February 1993


Hi Ramblers,


Hope everybody enjoyed the Christmas Party. Many thanks to all who helped in any way, especially to Vince, Gerry and Ben for the rather exceptional food and Phil for leading the entertainment. Some of the food was put to good use at the night shelter for the homeless.                      .



Peace Prayer of St Francis


Lord make me an instrument of thy peace

Where there is hatred .. .let me sow love

Where there is injury ... pardon;

Where there is doubt...faith;

Where there is despair ... hope;

Where there is darkness .. .light;

Where there is sadness .. joy       .


O Divine Master, grant that  I may not so I much seek   

To be consoled  ... as to console

To be understood .. as to understand

To be loved ... as to love


For It is in giving ... that we receive.

It is in pardoning .. that we are pardoned

It is in dying ... that we are born to eternal life.




Please read the announcements and events on the last three pages. Some items have to be booked in advance so your co-operation will be appreciated in getting your bookings in quickly.

I have received a few suggestions about encouraging new ramble leaders. Have I had yours?



                                             The Countryside Code

  1.           Respect the life of the countryside

                 Be courteous to all those who live in  the countryside we  are 

                 walking through.

  1.          Guard against fire.

                 Never throw away lighted matches or cigerattes.

  1.         Fasten all gates

               Leave gates as you found them but if  in doubt shut  them. Do not                   assume that someone behind will shut it;  they may think it has                       been purposely left open.

  1.         Keep dogs under proper control

               If there are any "dogs with us they must be on a lead when there is                 livestock about or where notices  request that they should be on a                 lead.

  1.         Keep to the paths across farm land

              Do not wander through crops. When "we have to walk through                        "them keep in a           single file. Even grass is a valuable crop.         .

  1.       Avoid damaging fences, hedges and walls.

             If we have to climb a gate do so one at a time, near the hinge.

  1.      Leave no litter .

            Put all rubbish in your pocket or rucksack. Please pick up litter                        dropped accidentally by other walkers.
            Leave the countryside as beautiful as you found it.

  1.     Safeguard water supplies.

    9     Protect wildlife, plants and trees,

  1.    Go carefully on country roads. '
       Most of our walking is on footpaths, so we have to pay increased             attention when we have to walk for a while on a road. Walk on the           right facing oncoming traffic.


 March - May 1993


You will see that we are introducing on this programme map references and grid references. This is a valuable  contribution made by Frank Crowley before he was unfortunately struck down with a stroke. Please
remember him in your prayers.


NB All fares, including all-area Travel Cards purchased at Underground Ticket Offices, can be reduced by presenting a Network Southeast Card at the time of ordering the ticket. Each cardholder can take 3 guests with the same reduction.      


CDR = Cheap Day Return;

OSLRM = Ordanance Survey Landranger Map. 


Sunday 7 March 1993 OSLRM 187                       Leader: Mary Hickman 


Meet:        Victoria at 10 40 for 11 02 train to Redhill (Arr. 11 35)

Lunch:      Skimington Castle
Tea:           Redhill

Distance: 12 miles returning from Redhill
Fare:         £4 50 CDR Redhill


Sunday 14 March 1993 OSLRM 188                     Leader: Paul Brunning


Meet:      Charing Cross at 9 40 am for 10 00 train to Sevenoaks (Arr. 10 33)

Lunch:    Buck's Head, Godden Green
Tea:         Sevenoaks

Dstance: 11 miles returning from Sevenoaks
Fare:£5 00 CDR Sevenoaks 


Sunday 21 March 1993 OSLRM 187                     Leader: Tony Finnegan


Meet:        Victoria at 9 55 am for 10 20 am train to East
                  Grinstead (Arr. at 11 16)

Lunch:      The Plough, Dormansland GR 406 427
Tea:           Possible

Distance: 10 Miles returning from East Grinstead
Fare:         £6 60 CDR East Grinstead.


Sunday 28 March 1993 OSLRM 177                       Leader: Ossie Barrett

NB clocks go forward this week-end

Meet:         Liverpool St (Central Line) at 10 35 for 10 49
                  train to Loughton (Arr. 11 17)

Lunch:      Owl Inn Lippetts Hill (serves food) GR 396 969

Tea·           Chingford hopefully

Distance:  8 miles returning from Loughton

Fare:         £3 50 All Zone Travel Card


Sunday 4 April 1993 OSLRM 188                           Leader: Hilary McNabb


Meet:      Victoria at 9 40 for 10 04 train to Otford ( Arr. at 10 54 )

Lunch:   Windmill, Romney St (serves food) (GR 613 551)
Tea:        Sevenoaks Tourist Centre, Kemsing

Distance: 11 miles returning from Otford

Fare:         £5 00 CDR Otford


Monday 12 April 1993 Easter Monday. Bank Holiday OSLRM 166 Leader:   Phil Evans

Meet:       Kings Cross Main Line Station at 9 15 for 9 35
                 train to Welwyn Garden City (Arr. 10 11)

Lunch:      Amwell

Tea:           Welwyn Garden City

Distance: 16 miles returning from Welwyn Garden City
Fare:         £5 60 CDR Welwyn Garden City


Sunday 18 April 1993 OSLRM 177                         Leader: Richard Chill


Meet:         Charing Cross at 10 15 for 10 35 train to Mottingham (Arr. 10 57)

Lunch:      Harvester, Falcon Wood

Tea:          Thames Barrier if available

Distance: 9 miles returning from Charlton

Fare:         £3 10 Four Zone Travel Card


Sunday 25 April 1993 OSLRM 187                         Leader: Pat Donachie


Meet:        Victoria at 9 30 for 9 49 train to Boxhill ( Arr. 1 0 37).

Lunch:      Ranmore Arms, Ranmore Common
Tea:           Boxhill

Distance: 11 miles returning from Boxhill
Fare:         £4 80 CDR Boxhill


Monday 3 May 1993 (May Day Bank Holiday) OSLRM 188

Leader:      Paul Brunning

Meet:         Charing Cross at 9 40 for 10 00 am train to Sevenoaks

Lunch:       The Cock, Ide Hill
Tea:           Chartwell

Distance: 13 miles returning from Sevenoaks
Fare:         £5 00 COR Sevenoaks 


Sunday  9 May  1993                                              Leader: Bernadette Cahill


Meet:        Baker St Metropolitan Line at 10 10 for 10 24 train to Uxbridge (Arr. 11 02)

Lunch:     Harefield Place Golf Club (Food and drink available)

Tea:          Who knows

Distance: 10 miles returning from Uxbridge
Fare:         £3 50 All Zone Travel Card


Saturday 15 May 1993 OSLRM 199                        Joint Leaders: Learner

leaders (see Announcements section)

Meet:       Victoria at 9 20 for 9 51 train to Seaford (Arr. 11 15)

Lunch:     Exceat Bridge (GR 992 511)
Tea:          We'll see

Distance: 12 miles returning from Berwick
Fare:         £12 CDR Seaford 


Sunday 16 May 1993 OSLRM 198                         Leader: Maurice Hickman


Meet: Victoria at 9 35 for 9 56 train to Lewes (Arr. 11 02)

Lunch:      Abergavenny Arms, Rodmell (GR 060 414)
Tea:           Middle Farm

Distance: 12 miles returning from Glynde (or optional 4 mile walk over the                      scenic hill to return from Lewes)
Fare:          £11 10 CDR Glynde


Sunday 23 May 1993 OSLRM 166                         Leader: Michael Donnelly


Meet:      Kings Cross at 10 10 for 10 28 train to Hertford North (Arr. at 11 36)

Lunch:      Rose & Crown, Tewin (serves food)
Tea:           Wait and see

Distance: 10 miles returning from Hertford North
Fare:         £5 10 CDR Hertford North


Monday 31 May 1993 NB Spring Bank Holiday OSLRM197

Leader: Philip Evans

Meet:       Waterloo at 9 05 for 9 25 train to Petersfield (Arr. 10 40)

Lunch:     Three Horse Shoes, Elsted
Tea:          You never know!

Distance: 16 miles returning from Petersfield
Fare:         £10 90 CDR Petersfield 




Welcome to new associate members Alured Darlington and John Davies and full members: John Burbage, Frances Kershaw, Helen Sewell, Ranald watson, Roger Winn. Hope they have enjoyed the traditional Franciscan welcome and will be with us for many happy days' walking. Congratulations to Kathleen and Arthur Holland and Peter MacDonald on becoming Life Members.


Saturday 6 March,Saturday 3 April and Saturday 1 May1993: Monthly dinner. Meet outside Westminster Cathedral after 6 PM Mass.


Saturday 17 April 1993: By popular request Joe O'Reilly is having another poetry reading evening. 7 pm for a 7 30 start. Joe will provide cheese and biscuits, we will bring wine (or whatever). Joe's residence is  very close to Gospel Oak BR station and convenient to the 24 Bus route. Ring Joe on  if you are coming.


Hostel Week-end 30 April - 3 May 1993: Kay Armstrong is organising a week-end in West Sussex. There will be a long walk (16 - 20 miles) on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Cost £22.80 + extra for meals. Packed lunches also available. A limited number of places have been booked and need to be confirmed by 2 March. Ring Kay to check whether any places left and if so send SAE  and a cheque for accommodation £22.80) to Kay Armstrong,


Walking Week-end in Skipton Friday' 28 May to Monday 31 May 1993 inclusive (4 nights). Frank and Ann Keating are organising a walking week-end around Skipton at the end of May. Staying at B&B (or some nights at hostel if desired and available). Cost £15 to £20 per night. Send SAE with £10 deposit to Frank and Ann


Lourdes Petitions: Brendon Hardy is going to Lourdes at Easter and will be pleased to take petitions to the Grotto. Send them to him at (address provided on programme) 


Day of Recollection - Sunday 20 June 1993 10 30 am - 4.30 pm: Emrnaus House, Layhams Road, West Wickham, Kent is the venue. Fr Austin OFM will lead the day. Cost £5 plus £7 you wish to have lunch.
You are welcome to bring your own food and we shall all eat lunch together in the dining room. If you are having lunch please let Paul know by 1 June. Pay in advance by sending cheques payable to Paul· Brunning or pay on the day.


Bad boot buyers exchange: Boots available as follows due to owners buying sizes too small: Ladies Reebok size 39. Worn 5:times, cost £60, going for £35. Ring Frances Kershaw. Merrell Light Traveller (not very waterproof). Ladies size 9.5. Cost £40. Going for £25. Ring Kay Armstrong Finally a pair of Brasher Hillmaster, size a small.9.5. Cost £80, going for a song. Ring Tony Finnegan.


Summer Party: Saturday 24 July 1993: Make a note of this date in
your diary because there will be a summer party which is not to be
missed. Full details in the next programme.


Obituaries: Please pray for David Grible, Leonard Morgan and Miss
Paddy Fitzpatrick, a former member who moved to Chester some vears

ago and who died recently. R.I.P.   


Missing Programmes: We take great care to ensure that all members
get their programmes in time but there always seem to be one or
two who do not get theirs. The next programme will be dispatched
on 22 May so if you have not received it by 27 May please ring
Tony Finnegan on 081 767 5293 or any member of the committee.


Map reading: You will notice on the ramble programme a ramble on
Saturday 15 May. It will be jointly led by those who are learning
to lead rambles but anyone is welcome to join in provided they
have a sense of humour when we get lost!! The first 8 miles or so
will follow one of the walks in Joe Alexander's book "Joe's Walks
for Bad Map Readers" (£3 91p incl postage from Roxburghe
Publishing, 8 Kenneth Crescent, London Nw2 4PT). All but the first
bit of the walk will be on Ordnance Survey Landranger Map 199 and
all of it is on Pathfinder 1324. Most public libraries should have
one or other of these maps but if you can't get one ring Mary
Hennessy at least 10 days before the walk and we will do our best
to ensure we have sufficient copies to go round.

We have an excellent video which teaches the art of map reading.
You can borrow it, and any map you wish to experiment with, by
contacting Mary Hennessy. If there is sufficient demand for a
group viewing before 15 May I shall be happy to arrange.


Walking Holiday in Ireland: One of our new members has introduced
me to the former group travel officer of the Irish Youth Hostel
Association. She and her husband are prepared to plan and lead
walks for us on a Youth Hostel holiday in Ireland. It will
probably be around Easter or May 1994. A volunteer to act as co-
ordinator within the Club would be most welcome.


Holidays in Rome: Pallazzola Holidays organise holidays staying at
the English College Rome (the English College Villa - Pallazzola
in the Alban Hills) and elsewhere in Italy. For details send SAE
to Dorothy Hickman, who enjoyed one of their holidays last year and hopes to go again around September 1993.


The Sydney Catholic Bushwalking Club was formed 50 years ago as
result of a newspaper article by a former member of this club (Dot
Clayton). If anyone happens to be passing Sydney they will be
welcome to join in the Golden Jubilee Celebration. I have sent
fraternal (or is it parental?!) greetings on behalf of St Francis.
Thanks to another former member, Marjorie Kennedy, for making this
connection. Marjorie and her husband still do the odd ramble in


Walking Pilgrimages

Brendon Hardy and Annie Lam are planning a walking pilgrimage from Lourdes to Compostella (about 280 miles) in Auqust. Compostella, dedicated to St James, is one of the three most renowned destinations for pilgrims (Rome and Jerusalem being the other two). When Lourdes became a centre of pilgrimage it was included on the route of many of the pilgrimages to Compostella.

If you wish to join ring Annie or Brendon.


Also in August is the Arundel and Brighton Walking Pilgrimage
which this year will be trekking from Guildford to Norwich via
St Alban's. Past pilgrims will be sent full details soon but any
member of the club will be welcome to join for some or all of the
pilgrimage. Tony Finnegan, Terry Dobson, Ron Scott, Anne Alcock,
Pat and Keith Donachie, Maurice Hickman, Kay Armstrong, Diana Fox
etc. have taken part in the past so you can ask any of them for
a copy of the details.


There is an ecumenical organisation known in England as the
"Pilgrims of St Francis in Britain". They organise walking
pilgrimages in co-operation with sister organisations in Holland,
France, Belgium and Spain. Membership is £14 a year. I have a
copy of one of their newsletters if anyone is interested.



Keep your comments, suggestions, news etc coming, especially future rambles to Phil and social events to Maureen on the separate slips enclosed with this programme. Items for the next programme welcome up to 1 May.




Club Committee 1992 - 93                          

Honorary Vice President and Committee Member: Paul Brunning.

Hon Secretary: Tony Finnegan.

Hon Treasurer: Peter Lobo.

Ramble List Compiler: Philip Evans,

Membership Secretaries: Ann Richardson, and Helen O'Brien:

Events List Compiler: Maureen Mulryan,
Map Library: Mary Hennessy,


Happy Rambling