(Under the Patronage of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster) :


Hon. Treasurer                                           Hon. Secretary
Bridie Barry                                                Veronique Dochain,

Kindly note that all communications with the Secretary, Treasurer or Committee Members should be made in writing. Please no telephone calls.

Committee 1987/1988

Compiler of Ramble List  : Philip Evans,
Publicity  :                          Peter MacDonald,

Socia' Events  :                  Paul Brunning,

Other Duties  :                    Hilary McNabb,

                                           Ron Scott,

                                           Maureen Cahalane ,


RECOLLECTION - Sunday 13th March 1988

The annual day of recollection will be held at St. Peter's Monastery in East Dulwich on Sunday 13th March 1988 from 10.45 a.m. to 5 p.rn. A donation of £5.00 per head to cover costs would be appreciated.
Please apply in writing to Vronique by at the latest
stating the number of people wishing to attend.

St. Peter's Monastery is at 522 a, b, c, Lordship Lane, East Dulwieh,
London SE22.Saturday 5th March
Nearest B.R. stations are Forest Hill and West Dulwich.
Buses: 176, 185, 12 & 78.

APOLOGIES TO ALL LIFE MEMBERS who were sent annual subscription
reminders. The new Committee was not in possession of the updated
membership records when the December list went out.


Saturday.19th March 1988 - 3 p.m. - Ashcroft Theatre - CROYDON

Anyone interested in seeing a Francis Durbridge thriller ("A Touch of
Danger") should write to Daphne Fisk as soon as possible enclosing SAE and cheque for £5.50 (or £3.50 for OAPs).
Nearest B.R. station to Ashcrof't Theatre is East Croydon.

Weekend Away - Easter - 3rd April 1988

Anyone interested in a weekend away at Easter to SAFFRON WALDEN
should contact Maurice Hickman enclosing SAE for reply.

Saturday 7th May 1988 - Day out in CAMBRIDGE

Meet Paul Brunning at LIVERPOOL STR EET station at 10 a.m.
Fare : about £7.00.


To quote from their 1988 Brochure : "CPW is for everyone families,
couples, individuals, young and old........ About a "Week": An opportunity
for people to combine study of their faith, a thoughtful and joyous daily
liturgy and a holiday". .
For further information please write to; Daphne Fisk enclosing SAE for reply.




Sunday 6th March 1988                       Leader: Tony Ryan


Meet      : Charing Cross station at 10.15 for 1O.30 train to Sevenoaks (arr,
11 02)
Lunch    : The Cock - Ide Hill
Tea        : Sevenoaks
Distance: 11 miles
Fare       : £3.50 COR SEVENOAKS
                                                             Duty: Ron scott

Saturday 12th March 1988                  Leader: Maurlce Hickman
Meet      : Victoria at 10.00 for 10.17 train to Redhill (arr, 10.51) to connect 

                with 11.05 train to Edenbridge (ar. 11.22)
Lunch    : Wheatsheaf - Marsh Green
Tea        : Edenbridge
Distance: 7 miles
Fare       : £3.70 COR EDENBRIOGE
                                                             Duty: Hilary McNabb

Sunday 13th March 1988 - Day of Recollection (see Newsletter)

Sunday 20th March 1988                     Leaders John &: Madeleine Lawrence

Meet       : Putney Bridge Station at 10.30 for 80 or 93 Bus to the

                 Annunciate. Wimbledon Parkside. 
Lunch     : New Inn - Ham Common (good tood at reasonable prices)
Tea         : ?
Distance : 12 miles
Fare        : £1.70 Travelcaed
                                                             Duty: Philip Evans

Sunday 27th March 1988                     Leader : Tom Lally

Meet       : Victoria at 10.35 for Leader : Tom Lally
Lunch     : Cock - Headley
Tea         : you are out of luck
Distance : 12 miles' - returning from Leatherhead
Fare        : £3.40 COR Boxhill
                                                              Duty Paul Brunning

4th April 1988 Easter Monday (Bank Hotiday)     Leader: Oswald Barrett  

Meet       : Oxford Circus Tube station at 10.35 for 10.52 train to Loughton
                 (arr. 11.31) 
Lunch     : Owl Inn - Lippetts Hill (food available)
Tea         : Chingford 
Distance : 9 miles - returning from Loughton
Fare        : £2.00 - One Day All Zone Travelcard
                                                                               Duty She/he who comes

Sunday 10th April 1988                                          Leader: Richard Walton
Meet       : Kings Cross Station at 10.55 for 11.10 train to Bayford (arr, 11.44)
Lunch     : Coach &. Horses - Newgate Street
Tea         : bring your own
Distance : 10 miles - returning from Bayford
Fare        : £3.30 CDR BAYFORD
                                                                                 Duty: Maureen Cahalane

Sunday 17th April 1988                                            Leader : Fred McAndrew
Meet      : Baker Street at 10.35 for 10.50 train to Great Missenden   

                (arr. 11.39) (change at AMERSHAM)
Lunch    : The Fox - Dunsmore Common (food available)
Tea        : Wendover
Distance: 11 miles
Fare       : £4.65 CDR WENDOVER
                                                                                  Duty: Peter MacDonald

Sunday 24th April 1988                                             Leader: Ron Scott

Meet: Liverpool Street at 9.15 for 9.35 train to Audley End (arr. 10.35)
Lunch: Howlett End
Tea: tough luck
Distance: 11 miles - returning from Audley End
Fare: £6.60 CDR AUDLEY END
                                                                                  Duty: Veronique Dochain

2nd May 1988 - May Day Bank Holiday Monday      Leader: Philip Evans

Meet       : Uat 10.10 for 11.02 train to Redhill (arr, 11.34)

Lunch     : Three Horse Shoes - Ironsbottom (pub serves food)
Tea         : Redhill
Distance : 12 miles - returning from Redhill
Fare        : £3.20 COR REDHILL

Visit to home cottage pub after tea for those who wish to imbibe

                                                                                    Duty: Bridie Barry

Sunday 8th May 1988                                                 Leader Ron Scott

Meet      : Fenchurch Street at 10.00 for 10.15 train to West Horndon 

                (arr. 10.42)
Lunch    : Green Man  Herongate (pub serves food)
Tea        : no tea
Distance: 10 miles - returning from iWest Horndon
Fare       : £3.30 COR WEST HORNDON

                                                                                    Duty : Paul Brunning

Sunday 15th May 1988                                               Leader: Bridie Barry

Meet      : Baker Street at 10.35 for 10.50 traln to Amersham (arr. 11.30)
Lunch    : Hit &: Miss Penn Street (food available)
Tea        : Amersham - hopefully
Distance: 10 miles
Fare       : £3.20 CDR AMERSHAM
                                                                                     Duty: Philip Evans

Sunday 22nd May 1988                                               Leader: Diana Fox

Meet      : Waterloo at 9.20 for 9.35 train to Windsor (arr. 10.28)
Lunch    : Sun - Englefield Green (food available at pub)
Tea        : Windsor .
Distance: 13 miles - returning from Windsor
Fare       : £3.40 CDR WINDSOR
                                                                                    Duty: Peter Mac Donald

30th May 1988 - Late Spring Bank Holiday Monday   Leader: Paul Brunning

Meet: Victoria at 10.05 Cor 10.23 train to Swanley (arr, 10.52)
Lunch: Fruiterers Arms - Crockenhill
Tea: Eynsford
Distance: 11 miles - returning from Swanley
Fare: £2.90 COR SWANLEY
                                                                                     Duty Philip Evans

* CONGRATULATIONS to Peter Robson and Elizabeth who are getting married on Saturday 4th June.

Father Edward Bernard Higgs R.LP.

"Many Club members will be sorry to learn that Father Higgs, Parish Priest at Bunhill Row until 1984, died on March 23rd. Born in Ealing in 1913 he attended St. Joseph's School, Hanwell, Westminster Cathedral Choir School, St. Edmund's College, Ware, and was ordained priest by Cardinal Hinsley at Westminster Cathedral on June 29th, 1936. During the war he was evacuated to Cornwall and after serving in Somers Town and Hanwell was appointed administrator and then Parish Priest at St, Joseph's, Bunhill Row.

He was a good friend of the club and enjoyed meeting members at the square dances held in one of the classrooms of the school. Always willing to act as Chairman at the Annual General Meetings he fulfilled this
task with good humour and tolerance. The last years of this life were
difficult. Uneasy relations with the management of the "Catholic Herald" who had taken over the building on the closure of the school, pparent  unconcern. by the diocesan authorities over the sad deterioration in the fabric or the chapel, years of illness and, loneliness bravely borne, periods of hospitalisation at the National Hospital, Queen Square, and St, John and
St. Elizabeth's Hospital.

Father Higgs was rather an eccentric, difficult and stubborn at times, but he was a man of great faith who loved the Lord. The club was able to help the parish in several ways, for it was very poor. One remembers Norah Smeaton's cheerful teams at the annual bazaars and Meg Walsh's
painting work in the chapel. Seven club members were able to attend the
Requiem Mass on Tuesday 29th March. The main celebrant was Bishop
Guazelli, assisted by twenty local priests - would that Father Eddie had
received such support during his lifetime. May he rest in peace".
                                                                                              Fred McAndrew

Kindly note that a mass will be said for the repose of the soul of Fr.
Higgs on Saturday 10th September 1988 at 6.30 p.m. at St. Joseph's,
Bunhill Row, London ECl followed by a meal in the West End.

*  Fr. Tom Gardner. "The Club extends congratulations to Fr. Tom Gardner
who will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of his ordination on May 31st.
Tom was an active member of the club in the 1950's and is now chaplain
at Nazareth House, Isleworth. Tom would be delighted to have a visit
from any club members."  Fred McAndrew

* New Members We welcome P.D. Crosland, Tony Finnegan, Peter Lobo,
Kathleen McLoughlin and Elizabeth Taylor and wish them many happy days


1. "Pilgrimage on Foot" - Walsingham in the Marian Year - 2 - 9 July
   1988 - Walk for CAFOD. For details please contact Helen Gilmour,
    33 Chelsham Road, London SW4 or ring 733 7044. Booking form

2. The Third Canterbury Pilgrimage - Saturday 20th August to Monday
29th August 1988. See annexure.

III SIZE 9 Walking Boots FREE. Good condition. If interested, please
contact F.J. Hickman, Esq. 

IV WEEKEND AWAY - Friday 26th· August - Monday 29th August -
This will be a Hostel weekend, although B &. B is available in Linton
where the hostel is situated. For anyone interested please forward deposit
of £10.00 plus stamped addressed envelope no later than end of July to
Frank Keating, (contact details in original programme but not in internet version). 


Saturday 9th July - Day out to Greenwich via the Docklands light rail way.
Meet Paul Brunning at Tower Bridge Tube Station at 11 am.

Saturday 16th July - Open Air Concert at Kenwood. Meet at 4 p.m. at
Hampstead Tube Station. Please bring a bottle of wine, a picnic (salads,
French bread, pork pies, quiches, pizzas, crisps, coleslaw, fruit salads etc.
+ own cutlery), a blanket, a torch and waterproof sheeting to sit on.
Entrance fee: about £3.00.

Saturday 10th September - Meal in the West End following mass for Fr.
Higgs at St. Joseph's, Bunhill Row, ECl. Meet after 6.30 pm mass.

Saturday 17th September - from 4 p.m. - Barbecue at Hilary's in Dunton
Green followed by slides of Ron Scott's trip to China.

Please bring bottle / something to grill plus any other culinary
Kindly let Hilary know if you are coming. 

Saturday 18th February 1989 - 'CATS'. Please send a cheque for £10.00
and SAE to Paul Brunning, by 3rd June at the latest.

Copy date for next list :  13th August 1988


      It has become apparent that our President is far too busy to devote
sufficient time to the Club, and it would therefore be desirable to appoint a Vice-President. He or she would need to be a long-serving member of the Club and his/her duties would consist in chairing AGMs and familiarise
Committee members with the background and spirit of the Club. His/her role would be similar to that of a Monarch in dealing with the Government.

      You are all invited. to put forward names of members whom you
consider suitable for the post. You must not approach the persons whose
names you put forward for nominatlon. Your votes will be treated in

      Please fill in tear-off slip and return to the Secretary by 15th July 1988 at, the latest.


2) :




Saturday 20th August to Monday 29th August 1988


The pilgrimage flyer including a map of the route is reproduced below but as the narrative in the flyer is in very small type we reproduce it here in larger type to spare the eyes of the reader!!

"Come and walk with us to Canterbury through the beautiful countryside of Sussex and Kent. Starting from our Cathedral at Arundel we will follow a footpath route across the Downs and the Weald to the Shrine of St Thomas of Canterbury, a distance of about 150 miles. 


"The Diocesan Walking Pilgrimage previously went to Canterbury in 1976 via the Pilgrims Way, and in 1979 we started from Brighton and returned to Arundel. This year's route follows the coast to Eastbourne, and then inland to Canterbury, the last day following the traditional Pilgr'ims Way. We will cover about 18 miles each day and sleep overnight on hall floors. Although shorter than previous years' walks, it could still be a difficult Journey and walkers should be both physically fit and spirtually prepared to enter into the pilgrimage spirit of prayer- and conununity. The minimum age is 15. The cost of the whole 10 days is £58 inclusive of food, accomodation, transport of luggage, and the coach back.


"For shorter distances the cost is £6 per night and £6 the coach. All those requiring overnight  accomodation must book and pay in advance. You should apply as soon as possible with £10 deposit , as bookings will close when all places are taken, or in any case on 20th July. We alsohope that many others will join us on each day of the walk . For  day pilgrims there is,no need to give advance notice: Just come along wearing
strong footwear. For f'urt.her- information please 
contact Fr Bill Haynes, St Mary's Presbytery, Guildford",