL (A: 11:35)
Lunch: The Sportsman. Lower Kingsford  
Tea     : St Hamburga'a
Miles   : 11
Fare    : £4.40
SUNDAY 28 APRIL 1991                                 Leader: Philip Evans
Meet  : WATERLOO at 09:10 tor the 09:25 train to PETERSFIELD
                                                                                                                (A: 10:39)
Lunch: The Red Lion. Chalton 
Miles : 14
Fare   : £9.70 (CDR)

BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 6 MAY 1991         Leader: Paul Brunning
Meet    : CHARIIG CROSS at 10:15 tor the 10:30 train to TONBRIDGE
                                                                                                                       (A: 11:10)
Lunch: The Fleur de Lys, Leigh 
Miles  : 9
Fare    : £5.50

SUNDAY 12 MAY 1991                                   Leader: Tony Finnegan
Meet  : VICTORIA at 09:30 tor the 09:49 train to. DORKING
                                                                                                  (A: 10:41)
Lunch: The Plough, Cold Harbour  
Miles  : 15
Fare    : £4.40

SUNDAY 19 MAY 1991                                Leader: Catherine Mac Manus
Meet  : WATERLOO at 09:15 tor the 09:30 train to WINCHESTER
Lunch: The Plough. Itchen Abbaa  ~ea: Winchester  Milea: 12
Fare   : £7.75 (TC) plus 6Op bus to Itchen Abbas
Returning fromm Winchester. 
BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 27 MAY 1991         Leader: Fred McAndrew
Meet  : VICTORIA at 11:15 for the 11:32 train to COULSDDN SOUTH
                                                                                              (A: 11: 57)
Lunch : The Tudor Rose Old Coulsdon
Tea      : Welcome Tea Roam
Miles   : 10
Fare    : £2.90 (TC)

The Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Walking Pilgrimage this year is from Arundel to Glastonbury. Don't miss it. Details t'rom Oatherine Mac Manus or Fred McAndrew or other pilgrims -
forms available also from :
Rew. Father W Haynes 122 Ladbroke Road, REDHILL RH1 1LF
Tel.: 0737 - 761017

2  Dorothy Hickman has planned a wonderful holiday in Malta based at a moderate family guesthouse. Travel: By air £156
Wednesday 6 September to Monday 16 September. Write or call Dorothy 
Of course Dorothy's chief collaborator is Maltese - call or
write to  our other member Anna Maria Caruana.  

3  About the same time - from 8 September to 15 September I am going as a helper with ACROSS with two Jumbulances to Lourdes. You  are very welcome to come as a helper with our group from Winchester. However the deposit of £60 is due now, and the balance of £300 by 20 July. If you would like details contact details can be provided.

4  Our expert. on Taize, Fred McAndrew is taking us there, setting
out by coach from VICTORIA on Easter Sunday Night 1992. So
start saving up now Ramblers.

We are considering the proposal to raise the subscription to £5 for the year 1991 - 1992 to meet the rising cost of just about everything. We will discuss it at the next AGM.

Thank you all for your loyal support of the club, and please try to introduce some new members.

May God bless you



Under the patronage of

His Eminence Cardinal George Basil Hume OSB MA STL



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Catherine Mac Manus



Ronald Scott



Eugene Donnelly



Paul Brunning



Bryan Jones



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For information about the clubr new members should contact Bryan Jones £or
copies of the list and puolicity material. Members should contact, the secretary direct if their lists do not arrive promptly.

Fred McAndrew has said that he would like to resign from the Vice-Presidency at the end of May. He thinks it is now time to select nominations for Committee::


the Presidency

Vice-Pres'idency and

Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
List Compiler
Sociel Secretary

Membership and Publicity Secretary.
Catering Representative

Some of the duties may be distributed differently but these are
the basic requirements. Nominations should be sent in writing
direct to the secretary by Friday 24 May.


Please serid all details of y.our rambles to Eugene by Friday,.3 May.