Patron: His Eminence Cardinal George Basil Hume OSB


As far as possible postal addresses and telephone numbers are witheld on the website but contact can be made via Tony Finnegan whose full contact details are:  Postal Address: 30 Avarn Road, London SW17 9HA; E Mail; Tel. 020 8767 5293.


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Fred McAndrew                     Catherine Mac Manus                         Ronald Scott


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Eugene Donnelly                              Bryan Jones                                             Hilary McNabb



Ramblers. the f3 subscriptions are due now for the year 1990/91. so please renew now if you would like to receive tne next list. Cheques to Kon Scott.


Thank you.




Welcome to all of our new members who nave jot ned us durinq the year. We hope you will continue to walk with us for a long time ahead.


Thank you to all of you who have heloed the club in so many ways. especially with the Jubilee.

We look forward to seeing you all again at the Christmas party which will be held at St Vincent's. Carlisle place SW1 on Saturday 12 January 1991; from 7pm to 9.30 pm. after the 6pm Mass in the Cathedral .

Tickets are £3 or you might prefer to bring along some food instead. Thls worked out very well last year. LOOK  forward to seeing you all at the next party.


Leaders: Please give Eugene all details of your rambles for the next list bv Friday

1 February 1991.


Thank you..




Hello Ramblers,


Thank you all for making the Diamond Jubilee celebrations such a happy occasion. and let us recall, with Father Gardner  all the blessings of belonging to our Club.


Here’s hoping we'll meet again at some of the social events :


SUNDAY 9 December -  the Christmas Ramble.  You can bring some party food or tickets on arrival are £3. Please do not carry drinks or brlng cold quiche, as we cannot heat them.


SATURDAY 12 JANUARY - The Christmas Party at St Vincent's. Again, you night like to bring some sausage rolls or cakes or various dishes – otherwise tickets are £3. Please come if you can. Everyone enjoyed it last year.


FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY - another delightful evening with Paul Brunning at the Won Kei Chinese restaurant in Wardour Street. Meet at Leicester Square Tube ticket office at 6.30 pm.


SATURDAY 9 MARCH - yet another delightful evening ... , Paul Brunning has a tickets (£9 Upper Circle) for the 5 pm, matinee performance of The Mousetrap at The St Martin’s Theatre. West Street Cambridge Circus. Please send a cheque and a SAE to  PauI by 10 December.






Marion and Geoff Miller have provisionally booked 50 places at the Holiday  Fellowship House at Freshwater Bay In The Isle of Wight. for the week commencing Saturday 8 June 1991. This holiday is particularly aimed at those who were members In the '60s or earlier but is open to all members. Cost: £194 per  person. If you are Interested. please send a deposit at £2 per person (cheques made out to HF Holidays Ltd) to Marion and Geotf.


The HF have discount  travel arrangements for those going by train and boat. If you intend to take a car it would be as well to book your place on the ferry as soon as possible.


THE ARUNEL.AND BRIGHTON PILGRIMAGE - to Glastonbury next year. Watch this space.





         2 December 1990 - 24 February 1991


SUNDAY 2 DECEMBER1990                                                                Leader: BrIdie 8arry


Meet: BAKER STREET at 10:30 for the 10:50 train to RICKMANSWORTH (Arrives: 11:20)

Lunch: The Fisheries Inn (Serves food)                                                 Tea: we're hopeful

Distance: 9 miles                                         Fare: £2.60 TC  Returning from CHORLEY WOOD

                                                                                                            Duty: Eugene Donnelly


SUNDAY 9 DECEMBER 1990 *** THE CHRISTMAS RAMBLE ***      Leader: John Lawrence


Meet: BAKER STREET at 10:25 for the 10:40 train to WEST RUISLIP (Arrives: 11:08)

Lunch: The Gate. Northwood                                                      Tea: St Bede1s, Croxley Green

Distance: 9 miles                                                                 fare: £3.80 CDR plus Croxley to Northwood

                                                                                                 Duty: Ron Scott


***         Hilary McNabb and her team will arrange tea in the hall. on arrival. and then we'll go to the evening Mass


            Afterwards. there will be a candle - light buffet and dancing.


            Tickets are £3 - or you can bring some food instead.
            Looking forward to seeing you.  


SUNDAY 16 DECEM8Ek 1990                                                   Leader: Paul Brunning


Meet: CHARING CROSS at 09:45 for the 10:00 train to SEVENOAKS ( A r r I v e s 10 : 3 0 )

 Lunch: The George and Dragon. Chipstead                                                                            Tea: Sevenoaks

 Distance: 9 Miles                                                   Fa r e :£3.50 CDR Returning from Sevenoaks


                                                                                                            Duty: Catherine Mac Manus


SUNDAY 23 DECEMBER 1990                                                   Leader: Maurice Hickman


Meet Victoria  at 10:45 for the 11 :02 train to REDHILL

Lunch -  Bletchingley and then on to Nutfield,                                      Tea: Redhill

Dlstance 7 Miles                                                                           Fare: £4.80 Awayday


                                                                                                       Duty: Catherine Mac Manus


Sunday 30 December 1990                                                            Leader: Bryan Jones


Meet: Tower Hill Tube Station at 10:45 for 11:00 start to Bow.

Lunch: At a local pub in Bow                                                          Tea: Perhaps

Distance: 7 Miles                                                                    Fare: £2.60 TC Returning from Bow


                                                                                                        Duty: Ron Scott



SUNDAY 6 JANUARY 1991                                                           Leader: Tony Finnegan


Meet: VICTORIA at 10:30 for the 10:40 train to DORKING             (Arrives: 11:41)

Lunch Thee Royal Oak Brockham                                                             Tea: Dorking

Distance : 8 miles                                                          Fare: £4.10 CDR Returning from Dorking


                                                                                                Duty: Pat Donachie


SUNDAY 13 JANUARY 1991                                                 Leader: Catherine Mac Manus


Meet: VICTORIA at 10:30 for the 10:45 train to EAST CROYDON          (Arrives: 1105)

Lunch: The Cricketers . Addington                                          Tea: Selsdon

Distance: 8 miles                                                                      Fare £2 .80 CDR


                                                                                                  Duty: Fred McAndrew


SUNDAY 20 JANUARY 1991                                                    Leader: Fred McAndrew


Meet: Charing Cross at 10:00 for the 10:20 train to TATTENHAM CORNER (Arrives:  11:23)

Lunch: The Blue Ball Walton on the Hill                                     Tea: We hope so

Distance: 9 Miles                                                                         Fare: £3.40                                                                                                                                        Duty: Catherine Mac Manus


SUNDAY 27 JANUARY 1991                                                       Leader: Philip Evans


Meet: Charing Cross at 10:15 for the 10:30 train to SEVENOAKS (Arrives:  11:23)

Lunch: The Padwell Arms, Store Street                                         Tea: Sevenoaks

Distance: 12 Miles             Fare: £4.40                                          Duty: Catherine Mac Manus


SUNDAY 3 FEBRUARY 1991                                                        Leader: Ron Scott

Meet: Baker street at 10:00 for the 10:15 train to WENDOVER

Lunch: ?                                                                                    Tea: Not in this neck of the woods

Distance: 7 Miles                                                                       Fare: £5 CDR                                                                                                                                   Duty: Catherine Mac Manus


SUNDAY 10 FEBRUARY 1991                                                 Leader: Philip Evans


Meet: VICTORIA at 10:40 for the 11:02 train to Redhill  (Arrives:  11:35)

Lunch: Three Horse Shoes, Ironsbottom                                   Tea: Redhill

                                                                                                (St Hamburga’s)

Distance: 12 Miles             Fare: £3.80                                       Duty: Catherine Mac Manus



SUNDAY 17 FEBRUARY 1991                                                   Leader: Maurice Hickman


Meet: VICTORIA at 10:45 for the 11:02 train to Redhill  (Arrives:  11:35)

Lunch: Rimmington Castle, Reigate Heath                                  Tea: Pizza Piazza

Distance: 9 Miles                                                                           Fare: £3.80                                                                                                                                       Duty: Catherine Mac Manus


SUNDAY 24 FEBRUARY 1991                                                     Leader: Eugene Donnelly


Meet: WATERLOO at 10:40 for the 10:57 train to KEW BRIDGE Arrives: 11:17

 Lunch: The Roebuck. Richmond Hill                                             Tea: Pembroke Lodge

 Distance: 10 miles             Fare: £2.60 TC    Returning from RICHMOND

                                                                                                        Duty: Catherlne Mac Manus




We agreed to the reinstatement of the duty leader, who should:


Welcome new members and give details to the secretary.
Keep in contact with the leader, to make sure the group stays together, especially In darkness,

The duty leader should carry a whistle and torch.

Assemble the group at the end of the lunch stop.

Look after anyone who needs help or attention, and may enlist the help of other members.


The duty member should be an experienced member of the club, appointed In advance, who should telephone the leader if unable to walk that day.


The duty member should not be a new member, or appointed on the day of the ramble.


MAKE A NOTE of any points of interest arising on the day



RON SCOTT has the new Club badges at £l1 each - please send him a stamped addressed envelope with your order.

These have a beautiful bird emblem and the name of the Club so new members can see us at the stations