Lord, make me an instrument
of Thy peace; where
there is hatred, let me sow
love; where there is injury,
pardon; where there is doubt,
faith; where there is despair,
hope; where there is darkness,
light; and where there is
sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that
I may not so much seek to
be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved, as to love:
for it- is in giving that we
receive, it is in pardoning that
we are pardoned, and it is if!
dying that we are born to eternal life.

Hello Ramblers
Here is the prayer of St Francis of Assisi, which you can mount
on a piece of card and carry with you, if you like.
Please send me any ideas, comments or suggestions which will
help to improve the Club and increase membership.
If your post code is incorrect, please send the correct one.
Please ask your Parish Priest for permission to display the
Club advertisement on the notice board. It may be mentioned in
the newsletter.
Thank you

Catherine Mac Manus (Secretary)



Under the patronage of
His Eminence Cardinal George Basil Hume, O.S.B., M.A., S.T.L.

We ramble in the countryside surrounding London almost every

We have membersof all ages, and arrange walking holidays, YHA weekends, pilgrimages, and social events.

For details, please send a stamped addressed envelope to:


Name and address to be added locally



Vice President               Hon Secretary                      Hon Treasurer
Fred McAndrew             Catherine Mac Manus          Ron Scott

Ramble l.t st Compiler   Social Events                        Membership/Publicity;
Eugene Donnnelly         Paul Brunning                       Brian Jones

Catering                         Information                            Communications 
Hilary McNabb               Peter Lobo                             Hilda Mitchell

Olivia & John DeLargy,


Front sheet, lists, and addresses are being typed and printed by a non committee mernbar, Anne Walsh,. Anne recognised that some of the addresses she had been given were out of date and others were inaccurate and for some members there appeared to be no addresses at all. If your name, title (Mr.Miss, Mrs, M/s, Fr, Dr etc.) address or postcode is incorrect please write to Anne, and PRINT IN BLOCK CAPITALS. the correct details.Full christian names have been included this time (both in the case of joint members) where they are knnwn. If only an initial appears or the name of one of a couple then it means that that is all the current records show.Please help us to keep the records up-to-dateby notifying corrections. 


We have no addresses tor the.following members:-
Hr & Mrs George Cook
:Mr & Mrs K Donaghie
P D Crossland
Mr B Griffiths
MI Stpfan Gatward
Mr & Mrs C Korek

Mr P Keegan
Ms K McLaughlin
Miss M O'Reilly
Miss Isabel Redendo
Valentine Martin
Robert. Witton

1f anyone is in contact wi t.h any of these people please ask them to write to  Anne giving their full name and address,X

Details of future names and addresses, however should,  be notifieto the Secretary.


We would like to welcome new members, Katherine Gray, Esther Barrera Ruiz, and Philip Moriarty to the club and wish them many happy days rambIing .

All members are welcome to introduce Catholic and non Catholic members
of their families and from among their friends. Anyone may adver tise the Club in tlieir local Church, youth group or college. Please ask Brian Jones for leaflets


You are asked to pray for the repose of the souls of Peter Riivett and Frederick Hickman both of whom died recently.


There will be Mass for Peter on SATURDAY 2 DECEMBER at 12 NOON at the Church of OUR LADY of Lourdes, High Street, Acton. Afterwards Penny Fullerton will lead a walk in Gunnersbury Park.


Mss for Frederick, father of Dorothy, Mary and Maurice, will be at the
church of ST JOSEPH, Ladbroke Road , Redhill on SATURDAY 9 DECENBER at 6. OOpm. He was ninety ninety seven years of age and had been an active rambler for many years so Maurice will lead a ramble in the Redhill area in the afternoon before the Mass:

Meet at Victoria at 12.30 for the 12.17 to Redhill (arrive 13.18).
Lunch at Home Cottage - pub lunches available.
Distance - 6 miles.

Anyone coming straight to the mass should g
et the 17.17 train from

Victoria to Redhill. On leaving the station turn right along the dual
carriageway, then right again into Ladbroke Road for about half a mile
and the church js on the right.



The club would like to thank Maurice, Dorothy and Mary Hickman for
Leading such interesing and varied rambles in  the Redhill and Reigate 
areas to ensure that tbere cuuld be a ramble every Sunday of the year.

We would a aIso like to thank all our leaders for their hard work and
enthusiasm in planning and leadi this year's rambles.

We welcome new ramble leaders, so if you give details of your walks to
Eugene, he wilI arrange for someone to walk them out with you. We are
now planning for the Spring and Summer.


Ron Scot is now collecting subscriptions for the club year October 1989
to October 1990 and thanks to all who have paid already . Please remember
that the last date for payment o f the subscriptio is 31 December l)er 1989
to avoid lapsing your membership. The fee has remained at, £3.00 for
some time noe and so every penny counts. So far only 60 people have renewed so you can imagine that the budget is very tight. This means that  no further lists can be sent out anyone who has not paid, sop lease treat this note as a final reminder.



Please wera warm clothes and bring raingear. Other useful items include
a torch, s whistle and luminnous or bright bands. Please keep together and do not leave without telling the leader. Members should not be kept waiting as they have train connections to arrive home promptly.


The All Star Christmas Ramble will b on SUNDAY 10 DECEMBERI around
Rickmansworth, followed by Mass at St Bede's, Croxley Green and a barn
dance in the Church haIl. Philip Evans will lead the enterrtainments, and calling the dances. Some of the committee wilI be organising tea etc. and there will be a charge to cover costs .


On SATURDAY 30 DECEMBER Dorothy Hickman will be leading a ramble to explore some of the historic inns in Redhill and Reigate, with lunch at the White Lion in Linkfield Street and tea at Home Cottage, Redstone Hill.

Meet at Victoria at 1O:30 am for the 10:47 train to Redhill which arrives at 11:23.   Fare is £3.50for a cheap day return and the walk will be 6 miles  across Redhill Common and Friary Pa rk .

Paul Brunning has arranged a day trip to Winchester on SATURDAY 20
JANUARY. There is an excellent exhibition on the Crusades and many beautiful walk in the Water Meadows.

Meet at Waterloo Main Line station at 8:45am for the  9.05 train to
Winchester which arrives at 10:32. Fare is approximately £7 with a Network Card.

There will be an Operatic ItaIian Dinner with Paul Brunning on FRIDAY 17 FEBRUARY. Cost is approx.£6.00. Meet Paul Outside Westminster Cathedral after 5:30pm Mass.

"Anything Goes" SATURDAY 21 APRIL. We are going to a matinee of the
show staring Elain Page and Bernard Cribbins. Please send SAE to
Paul Brunning for setails as soon as you get this list.


Maurice Hickman is planning a trip to Malvern for the EASTER WEEKEND.
It interested, please send SAE to Maurice.


The deposit will be £12.00




We are beginning to plan a holiday in ASSISI in OCTOBER as part of the Club's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. More news later.


Happy Rambling!


 R A M B L E   L I S T


SUNDAY 3 DECEMBER 1989                                      Leaders... Ron Scott & Brian Jones

Meet: KINGS CROSS (mainline) at 9.35am for 9.50am train to ROYSTON

Lunch: Abington Pigotts                              

Tea: 'fraid not

Distance: 13 Miles.                                        
Fare: £8. 00             Cheap Day Return (hereafter referred to as C. D. R.)
                                                                     Duty: Brian Jones


                                                                       Leader - John Lawrence
Meet: BAKER STREET (MET line Tube) at 10.00am for 10.14 to WATFORD
Lunch : Clarendon Arms, CHANDLERS CROSS
Tea: St Bede's Hall, CROXLEY GREEN <after Mass)
Distance : 9 Miles; (approx)
Fare: £3.20 from your local underground station
                                                                        Duty: Eugene Donnelly

SUNDAY 17 DECEMBER 1989                       Leader Hil ary McNabb                     
Meet: BLACKFRIARS STATION at 10.30am for the 10.45am to SHOREHAM
Lunch: The Bull, OTFORD
Tea: No chance
Distance : 14 Miles                              Fare: £3.80 CDR to PLOUGH GREEN
                                                             Duty: Ron Scott


SUNDAY 24 DECEMBER 1989 There will be no rarnble on CHRISTMAS EVE

SUNDAY 31 DECEMBER 1989         Leader Philip Evans
Meet: VICTORIA at 9.40am for the lO.02 train to AMBERLEY
Lunch: Black Dog and Duck, BURY (Pub serves food)
Tea: Slim chance
Distance: 9 Miles
Fare: £8.00 C.D.R. to AMBERLEY
                                                              Dluty: Peter Lobo

SUNAY 7 JANUARY 1989                                Leader - Philip Evans
Meet: BAKER STREET (Met line tube) at 10.35am for the lO:50am to
                                                                                  GREAT MISSENDEN
Lunch: The Bugle, LEE CLUMP
Tea: Slim chance
Distance: 10 Miles returnins from Gt. Missenden
Fare: £4.60 C.D.R.  from your local underground station
                                                                            Duty: Paul Brunning

SUNDAY 14 JANUARY 1990                              Leader: Maurice Hickman
Meet: V1CTORIA at 10 40 am for the 11 023 lto REDHILL (arriving 
                                                                                                  11.35 am)
Lunc h : Nut1ey Hall, REIGATE
Distance: 9 Miles  

Fare: £3.50 C.D.R.
                                                                       Duty: Catherine  Mac Manus


SUNDAy 21 JANUARY 1990                                Leader Fred McAndrew
Meet: COLLIERS WOOD Underground at 10.45am for 11. 00 am
Lunch: The Ravensbourne Arms, MITCHAM COMMON
Tea: Beddington Park
Distance: 9 Miles
Fare: £2.30 Travelcard returning from WADDON BR>
                                                                      Duty: John Delargy


SUNDAY 28 JANUARY 1990                       Leader Kay Armstrong
Meet: HIGH BARNET Tube Station at lO.OOam for 10.15
Lunch: Joiners Arms Lane
Tp-a: Sorry
Distance: 8 Miles returning from HIGH BARNET
Fare: t£.30 Travelcard
                                                                      Duty: Hilda Mitchell

SUNDAY 4 FEBRUARY 1990                       Leader - Maurice Hickman
Meet: VICTORIA at 9.40 for the 10:02am to HORSHAM arriving
Lunch: Plough, LOWER BEEDING
Distance: 11 Miles
Fare : £5.90
                                                                       Duty: Peter Lobo

SUNDAY 11 FEBRUARY 1990                      Leader: Hilary McNabb

Meet: VICTORIA at 10.45am for 11.05 to OTFORD arriving at 11.45am
Lunch: Ye Olde George Inn, SIIOREHAM (Pub serves food)
Tea: Out of Luck
Distance: 11 Miles returning from OTFORD
Fare: £3.80
                                                                        Duty: Olivia Delargy

SUNDAY 18 FEBRUARY 1990               Leaders: Brian Jones & Ron Scott 
Meet: VICTORIA at 9.20am for 9.47am train to NEWHAVEN
Tea: Slim Chance
Distance: 10 Miles
Fare: £8
                                                                  Duty: Brian Jones

SUNDAY 25 FEBRUARY 1990               Leader: Leonard Hemming
Meet: KINGS CROSS (mainline) at 10.10am for 10.25am train to HERTFORD

Tea: You must be joking.

Distance: 9 miles returning from HERTFORD

Fare: £4 CDR to HERTFORD

                                                                Duty: Hilda Mitchell


While we all wait for the sunshine, there are many other good things to
look forward to.

First, however, many thanks to all of you for making the party at
St Vincent's such a happy occasion. It was good to see all the members
meeting each other and enjoying the food and entertainment.

At the same time, Angela Shardlow, from Sussex, told us that her parents,
Nora and Tom Shardlow, also Club members, had recently celebrated their
Golden Wedding Anniversary. We all send them our congratulations and best wishes for happiness in the coming years.

On Sunday 25 March, the Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
of Montmartre O.S.B. are giving us a Day of Recollection at St Benedict's
Priory in Wadhurst, Sussex. There are 25 places and the fee is £6 to
include coffee, buffet lunch and tea.

Ron Scott has made all the arrangements, so if you would like to come with
us, please let him know. We are all going together on the 09:00 train
from Charing Cross, meeting at 08.45.

Maurice Hickman is taking a party to the Malverns for a YHA weekend at
Easter. The deposit is f12, by the end of February.

Maurice is also taking a party to Ironbridge Gorge, near Telford in
Shropshire, for a YHA weekend at the Bank Holiday from Friday 25 May to
Monday 28 May. The deposit is £17, by the end of March.

Both weekends are self-catering, but you can order breakfast and dinner at
the Youth Hostel if you prefer. Please write or call Maurice at home.

Maureen Cahalane has discovered Irish Mountain Holidays. You can write to
them direct: 

Monafodda, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

with a stamped addressed envelope.



We now have news of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton 1990 Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimage. This year we are continuing from Chichester to Dover, and on to Boulogne. We look forward to seeing you. Apply by 18 July.

And we were very sad to hear that Cedric Birkinshaw, whom we met last year, has died. Ceddie was a good friend to all of us, driving the van and
taking care of the luggage. We will all miss him this year. Let us pray
for him, and for his wife and family, that God will help them, with the
love and support of all their friends.

The Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi is on Thursday 4 October, and we
will be celebrating the Club's Diamond Jubilee at about this time.
Fred McAndrew has booked the Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre for a reception and buffet on Saturday 29 September. He and our president,
Father Anton Cowan, Parish Priest of St Mary Moorfields, will invite
Cardinal Hume.

Eugene Donnelly is planning a holiday in Assisi around 20 - 28 October
at £350. Please write to Eugene by Easter. Bookings to be made by 1 May.



New members, you can meet the group at the London Main Line stations, near the ticket offices, and travel at two-thirds day return fare, sharing a
Network Card.

If you miss them, take the given train to the ARRIVAL STATION where the
leader assembles the group. Members join the train en route or come from
other directions to this station, and set out promptly from here.
We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your day with us.

We all feel that one hour for lunch, allowing an extra quarter for queues,
is enough. Leaders, please tell the group the TIME OF DEPARTURE before
you break for lunch.

Ron Scott will insure the Club from March 1990 to March 1991, on the advice of the Ramblers' Association.


On Friday 11 May Paul Brunning is taking us for a meal in Chinatown.
Meet at 6.30 pm at Leicester Square Tube ticket office.     Cost: about £7.

If you live near Catherine Mac Manus in Croydon, and would like to plan
some rambles in Surrey, please come over on a Saturday afternoon, with
some maps, and we can plan out some routes for the Summer.
 Look forwerd to seeing you.




No. This is not a ramble. Eugene Donnelly would like to be sponsored.


Cheques                    THE LONDON MARATHON               22 APRIL 1990

to Eugene

I would like to sponsor Eugene Donnelly at          per mile

Address:                                                                                                            Thank you very much for your support.