Greetings Ramblers

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

As we near the end of the Millennium year I would like on behalf of the club to thank you all for your continued support and for making this a special

year for the club's 70m anniversary We arE now thinking of planning a 75th celebration in five vears tIMe, All suggestions to committee  members.


Approval of new Arcbhbishop of Westminster: I received a letter from Most Reverend Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster
endorsing the work of the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club as his
predecessors have done, The letter and Papal Blessing Blessing were on display at the AGM.

Welcome to New Members: Mary Fltzpatrick, London SE19. Sarah Greaves, Ilford, Essex. Welcome back: Pat Jayawardena, Rlchmond,
Surrey. Frank and Ann Keating, Nr Skipton, North Yorkshire.

New members Please read your introductory leaflet carefully as It gives good advlce, especially about wearing suitable footwear with ankle support for your own safety and maintaining good relations with pub owners by not eating our own food on their premises. Don't forget your torch for the dark winter afternoons.

Club Publicity: It is very important that the club be publicised in as many
churches as possible in order to ensure a constant stream of new members.
With the election of new membership secretaries we want fresh notices put up in all churches. With this programme you will fmd a nice new notice. please 
ask your parish priest for permission to Dut it up on bOur local Church notice board. We would be grateful for the return of any unused posters as they are expensive to produce and we can use them elsewhere if you don't need them.


Subscriptions are now due reminder: Club subscnptions were due in
October for the coming year. Still only £4. Please send cheque for £4 payable to St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club to Gillian. If you would like to receive your membership card before the next programme enclose a SAE.

The A G M.: was held on October the 14ih in the Holy Apostles Church Hall in Cumberland Street, Pimlico. It was attended by over 30 members. The minutes of the meeting are enclosed to which we are grateful to Dorothy Hickman for. We are delighted to welcome the new committee especiaIly  the Secretay Antoinette Ratnam. The full committee are listed below. 

Standing down, Membership Secretaries Bridie Barry and Francis 0'SuIIivan and Jo Lewis-Evans. We thank them for their time on the committee.

The A G M was followed by a Mass for members in the HoIy Apostles
Cburch, Pimlico. Members enjoyed a meal in Brahms Resturant, Lupus
Street.Pimfioo to round off the day.

As this is my last programme I would like to say thank you to all the
committee members over the last six years for their beIp and support.
Thank you to all who wrote to me encouragingly as I continued over the
years. Your letters and comments were very encouraging and a source of

I hive enjoyed my role as secretary over the last six year' s.

It is with great pleasure I now hand over this role to Antoinette Ratnam. I
am sure you will continue to oome forrward and give her support.

OBITUARIES: Our sympathy to Anne Alcock on.the death of her Mother.
The Club will have a Mass for her on Saturday 2 December at 5 30 at St Mary MoorfieldsOur sympathy also to Maxine O'Reilly on the death of her Mother in Spain. Also to Philip Evans on the death of his Aunt.

Christmas Ramble and social: This years Christmas Ramble and Social will be on 17 December with two new leaders and a new venue. Details on the Ramble List.

The Tortoise Club: Are you a slowcoach? When the main walk is too hard for you and the weather is reasonable you could try the tortoise club. Distance average 6-8 miles. If you contact Hanna & Witold on the Friday or Saturday before they will probably have planned a simpler walk. Sometimes joining the main Club Ramble at lunchtime.


POETRY EVENING: Joseph O'Reilly was very pleased with the attendance at his Poetry Evening on Saturday 21st of October in his hom.


Mass for Deceased Members: 5.30 Mass on Saturday November the 4th
in St Mary Moorfields Church, Eldon Street. This was attended by about 30
members. 20 members enjoyed a meal in a Wetherspoon's Pub near Old Street Underground Station after the Mass. Due to work commitments I had
to miss this occasion.

H C P T: Congratulations to Catherine Scott who raised £291.14p by being sponsored on the Brighton cycle run on the weekend of 18 June. Most of her sponsors were members of the club and I received a letter of thanks from HCPT. Nadia who is 14yrs old and suffers from a brain disorder will benefit from this money.

Y.B.A. Group
Membership Card: Any club
members wishing to use our group
membership Y.H.A. card contact me
(Helen) Tel 020 8767 6956 but make
sure to do so well in advance in case I am awav at the time you need the card.


Club Information: If any member receives calls or letters for information about joining the Club as a member and would like
information starter packs to send out they can contact the club Secretary
Antoinette Ratnam.

Club Committee

Members 2000/2OO1

PresIdent:                                                 Vice Presldent:
Fr David Bames, Parish Priest,                  HeIen Hunt, 
St Mary Moorfields, London EC2M 7LS     Email:
Tal. 020 7247 8390

Secretary                                                   Treasurer
Antoinette Ratnam,                                      GIIIan McLauchlan

Ramble List Compiler.                               Membership Secretaries
Paul ConnoIIy,                                              Maria Darroch, 

                                                                                        John Burbage 


                                         Committee  Members                                                            

Robert Slater    
Nick Peterson   

Mary MaxweIl    







Another programme, and two new leaders. Well done to Tony Norton
and Mary Maxwell for putting their best feet forward, and good Iuck for their walk. A couple of serious points; 1) with the recent heavy rains and no indication they are yet to abate, it would be wise to assume that unless otherwise indicated that all the walks are likely to be muddier than usual, so please prepare your kit for the walks with this in mind. Also the leaders
may need to amend routes for practical and/or safety reasons so please be forebearing if this situation arises. These points are raised to ensure that your enjoyment of any of the walks is not marred through failing to address what can be reasonably forseen. 2) There may still be disruption to trains as a result of the work Railtrack are doing in the light of the terrible events at Hatfield. 

So again please bear with the leaders if there are unexpected changes to services.And finally... dust off your torches and put them in your packs in case walks have to be concluded in the dark.

Lead Thou Kindly Light, but please remember your own as well!!

Sunday 3n1 December 2000 (os Map 175)      Leaders: Bridie Barry &                                                                                                     Maureen Cahalane
MEET         :Waterloo 0920 for 0947 train to Windsor (arr 1048)
LUNCH       :Royal Stag, Datchet (close to Datchet station) - Please see note

                     below this entry

Tea            : Maybe
DISTANCE: 8.5 flat miles returning

                    from Staines
FARE         : £5.90 cdr Windsor
If you intend to join the walk at lunchtime and want to eat at the pub please phone Maureen  as numbers have to be confirmed. Lunch will be EARLY.

Sunday 10th December 2000 (os map 188)         Leader: Paul Brunning
MEET          : Charing Cross 0945 for 1010 train to Sevenoaks (arr 1043)

LUNCH        : The White Rock Inn, Underriver - good food
TEA              : Sevenoaks
DISTANCE   : 9 miles returning from Sevenoaks
FARE           : £6.30 cdr Sevenoaks


Sunday 17th December 2000 - XMAS SOCIAL (os map 177) Leaders: Tony Norton & Mary Maxwell
MEET         :  Angel underground station (Northern line) 1030for 1045 start
LUNCH       :  Bar Risa, Bow Wharf, Grove rd, E3. Don't forget to save your

                       appetites for the social.
TEA             :  Christmas social at the Royal Oak - see flyer enclosed for

DISTANCE  :  8 miles. An urban walk taking in the Regents canal, some

                       hidden gems, and more well known parts of historic London,

                       returning from Borough (Northern line).
                       All dry surfaces, no need for walking boots, but strong shoes

FARE            : One day travelcard up to £4.70
Please note only drinks purchased in the pub may be consumed. We will be having a raffle so any donation for prizes would be most welcome. Please call Antoinette about this or for any other information regarding the Social.


Saturday 23rd December 2000 (os map 187)                                                        Leader: Maurice Hickman
MEET         :  Victoria 0935 for 1002 train to Redhill                            (arr 10 30)
LUNCH       :The Sportsman, Mogador
TEA             : Fanny's Farm Shop, Upper Gatton
DISTANCE  : 11 miles returning from Redhill
FARE          : £5.90 cdr Redhill

Saturday 30th December2000  (os map 167)

Leader: Paul Connolly
MEET        : Epping station (Central line) 1030 for                            1045 start

LUNCH      :The Forest Gate, Bell Common - Ploughmans and hot broth only
TEA            : Loughton - maybe the chance for a full hot meal
DISTANCE : 9 miles returning from Loughton. Liable to be quite muddy.
FARE          : £4.70 all zones travelcard

Sunday 7th January 2001 (os map 187)              Leader: Maurice Hickman
MEET         : Victoria 1005 for 1032 train to Redhill (arr 1103)
LUNCH       : Causeway, Earlswood (OS 278481)
TEA             : Gatwick Airport - South Terminal
DISTANCE  : 11 fairly level miles returning from Gatwick Airport
FARE           : £8.30 cdr (not Gatwick express) Gatwick Airport

Sunday 14th January 2001 (os map 177)            Leader: Paul Brunning
MEET         : Charing Cross 0925 for 0950 train to Chelsfield (arr 1029)
LUNCH       : Kent Hounds, Well Hill- Good cheap grub
TEA             : ???
DISTANCE  : 10 miles returning from Chelsfield
FARE           : £4.70 all zones travelcard


Sunday 21st Januarv 2001(os map 187)              Leader: Maurice Hickman
MEET         :  Victoria 0910 for 0934 train to Coulsdon South (arr 1002)
LUNCH       :  Well House, Mugswell
TEA             : Reigate Hill or Redhill
DISTANCE  : 12 miles returning from Redhill- No uphill stretches, good         

                       views from Colley Hill
FARE           : £5.90 cdr Redhill

Sunday 28th January2001 (os map 177)    Leaders: John & Marta Haworth
MEET        :Charing Cross 0850 for 0912 train to BexJey (arr 0948)
LUNCH      : Sydney Arms, Old Perry Street, Chislehurst
TEA            : No
DISTANCE : 11 miles returning from Bickley (The trains go into Victoria)
FARE         :  £4.70 all zones travelcard
John and Marta will meet the walkers at Bexley


Sunday 4th February 2001 (os map 167)

Leader: Michael Donnelly ...
MEET        : Epping station (Central line) 1045

                   latest for bus 20] to Ongar

                    (arr 11 29}.,
LUNCH      : The Black Horse, Paslow Wood


TEA            : That depends
DISTANCE : 10 fairly level miles returning from

                   :  Ongar

FARE          : £4.70 all zones travelcard plus £1.95 return on the bus

Michael will meet the ramblers at Epping. Epping is about 55 minutes from Oxford Circus.


Sunday 11th February (os map 187)                     Leader: Ranald Watson
MEET        : 0840 for 0906 train to Box Hill & Westhwnble (arr 0954)
LUNCH      : The Prince of Wales, Westcot
TEA            :  Maybe
DISTANCE : 12 hilly miles returning from Leatherhead
FARE          : £6.40 cdr Box Hill & Westhumble


Sunday 18th February 2001

(os map 165)      Leader: Maria 'climb  every

                                        mountain' Darroch
MEET        :  Marylebone 0800 for

                     0824 train to Little

                     Kimble (arr 0928)
LUNCH      :  Rising Sun, Little Hampden
TEA            : No 'T' today
DISTANCE : 12 miles returning from Wendover

                     (some steep hills)

FARE          : £6.95 cdr Aylesbury with network card discount


Sunday 25· February 2001 (os maps 187 & 176)      Leader: Tony Finnegan
MEET         : 0915 at Waterloo for 9 42 train to Effingham Junction (Arr.

LUNCH       : The Old Bear, Cobham Village. Serves good food.
TEA             : Joshua Tree Hampton Court
DISTANCE  : 16 EASY miles, finishing at Hampton Court
FARE           :  All Zone Travel Card £4.7Op plus excess to Effengham

                       Junction £2.8Op.


Don' tforget Sunday train services can be affected by engineering works. Information on these can be obtained by calling 08457 484950 or see the relevant ceefax or teletext pages on IV.


Please ensure you bring your Network cards or Gold cards so that you can get the 1/3rd off full fares for yourself and up to three guests travelling with you. You can also get 50poff all zone travel cards even if purchased at underground stations.

Unless otherwise indicated the fare shown is the full fare from the London terminus.

On the subject of fares don't forget in January there will probably be the usual round of increases, so be prepared if you are asked to pay a little more than what is shown.






The Papal Blessing received for our 70th anniversary was on display. Refreshments were provided by Helen Hunt and Peter Lobo and were served to members on arrival from 2.30pm.

Helen Hunt welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with the Prayer of St Francis.

Apologies for absence were received from: Mary Hennessey, Mike Hoffinan, Bridget Brunning, Maria Darroch, Peter McDonald, Jo Lewis-Evans, Maureen Furlong, Nick Peterson, Maurice Hickman, Mary Hickman.

The minutes of the 69th AGM were agreed. There were no matters arising from the minutes.

Secretary's Report: Helen Hunt, as acting secretary, gave this report which was accepted; a copy is attached. Helen said no one was turning up to the monthly dinners. Helen showed a letter received from the new Archbishop of Westminster the Right Reverend Cormac Murphy-O'Connor. He is pleased to endorse the work of the Club as his predecessors had done and wished us every success and thanked us for the copy of the Club History.

Bridie Barry gave the Membership Secretary's Report. There were not many enquiries. Perhaps notices at the back of churches need replacing. The numbers went up in the summer but have gone down again. Gillian said many come through recommendation of members and write direct
to her, it is up to us to advertise the Club.

Treasurer's Report: Copies of the accounts had been given out.
Income: Subscriptions - a drop in membership as a result of members moving abroad and others only being in this area temporarily. There were 6 new life members. Day of Recollection - a surplus is recorded because Mgr Peter Grant waived his gratuity. Investment Account - interest is higher than previously because I sent the book at the correct time to be made up.
Expenditure: Photocopying/printing figure includes some book costs on combined invoices. The committee has agreed not to replace the dead photocopier because we are very happy with the reasonably priced. flexible and creative services of Avam Printers. Grateful thanks to Tony Finnegan. Due to Mgr Grants generosity we donated £80 to St Mary Moorfields Restoration Fund. Aylesford - thanks to Barbara Bridle for organising weekend at Aylesford. Committee had agreed the use of Conference Room should be paid by Club. Other expenses included arranging Papal Blessing and Mass Stipend. The final cost to the Club was £93.50. Not bad for our 70th celebrations. I have compared basic expenses with income and feel it is not necessary to increase fees this year. Will continue to review. NSB Signatories - a change needs to be accompanied by minutes of meeting where signatories are agreed.

The meeting agreed that the Treasurer Gillian McLauchlan, the Secretary Antoinette Ratnam and the Vice President Helen Hunt be the signatories for the NSB account.

Matters arising from Treasurer's Report: The YHA Group Membership is not used much but is available if wanted. Tony Finnigan said members paid £5 for the Club History but the unsubsidised cost was £13. He proposed that the balance left in the Club History account be returned to Club funds. He has the original copy and can produce another copy at full cost if anyone wants one. He complimented Gillian on the way the records had been kept.

Election of new Committee: Antoinette Ratnam proposed by Paul Connolly and seconded by Frank Biggs was willing to stand as Secretary. Gillian McLauchlan was willing to continue as Treasurer for another year as it would not be fair to Antoinette if there were too many changes. Paul Connolly was willing to continue as Ramble List Compiler. Maureen Cahalane proposed and ElIen O'Brien seconded Mary Maxwell as Committtee member. Paul Brunning said Nick Peterson is willing to stand as a Committee member. John Burbage, Robert Slater and Maria Darroch were willing to continue as Committee Members. There being no other candidates they were all duly

Any Other Business: John Burbage apologised for the cancellation of the summer party. The booking for the boat was cancelled at the last minute; the message got though to most members but one member had turned up John is thinking of having an outdoor event next year such as a barbeque instead of a party and would like to know of suitable gardens attached to Convents or Churches. Paul Connolly apologised for there being no leader on July 9. David Clark had let him know that due to a broken foot he would not be able to lead, unfortunately Paul was ill that day and was unable to substitute for David as he had intended. He said it is good that new leaders are coming forward but we need more. He would like to be able to let the regular leaders take a break. There was a discussion on how to encourage more leaders. Paul Connolly suggested having a list of interested new leaders and putting them in touch with an experienced leader who is about to walk out a ramble. It was thought more help in actually planning a ramble was needed. Paul Connolly will produce some guidance notes on what is needed to plan and then to walk out a ramble. The Club ran training sessions a few years ago. The Ramblers Association run such courses. People could get the OS map for a ramble, look at symbols and ask people about route on the day. People could get books of walks and add loops to make them longer. It may be
easier for 2 or 3 members to get together and lead walks as a team. It was suggested we could occasionally go further out and perhaps stay overnight. Witold asked leaders to make sure everyone was gathered together before saying the prayer to St Francis. It was thought we could have more shorter walks of 10 - 12 miles; the currant program had a good balance. Helen Hunt
said Frank Biggs gives her details of his gentle walks in Suffolk. Hanna said phone her for details of slow coach walks. Margaret Moran thanked Dorothy for the short walks in London visiting some of the 'String of Pearls' Millennium attractions. Anyone wanting to use the YHA Group card should just write to Helen Hunt and she will send it if no one else is using it. Gillian
McLauchlan said we get 2 copies of the Ramblers Association's magazines which anyone can take if they would like them.

Paul Brunning proposed a vote of thanks to the Committees and in particular to Helen Hunt Helen replied that it had been a pleasure to be Secretary, everyone helped and there was no need to struggle doing it.

The meeting finished at 4.15, followed at 6pm by a Mass in the Holy Apostles Church for members intentions.