Some of our more observant visitors will have noticed that in the last few weeks a large number of Programmes listed in the Programme Archive have not been available to view. This is because I was asked by the committee to review the content of the website in the light of the new Data Protection Regulations which come into effect in 2018. At that time there were 55 programmes appearing on the website in PDF format and in creating the PDFs I had simply scanned the programme and did not remove addresses and telephone numbers of committee members as I normally do on the stadard format website pages. In order to rectify this I have temporarily taken down all of the 55 PDFs and willl replace them with sanatised web pages as soon as possible. So far (November 2018) I have restored 11 programmes without addresses or telephone numbers and will restore the remaining missing 44 as time allows.


This Winter 2004 - 05 programme is produced by a different process from the normal standard page in order to save time and labour. In producing it in a new format I have made a few mistakes such as reproducing the individual page headings which are not necessary on the website but I am leaving them there for the time being. I will exclude them on further restored pages but for now I will not redo the 2004 - 05 programme but will devote my time to restoring other programmes.