(Under the Patronage of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster)

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Fred McAndrew                   Bridie Barry                           Veronique Dochain

Ramble List Compiler: Philip Evans, 

Social Events· Paul Brunning, 

Other Duties
- Maureen cahalane,
- Maureen Furlong, 
- John Delargy, 
- Peter Lobo, 


We welcome Eddy Tame, Catherine Gibbins, Kathleen and Arthur Holland, Margaret McAnulty, Des Deehan and Mary McCarron and wish them many happy days rambling.

ANNUAL DAY OF RECOLLECTION - Sunday 12th March 1989 at St. Peter's Monastery, 522 a,b,c, Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London SE22 , from 11 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. Nearest BR Station: Forest Hill.

Once again Fr. Aidan has kindly agreed to organise the day. Suggested donation for the day £5.00. Please send chegue made payable to Paul Brunning straight away. £5.00 includes tea, coffee and ploughman's lunch.



Saturday 15th April 1989 Pizza meal. Meet Leicester Square Tube Station Ticket Office at 1.15 p.m. Cost £6.00. There is a 6 p.m. Mass at St. Patrick's, Soho Square. Organiser: Paul Brunning

Saturday 11th Jpne 1989 - "Brigadoon" at the Victoria Palace Theatre.
Matinee at 2.30 p.m. Please send cheque for £8.00 (eight pounds !) and
SAE to Paul Brunnlng.


Easter Weekend Friday 24th March - Monday 27th March 1989 - Totland Bay on the Isle of Wight. If you still want to come and have not yet booked, please phone YHA direct on (0983) 752 165. We will be getting the 9.45 a.m. train from Waterloo. Book to Yarmouth via Lymington (I.O.W.).

Y.H.A. Weekend Friday 28th April - Monday 1st May 1989 Self-catering in
Arundel. Catch 19.08 train from Victoria. Arrives in Arundel at 20.28. Meet group on the Monday ramble. Please bring food for at least Saturday breakfast. If interested, please write, enclosing an SAE, to Maurice Hickman.

Walking Holiday in Austria

Ten days in Wildschönau from 14th to 24th June 1989. Cost about £300.00
- half board - good food! - with Waymark. If interested, please write,
enclosing an SAE, to Mary Hickman. 


Bridie Barry writes : "Our Club will be 60 years old in October 1990. Naturally we cannot let this great occasion go by unnoticed and now is the time to start planning a fitting celebration. Do you have any ideas? Or maybe you are a born caterer who has yet to find a suitable opening. This could be your chance to shine! The Committee would be delighted to receive any suggestions or offers of help in writing. We will need to be in a position to make some firm decisions at our AGM in October and, for one thing, accommodation has to be booked many months in advance. Please do not be shy. Remember from little acorns great trees grow !

A few words from Paul .....A big thank you to all the Committee and also
to Maurice for organising the Hostel weekends.


Sunday 5th March 1989                                      Leader : Paul Brunning
Meet : Charing Cross at 9.45 for 10.00 train to TONBRIDGE to connect with 10.55 train to EDENBRIDGE (arr. 11.11).
Lunch : Frog & Bucket - Coopers Corner
Tea : ?
Distance: 10 miles returning from PENSHURST
Fare: £4.20 C.D.R. EDENBRIDGE

                                                                             Duty : Bridie Barry

SATURDAY 11th March 1989                               Leader : Maurice Hickman
Meet: Victoria at 9.50 for 10.10 train to REDHILL (arr. 10.47) to connect with 11~05 train to EDENBRIDGE (arr. 11.22).
Lunch Wheatsheaf - Marsh Green - Pub serves food.
Tea: Edenbridge
Distance : 7 miles returning from EDENBRIDGE
Fare: £4.20 C.D.R. EDENBRIDGE
                                                                               Duty Paul Brunning


Sunday 12th March 1989 - DAY OF RECOLLECTION

Sunday 19th March 1989                                        Leader Oswald Barrett

Meet : Oxford Circus (Central Line) at 10.40 for 10.53 train to LOUGHTON
or meet at Loughton Station at 11.30.
Lunch : Owl - Lippit's Hill
Tea : Chingford
Distance : 8 miles returning from Loughton
Fare: £2.30 travelcard
                                                                                 Duty ,JohnDelargy

Sunday 26th March 1989 - EASTER SUNDAY        Leader : John Delargy

Meet: Waterloo at 9.05 for 9.24 train to ALTON (arr. 10.41)
Lunch : Selborne
Tea : Chawton
Distance: 12 miles returning from ALTON
Fare: £7.00 C.D.R. ALTON.
                                                                                 Duty : she/he who comes

Sunday 2nd April 1989                                             Leader : Mary Hickman
Meet: Victoria at 10.10 for 10.32 train to REDHILL (arr. 11.09)
Lunch Mint Arms, Lower Kingswood - Pub serves food.
Tea: Redhill
Distance: 11 miles returning from Redhill
Fare: £3.50 C.D.R. REDHILL
                                                                                  Duty : Philip Evans

Sunday 9th April 1989                                               Leader : Ran Scott
Meet: Victoria at 8.40 for 9.02 train to ARUNDEL (arr. 10.28)
Lunch : Walberton
Tea: You're kidding
Distance: 12 miles returning from ARUNDEL
Fare: £9.10 C.D.R. ARUNDEL
                                                                                   Duty Peter Lobo

Sunday 16th April 1989                                              Leader : Hilary McNabb

Meet: Charing Cross at 10.15 for 10.30 train to SEVENOAKS (arr. 11.02)
Lunch : The Weald
Tea: What's that?
Distance: 12 miles returning from SEVENOAKS
Fare: £3.80 C.D.R. SEVENOAKS
                                                                                   Duty Maureen Cahalane

Sunday 23rd April 1989                                              Leader : Philip Evans

Meet :  Victoria at 9.25 for 9.~7 train to LEWES (arr. 10.54) to connect with 11.00 train to BISHOPSTONE (arr. 11.15)
Lunch : Rose Cottage, Alciston
Tea : picnic - weather permitting
Distance: 15 miles returning from LEWES
Fare: £9.20 C.D.R. BISHOPSTONE
                                                                                   Duty : Peter Lobo

MONDAY 1st May 1989 - MAY DAY BANK HOLIDAY Leader : Maurice Hickman
Meet: Victoria at 9.30 for 9.57 train to PULBOROUGH (arr. 11.17)
(Change at EAST CROYDON) - (wait for leader at PULBOROUGH station - will arrive at 11.3O)
Lunch: Sportsman, Rackham Road, Amberley OS 038134 - Pub serves food.
Tea : painfully thin chance
Distance : 13 miles returning from ARUNDEL
Fare: £9.10 C.D.R. ARUNDEL
                                                                             Duty : Maureen Furlong

Sunday 7th May 1989                                          Leader : Philip Evans

Meet: Waterloo at 9.10 for 9.25 train to ROWLANDS CASTLE (arr. 10.49)
Lunch Hare & Hounds - Stoughton
Tea: You're out of luck
Distance : 13 miles returning from ROWLANDS CASTLE
Sunday t 4th Hay 1989                                         Leader Fred McAndrew

Meet : Charlng Cross at 10.40 for 10.53 train to HAYES (Kent) (arr. 11.29)
Lunch George & Dragon, Downe - Pub serves food
Tea: Little Chef - Farnborough
Distance: 14 miles returning from HAYES
Fare : £2.30 travelcard
                                                                              Duty : Philip Evans

Sunday 21st Hay 1989                                          Leader: Hilda Mitchell

Meet: Wimbledon at 10.45 for 11.00 start.
Lunch : Duke of Cambridge, Robin Hoodgate (pub serves food)
Tea: Windmill - Wimbledon Common
Distance : 10 miles returning from WIMBLEDON
Fare: £2.30 travelcard
                                                                               Duty John Delargy

                                                                               Leader : Philip Evans

Meet : Marylebone at 9.25 for 9.39 train to PRINCES RISOOROUGH (arr.
Lunch Three Horseshoes, Bennettend - Pub serves food
Tea: there isn't any
Distance: 14 miles returning from PRINCES RISBOROUGH
                                                                               Duty Bridie Barry