(Under the Patronage of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster)

Hon Treasurer                                                       Hon Secretary
Mary Walsh                                                           Maurice Hickman

Compiler of Ramble Lists - Philip Evans
Pulblicity                           - Torn Lally                        
Social Activities                - Anne Walsh
Other Duties                     - Betty Morrison
                                         - Hilary McNabb
                                         - Brian Jones




He welcome Italia Petrone and wish her many happy rambling Clays with
the Club.

Please rememberin your prayers Leon Thompson, a long stannin Club
member, who died on 12 February: Leon was an Honorary member. It is hoped to arrange a Mass in the near future.

A number of members have not yet paid their subscriptions. Those who have, not paid should send £3 to Mary Walsh; otherwise their membership will be deemed to be lanped and no further lists will be sent.


When we receive enouqh copy from members we do try to print a magazine. However, if members want the magazine they should provide Anne Walsh with enough material to make it worthwhile printing it.

Father George Leuchars, a Redemptionist from St Mary's Clapham, will
conduct the Day. It will be held on SUNDAY 10 MARCH at the Southwark Diocesan Catechetical Centre, 21 Tooting Bec Road, SW17 (opposite Tooting Bec underground station - Northern Line). All memerrs are invited to attend. The cost will be £2 per person. This Will be collected on the day. Arrive from 10 30 - 11 00 am.
We shall have a break for lunch between 1 00 and 2 pm. Bring
sandwiches for lunch - coffee will be provided.

If you are coming please complete and return the form at the end of the end of the list or ring Maurice before Friday 1 March so that we can let Fr Leuchars and the convent know what number to expect.

Anthony Moorwrood-Leyland is organising this. His address is 12 Wheelers Lane, Epsom, Surrey. Please contact him for further details.


Richard Walton regrets that he cannot now undertake the organisation
of this weekend. All deposits which have been sent to him will be
returned. Anyone who wishes to orqanise it in his place, nlease
let Maurice know as soon as possible.



The sole contents of this particular magazine consists of news of two people who have previously rambled with the club; one several years
ago, and the other in the recent past.



Older members of the Club will be sorry to hear of Archie's death shortly after Christmas 1984. He was a member of the St Francis Club in the 1950s. and in spite of terrible eyesight (his whole working life was spent in the Workshops for the Blind) and partial deafness, he was a remarkably cheerful character with a wide variety of interests, ranging from Grand Opera to preserved railways!

After losing contact for many years, due to a mislaid address, the writer met Ahrchie again at the Club's Golden Jubilee celebrations in 1980, since when he always kept in touch.

Archie loved travel and holidayed abroad frequently, not to mention routine day shopping trips to the continent. Although his health had deteriotated over reoent months news of his passing came as a great shook as he had telephoned me only the day before his death.

                              May he rest in peace!

The other former rambler of whom we have news is Danuta, the young Polish girl who rambled while she was here on holiday. Her holiday, of
oourse, was extended to an indefinite stay when Martial Law was declared in her homeland. She eventually found a job and in her spare time worked unstintingly for Solidarity. She disappeared from the scene and many of us wondered what had happened to her. 

Angela Shardlow has recently heard from her. She married a young man she
met during her Solidarity work and now has a baby of around nine months.

Articles for the next magazine should be sent to the editor by 30 April. Due to an arm injury I can only type for short periods nt a time so hence the early deadline.

STOP PRESS The Ramblers Association are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Dorothy Hickman has details of a planned walk, or
you may contact the Ramblers' Association, 1/5 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 2LJ and enclose an SAE size 9x6.

Maurice Hickman is planning to go to LINCOLN for this weekend. Travel will be by the 18 00 coach from Victoria Coach Station on Friday evening 24 May and arrival in Lincoln will be at 22 25.
The return journey will be by the 14 57 coach from Lincoln arriving Victoria at 19 15. This will be a self-cooking weekend so you should bring something to cook at least for Saturday breakfast.
We shall be staying at the Youth Hostel so you should be either a member of the YHA or be preparnd to join the YHA. This costs about £5 and can be done at the hostel. If you wish to go please send deposit to £10 to Maurice by l7 March. This deposit covers the hostel bed night costs . The coach fare is £10.50 period return.

Mary Walsh will be pleased to receive any donations towards the
cost of a new duplicator.

"ME AND'" MY GIRL" (South London's answer to My Fair Lady) at the
Adelphi Theatre, the Strand. If you are interested send a cheque for £6.25 plus SAE to Anne Walsh by 18 APRIL at the latest - but as early as possible. Meet in the Strand hy Villiers Street exit from Charing Cross underground station at 4 45pm. After the show anyone interested can go for a  meal/coffee/drink.

R A M B L E  L I S T

Note The special Underground fare of £1.40 from any station no longer exists

SUNDAY 3 MARCH 1985                                   Leade r -Tony Ryan
Meet: CHARING CROSS at 10 30 for 1045 to SEVENOAKS (arr 11 18)
Lunch: The Cock, Ide Hill                                   Tea  :      Sevenoaks
Distance: 11 miles                                              Fare: C2.70 CDR Sevenoaks
Duty: Mary Walsh

SATURDAY 9 MARCH 1985                               Leader - Haurice Hickman
Meet: VICTORIA at 12 15 for 12 36  to DORMANS (arr 13 29)
Lunch: Old House at Home,                               Tea  : Old Cage, Lingfield
            Dormansland                                           Fare: £3.50 CDR Dormans
Distance: 7 miles returning from Lingfield
NB This train divides enroute so you should travel in the front part of the train

SUNDAY 10 MARCH 1985   - DAY OF RECOLLECTION - see above

SUNDAY 17 MARCH 1985                                  Leader - Hilary McNabb
Meet: VICTORIA at 10 35 for 10 57 to OTFORD (arr 11 37)
Lunch: Ye Olde George Inn,                                 Tea: 9 Donnington Road,
             Shoreham                                                 Murdoch Villas
Distance: l0miles                                                   Fare: £2.80 CDR Otford 
Duty: Philip Evans
(Please bring soft shoes or holeless sock)

SUNAY 24 MARCH 1985                                        Leader - Fhilip Evans

Meet VICTORIA at 10 15 for 10 35 to REDHILL (arr 11 18)
Lunch: Three Horseshoes                                       Tea: Some hopes!
            Ironsbottom                                                  Fare: £2.70 CDR Redhill
Di~tance: l' miles
Duty: Betty Morrison

SUNDAY 31 MARCH 1985                                      Leader - Oswald Barrett
Meet LIVERPOOL STREET (Central Line) at 11 10 for 11 28 to LOUGHTON

                                                                                                         (arr 11 56)
Lunch: The Owl Inn, Lippetts Hill                             Tea: Butlers Retreat,                                                                                                 Chingford

Fare: £2.00 Cheap Return Loughton
10 miles (including walk back after tea to Loughton)
Duty: Anne Walsh

MONDAY 8 APRIL 1985  - EASTER MONDAY   Leader - Dorothy Hickman

Meet: VICTORIA at 10 15 for 10 35 to BALCOMBE (arr 11 41)      
Lunch: Cuckfield                                              Tea: Bring your own
Distance: 11 miles                                            Fare: £4.20 CDR to                                                                                                     Balcombe  

Duty: He/She who comes


SUNDAY 14 APRIL 1985                                         Leader - Hilary McNabb
Meet CHAR!NG CROSS at 10 10 for 10 25 to SEVENOAKS
Lunch: The Weald                                                    Tea:       Whistle for it
Distance: l2 miles                                                     Fare:     £2.70 CDR


Duty: Tom Lally



SUNDAY 21 APRIL 1985                                       Leader - Maurice Hickman 

Meet VICTORIA at 9 25 for 9 47 to NEWHAVEN Towm (change at Lewes)

Lunch: Plough & Harrow,                                        Tea: Noreen Desmond's                Litlington                                                      Flat Seaford (Soft shoes    Distance: 11 miles returning                                    or hole less socks in                           from Seaford                                           vogue again)
Duty: Betty Morrison                                                Fare: £7.10 CDR Seaford


SUNDAY 28 APPRIL 1985                                 Leaders- Diana & Helen Fox                      Meet WATERLOO at 8 50 for 9 07 WINDSOR (arr 9 59)        

Lunch: Wheatsheaf Hote                                    Tea: Picnic tea in Windsor
Virginia Water

Distance: 15 miles                                               Fare: £3.70 CDR Windsor

Duty: Philip Evans


MONDAY 6 MAY 1985 - MAY DAY BANK HOLIDAY Leader - Philip Evans
Meet KINGS CROSS 9 45 for 10 06 to WELWYN GARDENCITY (arr 10 34)

Lunch Wicked Lady, Normansland                     Tea: Welwyn Garden City, if
                                 Common                                    possible
Distance: 16 miles                                               Fare: £3.10 COP Welwyn                                                                                            Garden City
Duty: She/He who comes 

SUNDAY 12 MAY1985                                         Leader - Oswald Barrett

Meet CHARING CROSS at 10 40 for 10 58 to HAYES (.arr 11 35)
Lunch: George & Dragon, Downe                        Tea Little Chef, Otford
Distance: 13 miles                                                Fare: single to Hayes £1.60
Duty: Erian Jones                                                       single from Otford £2.70

SUNDAY19 MAY 1985                                          Leader - Rena Borg
Mea:;,: BAKER STREET at 9 45 for 10 04 to WENDOVER (arr 10 59)
                                                              (Change Amersham)
Lunch : The Plough, Whiteleaf                              Tea: Wendover
Distance: 13 miles                                                  Fare: £3.90 Cheap Return                                                                                            Wendover
Duty: Hilary McNabb

Meet CHARING CROSS at 10 10 for 10 25 to ASHFORD (change at Ashford for Rye)
Lunch: Rye Harbour                                                    Tea: Rye
Distance: 8 miles                                                          Fare: £8 40 CDR Rye
Duty: She/He who comes