(Under the Patronaqe of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster)


Hon Treasurer                                                            Hon secretary
Peter Robson                                                             Helen Fox



Compiler of Ramble List  - Philip Evans,

Publicity                           - Peter Hacdonald,

Social Events                   - Paul Brunning,

Other Duties                     - Winnie Hawthorn, 


                                          - Hilary McNabb,

                                          - Richard Waiton


We welcome the following new members -
Francis.O'Sullivan, William Rynne & Kenneth Longworh
to the Club and hope they will enjoy their walks with us.

It may seem early days to be thinking about the election of a new Committee to run your Club. Don't forget if you don't like the way things are run, or you have any ideas which would profit the running of the Club, this is your opportunity to do something about it. 
There are'only four Committee meetings a year usually on a Saturday
afternoon or to suit the majority of members. Please.give this matter some thought because when the next list comes out we shall be looking for nominations.

Now that Spring is here and are shedding our winter woolies,we how about a Club Sweat Shirt? We have a few left - anyone interested contact' the Secretary. 

These last few weeks we have had very good turn out on most of  the rambles. This is very encouraging to the leaders who spend quite a lot of time organising these walks for our enjoyment.

DO's and DONT'S
Now that summer is here and we shall be walkinq across fields with growing crops, please do remember to walk single file if the path is narrow to avoid damage to crops. We hope the really muddy season is past, but just in case it is not, would members please be careful about taking mud into Pubs on their boots. (A couple of polythene bags are very handy to slip on over your boots and not a lot of trouble to carry.)

S 0 C I AL  E V E N T S

FRIDAY 29 MAY - SUNDAY 31 MAY - Youth Hostel Weekend - IVINGHOE,
MILTON KEYNES - For further details contact - Michael Riley, 

A day out to CANTERBURY - Meet at CHARING CROSS STATION TICKET OFFICE at 10 00 am - fare £7.80.

Friday 26 June at 8 00 pm Mass at Our Lady of Reparation, 70 Wellesley Road, West Croydon followed by a walk to 14 churches for Stations o£ the Cross duirng the night/early morning on a route via Brixton - concluding with Mass at 8 30 am on saturday 27 June at Westminster Cathedral. For details of the route contact Peter Robson or Helen Fox.

SATURDAY 13 JUNE - CAFOD Silver Jubilee Festival - Royal Festival Hall
Various talks, exhibitions and concerts'will be held from 2 30 pm
- Meet Mary Walsh.


Meet VICTORIA at 10 00 am for 10 17 to IFIELD (arrive 11 14) -
7 mile country walk via Ifield, The Gate, The Lamb Inn, Lambs Creen
- Pub lunch .- walk to Crawley for tea.
If anypne requires further information contact Maurice Hickman -

Anyone interested in this please contact Peter Robson or Helen Fox
for details.

4 45 pm performance at the Victria Palace Theatre. Please apply to Paul Brunning  for tickets (£8.50) enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.

PAX CRISTI is running a walking venture which may interest some
members. "INTERNATIONAL ROUTE" 12 different (all interesting)
walks from different points to Liverpool, during which the theme
'Let's Discover Community in a Changing World' will be explored.
For details write to - Pax Christi, St Francis Centre, Pottery Lane,
London W11 4NQ.

Many members expressed an interest in the book Peter used on his walk from Oakwood. Peter feels it would be very helpful to budding  Ramble leaders to plan their first walks so has kindly sent along details - "Country Walks Aound London" by Leigh Hatts, published by David and Charles of Newton Abbot and London. (Most walks start and finish close to British Rail or underground stations).


SUNDAY 7 JUNE 1987                           Leader - Maurice Hickman   
Meet VICTORIA: at 9 30 for 9 47 to LEWES (arr 10 54)
Lunch    :  Holly, Roddmell                     Tea: Enqlish Farm Cider Centre
Distanco: 12 miles, returning from
                 Glynde                                   Fare: £7.40 CDR Glynde
Duty Peter Robson

SUNDAY 14 JUNE 1987                        Leader - Mary Walsh
Meet      : WATERLOO at 10 40 for 10 55 to GUILDFORD (arr 11 29)
Lunch    : DRUMMOND ARMS Albury       Tea: Shere. 
Distance: 8 miles returning from            Fare: 24.40 CDR Guildford
                    Gomshall                                plus excess from Gomshall
Duty: Peter Macdonald

SUNDAY 21 JUNE 1987                        Leaders - Hilary McNabb& Ron Scott
Meet      : CHARING CROSS at 9 15 for 9 30 to HILDENBOROUGH (arr 10 08)
Lunch    : Shipbourne (no cooked food)     Tea: Tonbridqe
Distance: 13 miles returning from Fare: £4.20 COR Tonbridge
                Tonbridge '
Duty: Paul Brunning

SUNDAY 28 JUNE 1987                        Leader - Richard Chill
Meet      : CHARING CROSS at 10 15 for 10 30 to TONBRIDGE (arr 11 12)
Lunch    : Fleur-de-Lys, Leigh                    Tea: Cream Tea, Penshurst
Distance: 9 miles returning from Fare: 24.20 COR Tonbridge
Duty       : Philip Evans

SUNDAY 5 JULY                                            Leader - Daphne Fisk
Meet       : CHARINGCROSS at 10 35 for 10 50 to CATERHAM (arr 11 43)
Lunch     : The Fox, Coulsdon Common        Tea: Bring your own
Distance : 10 miles returning from Caterham Fare: £2.80 CDR Caterham
Duty        : Helen Fox

SUNDAY 12 JULY 1987                 Leaders: Hilary McNabb.&  Ron Scott 
Meet: CHARING CROSS at 9 15   for 9 30 to HILDENBOROUGH (arr 10 08)

Lunch: Underriver                           Tea: Sevenoaks
Distance: 9 miles returning from     Fare: £3.60 COR Hildenborough
Duty: Peter Robson


SATURDAY 18 JULY 1987        Leaders - Anne Alcock & 'Veronique Dochain

Meet CRARING CROSS at 9 15 for 9 30 to TONBRIDGE (arr 10 11)
Lunch: Rose & Crown (serves food) Tea: Maidstone
            East Peckham                       Fare: £5.80 Maidstone
Distance: 17 miles returning from
                 Maidstone West
Duty: Paul Brunning

SATURDAY 25 JULY 1987                   Leader - Philip Evans
Meet KINGS CROSS at 9 55 for 10 10 to WELWYN GARDEN CITY (arr 10 40)
Lunch: Wicked Lady, Nomansland       Tea: Welwyn Garden City
            Common                                     - hopefully
Distance: 16 miles returning  from Welwyn Garden City         

Duty: Richard Walton                       Fare: £3.80 COR Welwyn Garden  City

SUNDAY 2 AUGUST                        Leader - Maurice Hickman
Meet VICTORIA at 9 30 for 9 47 to EASTBOURNE (arr 11 13)
Lunch: Tiger Inn, East Dean            Tea: Birling Gap with
                                                                 opportunity for swimming
                                                                 (weather permitting)

Distance: 6 miles returning by bus
                from Birling Gap or
                12 miles if walking back to Eastbourne
Duty: Winifred Hawthorne                 Fare: £8.70 COR Eastbourne

SUNDAY 9 AUGUST                        Leader - Ron Scott
Meet LIVERPOOL STREET at 9 50 for 10 12 to SAWBRIDGEWORTH (arr 11 01)
Lunch Hatfield, Broad Oak                Tea: Imagination is a
Distance 14 miles returning from               wonderful thing!
                Sawbrldgeworth                 Fare: £4.00 CDR Sawbrldgeworth
Duty Richard Walton

SUNDAY 16 AUGUST                        Leader - Paul Brunning
Meet: CHARING CROSS at 10 15 for 10 30 to SEVENOAKS (arr 11 02)
Lunch     : The Cock, IdeHlll                Tea: Sevenoaks
                 (Pub Serves food)               Fare: £3.30 CDR Sevenoaks
Distance: 12 miles returning from 
Duty: Hilary McNabb

SATURDAY 22 AUGUST 1987             Leader Philip Evans
Meet PADDINGTON at 9 50 for 10 10 to NEWBURY (arr 11 16) (Change
at Reading)
Lunch: Furze Bush, Ball Hill                  Tea: Little Chef, Newbury
            (Pub serves food)                      
Fare: £6.70 CDR Newbury
Distance: 14 miles returning from Newbury
Duty: Helen Fox

BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 31 AUGUST 1987 Leader - Ron Harper
Meet KINGS CROSS at 10 30 for 10 45 to WATTON-AT-STONE (arr 1124)
Lunch: Bennington
Distance: 15 miles returning from           Tea: Cream Tea & Flower
                 Watton-at-Stone                             Show - Dane End 
Duty: Philip Evans                                    Fare: £4.00 CDR Watton-at-
If for any reason train services are cancelled during the coming months, please contact a Committee member before starting out on a ramble.