October 1992

Hi Ramblers,

As this is the last Ramble List before Christmas let me begin by wishing all members of the club and their loved ones a happy and blessed Christmas, filled with the peace so sought after by our patron Saint.

In accordance with recent club practice we will be having our Christmas Party shortly after  Christmas, on. Saturday 9 January at The Holy Apostles Church Hall, Cumberland St SW1 Details are on a separate page. We are organising some food (Not lavish but adequate  to help the festive spirit) and a welcoming glass of wine or soft drink. You may bring your own drink if your capacity is more than one glass!!! We will welcome help in the preparation and especially we need one or two car drivers to be available throughout the day so if you can help in this way please ring me or any member of the committee.


Well we never expected to have a new secretary so soon after Olivia gallantly picked up the gauntlet this time last year. I know I speak for all of you when thank her for all her valuable work during her term of office. Unfortunately other pressures made it impossible for her to continue for another year but hopefully she will return at a later stage!! For the next year I will do my best to follow her excellent lead.


The first month after the AGM is always a period of frantic activity for the new committee. On the back page you will find a list of who will be doing what. As Honourary Secretary I will field all general correspondence; Ann Richardson and Helen O'Brien will share membership work; Maureen Mulryan will co-ordinate announcements about events (see separate announcements page). Peter Lobo will continue the work of Honourary Treasurer and Phil Evans will continue perhaps the most difficult task of ramble compiler. Mary Hennessy will hold the map library which the AGM voted to re-create and Paul Brunning will be available to undertake work as necessary.


We welcome new members who have become members since the last newsletter: Brendan Hardy, John Kardus, Judy Kelly, Annie Lam, Stephen Salmon and Teresa Tidey. We hope they will enjoy many rambles with the club and perhaps in due course lead a ramble or organise a social event.


DON'T FORGET MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE NOW DUE. Cheques for £3 payable to St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club can be sent to The Honourary Treasurer: Peter Lobo.


In accordance with the constitution of the club everyone who joined before 1 August 1992 is due to pay now for the period October 1992 - September 1993. DON'T DELAY; DO IT TODAY!!

If you have completed 10 years as a member you can pay £30 now and become a life member.

Grateful thanks to those who pay more than the £3 and to one couple who donated £50.


In my year as membership secretary I got quite a few letters from new and existing members which gave me great pleasure. At the top of the list I put one from Norah Smeaton who has been a member of the club for 56 years. At the other end of the scale I was sorry that George and Valerie Cook are no longer able to walk due to failing health. Please remember them in your prayers.


Please also remember in your prayers Ron Scott's mother who died since the last newsletter.
I regret that due to a long standing prior commitment I could not attend the Mass on 7
November for deceased members.


At the AGM the Committee has been given the task of bringing forward proposals to assist the Ramble Compiler to get sufficient ramble leaders to continue the club's excellent past record. I'm told that there has been a ramble every week for 62 years. even during the war and train strikes. All views on this recurring topic to me in writing to 30 Avam Rd. Tooting, London SW17 9HA or by 'phone to 081 7675293.




December 1992   -            February 1993


Sunday 6 December 1992                                                                  Leader: Phil Evans

Meet: Victoria at 9 40 am for 10 02 train to Amberley (Arr. 11 26)

Lunch: Black Dog and Duck, Bury. Pub does food.

Tea: Not this time.

Distance:  9 Miles; returning from Amberley

Fare: £10 00 CDR (or less with network card reduction)


Sunday 13 December 1992                                                             Leader: Tony Finnegan


 Meet: Waterloo at 940 am for 10 00 am train to Horsley (Arr. 10 40 am)

 Lunch: The Black Swan, Cobham

 Tea: None

 Distance: 10 Miles; returning from Horsley

 Fare: £7 40p CDR (or less with network card reduction)


Sunday 20 December 1992



Happy Christmas Folks

Leader: Maurice Hickman                                             


Meet: Victoria at 10 10 am for 10 32 am train to Redhill (Arr. 11 09 am)
: William IV,  Bletchingly

Tea: Redhill

Distance: 7 Miles; returning from Redhill. At the end of this Christmas Ramble we are
invited to join an Ecumenical Carol Service in Redhill followed by refreshments

Fare: £4 30p (or less with network card reduction)

Sunday 27 December 1992                                                           Leader: Patrick Keegan


 Meet: Embankment District line, at 9 20 am for 936 am train Westbound to Putney Bridge
. 957 am for 10 15 start)

Lunch: Rose & Crown, Kew Green

Tea: Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park

Distance: 10 Miles; returning from Richmond

Fare: £3 40p all area Travel Card (£2 90p with network card reduction)


NB Fares quoted are likely to increase in January. If you wish to check ring British Rail on 071 928 5100 (Southern Region). 071 387 7070 (other) or London Underground on 071 222 1234.


Sunday 3 January 1993: HAPPY NEW YEAR                     Leader: Paul Brunning


Meet: Victoria at 950 am for 10 08 am train to Bromley South (Arr. 10 30 am)

Lunch: The Greyhound, Keston

Tea: Bromley (optional)

Distance: 8.5 Miles; returning from Bromley South

Fare: £2 50p CDR (or less with network card reduction)


Sunday 10 January 1993:                                                   Leader: John Lawrence


Meet: Baker St Metropolitan line at 1035 am for 1050 am train to Rickmansworth

            (Arr. 11 18 am)

Lunch: Plough, Hill End No food ayailable

Tea: Near Rickmansworth

Distance: 8 Miles; returning from Rickmansworth

Fare: £3 70p travel card from any LT station. NB state you are travelling to Rickmansworth.


Sunday 17 January 1993:                                                   Leader: Phil Evans


Meet: Paddington Main Line Station at 950 am for 10 10 am train to West Ruislip
. 10 28 am to connect with 1035 am train to Princes Risborough, Arr. 11 10 am)

Lunch: Hampden Arms, Great Hampden. Pub serves food.

Tea: What's that?!!

Distance: 10 Miles; returning from Princes Risborough

Fare: £6 70p CDR Princes Risborough.

NB Train returns to Marylebone but Paddington ticket still valid.


Sunday 24 January 1993:                                                   Leader: Rena Borg


Meet: Embankment District Line at 9 35 am for 9 53 Westbound train to Richmond
(Arr. 1023 am for 10 30 am start)

Lunch: Teddington Lock

Tea: Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park

Distance: 9 Miles; returning from Richmond

Fare: £3 40p all area travel card (£2 90p with Network Card reduction)


Sunday 31 January 1993:                                                   Leader: Dorothy Hickman


Meet: Victoria at 10 10 for 10 32 train to Merstham (ATT. 11 02)

Lunch: Mini Arms, Lower Kingswood

Tea: Redhill

Distance: 11 Miles; returning from Redhill

Fare: £4 30p (less with Network Card reduction)


Sunday 7 February 1993:                                                   Leader: Phil Evans


Meet: Baker St, Metropolitan Line as 1035 am for 1050 am train to Great Missenden
11 40 am - change Amersham

Lunch: Bugle, Lee Clump

Tea: Whistle for it!

Distance: 10 Miles; returning from Great Missenden.

 Fare: £5 70 CDR (or walk to Marylebone and use Network Card for reduction).




Sunday 14 February 1993:                                                  Leader: Maurice Hickman


Meet: Yictoria at 940 am for 10 02 train to Redhill (ATT. 1039 am)

Lunch: Castle Inn, Outwood

Tea: Redhill

Distance: 13 Miles; returning from Redhill

Fare: £4 30p (less with Network Card reduction)



Sunday 21 February 1993                                                  Leader: Tony Finnegan


Meet:  Victoria at 9 30 for 9 49 train to Dorking (Arr, 10 37

Lunch:  The Plough, Coldharbour. Pub does food.

Tea:  Dorking

Distance: 12 Miles; returning from Dorking.

Fare: £4 70p CDR (or less with network card reduction)


Sunday 28 February 1993:                                                 Leader: Joe 0 'Reilly


Meet: Baker St Metropolitan Line at 1005 AM for 10 20 train 10 Chesham (change at
& Latimer) (Arr. Chesham 11 10 am)

Lunch: The Bull, Bellingdon. Pub serves good food.

Tea: Yes, yes. Chesham - Hamburger or MacDonalds. You get good value on Joe 's walks!!

Distance:       1.1 good Miles: returning from Chesham.

Fare: £4 30p CDR





We regret to announce the death recently of 3 very longstanding members and friends of the Club:


Margaret Kathleen Morgan, a founder member whom some will remember as Margaret Runacres;

       Norah Smeaton, a member for 56 years until her sudden death recently (since the
       second page of the newsletter was sent for printing);    

       Fr John Clayton, former Parish Priest at Croxley and a friend of the club ever since
       as a curate at our old Head Quarters he was a member of the club.

                          MAY THEY REST IN PEACE

Turn to next page for announcements and events



The space below (which was a separate page in the original printed programme) can be used for anything members want to announce or publicise. Please use the separate slip to send your details to Maureen Mulryan. Don't forget to give a contact, preferably with a telephone number, for further information. Only club members as contacts
Please No fundraising items

Saturday 5 December:  Monthly dinner. Meet outside Westminster Cathedral after thhe 6 pm Mass. Ring Peter Lobo.


Saturday 2  November: Study evening on how to LEAD RAMBLES at Peter Lobo’s, Tooting SW17. Phone Peter Lobo or Tony Finnegan if yoou are coming.


22 – 29 December:        Some members of the club are planning to spend Christmas at a Youth Hostel in Bath. Tony Finnegan can put you in touch if you want details.


Saturday 9 January 1993: Christmas Party - See separate page.


A lady's scarf was left at Joe O'Reilly's the night the poetry reading. Ring Joe.


Future Dates for your diary


May 1993: Walking holiday in Yorkshire. Frank and Ann Keating have organised a very
enjoyable week-end in and around Skipton in the past. Next year we hope to extend it a little
beyond the week-end, probably around the end of May 1993. More details next programme.


     Sunday 20 June 1993: We hope to get Emmaus house again. Cost is likely to be in the

region of £5 plus lunch for those who do not wish to bring their own food.

August 1993: Brendan Hardy hopes to make a pilgrimage from Lourdes to Compostella. Details in next programme.

Club Committee 1992 – 93

Honorary Vice President and Committee Member


Paul Brunning


Hon Secretary                                  Hon Treasurer                          Ramble List Compiler


Tony Finnegan                                                Peter Lobo                              Phil Evans


                                           Membership Secretaries


Ann Richardson                                                                               Helen O’Brien


Events List Compiler                                                                       Map Library


Maureen Mulryan                                                                           Mary Hennessy